Recycled Soft Plastic Wallet

Our task is to design a pouch, wallet, or purse out of recycled plastics, utilising the heat press. The purpose of this project is to employ single-use plastics that were previously going to be thrown away and turn that into a product we can use.
Below are some images of what I have working on.



This first picture is the first sheet that I had been experimenting on; I attempted to create the most diverse and colourful sheet that I could make by trying to add a multitude of different variations of plastics.






This second picture is quite simple; I had found an orange piece of plastic, often used in fruit packaging, and I thought that It would make for an interesting shape and pattern if I directly pressed this piece onto another flat of a white piece of plastic.

Update –

I have found that if were to create the card slots for my wallet out of this material, the material would be too weak. So, I found many pieces of foam similar to the one I had pressed the fruit rapper onto previously. I then proceed to press the sheets of foam-like plastic onto the back of the material I had to make earlier. I pressed it on the back as to not disrupt the pattern and colour on the front of the sheet. After doing this repeatedly, I found that it had significantly reinforced the strength of the material.




The final picture depicts my attempt at making an interesting pattern on an otherwise plain piece of trash. When I had first pressed the black plastic together with the semi- foamy plastic, the result was a little strange. The texture of the plastic was quite wrinkled and coarse, so to counter this, I found a clear and shiny piece of plastic, like the plastic around a brand new iPhone box, and pressed it onto the sheet. The result was quite successful; the sheet of plastic ended up a lot more ascetically pleasing and a lot smoother.





Update – This is a sheet given to me by Mr Griffin, I decided to use it as it had many colours, so I thought it could go along well with my other sheet. After adding different pieces and pressing it, then cutting it into the shape, this is what it looked like. This is going to be the backside of the wallet.

Update – This is the first sheet I made earlier, and I have cut the sheet into the shape I need in order to make it into a wallet. I got the fold I need from these two piece (Which is a hard material) by putting it into the press for only one second or two. This made a pretty good and strong fold in both of them.


Update – This is the final form of my card slots after they have been countlessly re-pressed with more sheets of foam, and cut into the desired shapes.

This is my first attempt at stitching, technically my second attempt, before this, I had practised on some spare fabric, but this is the first time using the same material as the wallet.

After stitching on that spare piece of plastic, I decided that I had to start working on my wallet, or else I would run out of time. Unfortunately, I did run out of time, in two senses. I had to leave to my next block, and the school would be shut down the very next day. So, as a result, I only finished a quarter of the wallet.

This is a sheet I made as I was preparing to make my second wallet. Obviously, that did not pan out. This was also given to me by Mr Griffin, and I followed the same steps as before, regarding the fold of the sheet and its creation.

Sketches –

Draft 1

This is my first sketch, and it was my first time using Procreate on my Ipad, and I did everything freehand and did not use colour. Additionally, I attempted to use arrows to show how the wallets worked.

Draft 2

In my second sketch, firstly, I wanted to have different perspectives on my wallet, so I drew the backside, and the bird’s eye’s view, and in addition to this, I drew the wallet with straight lines the best I could, whilst adding colour.

Draft 3

In my third sketch, I attempted to create a more plausible and realistic product by curing the lines of the wallet in a fluent manner. Furthermore, I added an Id card in the card slot to give perspective to the viewer, as to how the product would function, and the relative size of the wallet.

Draft 4

As for my final sketch, I wanted to improve the sketch in two areas; the texture of the wallet, and the size of my lines. Firstly, the texture; adding more texture to my sketch would bring more realism and authenticity to my drawing, so after a bit of experimenting and tweaking I added some texture using a brush, so if you zoom in, you should be able to see, a kind of worn and rustic texture pattern that has been added to my sketch. Moreover, regarding the lines, I had simply made the size of the brush skinnier and tried to keep my lines as uniform as possible, one way I did this was by zooming in extremely close and erasing any protruding lines or edges. Additionally, I drew another picture, one inspired by a sketch my classmate Paul has previously shared. This sketch would show both the backside and front of the wallet, whilst portraying how the wallet works. Drawing this sketch would also help me practice drawing a 3d object to an extent. This sketch would be the culmination of everything I had learned on procreate thus far, including the use of textures, and thin, neat, uniform lines.


In hindsight, the sketching would have been the most, challenging part of the whole project. I am, by far, not a visual artist, at least not a great one, so drawing and experimenting for hours on Procreate was the biggest challenge for me. Looking back, if I had more time, I would have just wanted to finish the project, it was a real shame that we could not have, nevertheless, if I could start all over again, I do not think I would change anything. Everything I did had a clear purpose, and more importantly, I enjoyed it.


Poster Sketch

This is my mock-up for the poster I am planning on making. Since I am doing this on ProCreate, I have the privilege to import my previous sketches onto my mock-up, and on the mock-up, this purpose of this sketch being so that one can see where and what my main points are going to be.

(This was made before my 4th Sketch)


Final Poster (Link To PADLET)

3 thoughts on “Recycled Soft Plastic Wallet

  1. I like the layout and sequencing of your blog post. There are a lot of different pictures so I can’t really tell which one you decide to pursue further.

  2. Hi Eric, well done for such a comprehensive design process. Your wallet is looking great – I really hope you can finish it once we’re back on campus!

    Your sketches and presentation poster are excellent – clear, vibrant and effective!

    Thanks for all your hard work,

    Mr Griffin

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