Angela’s Journal in the Cuban Revolution

Angela is a young girl living in the city of Havana. She has a brother who’s off to join the army, and a taciturn mother in a wheelchair. Disaster struck her when the army brother was in was assaulted by Castro’s army during the Moncada Barracks attack… but amongst the pain, she begins the think for the revolution, and her own life…

Cuba In A Crisis: Landmarks In History

The Cuban Revolution is undoubtably one of the most well known revolutions in history. This decade-long journey for the island nation of Cuba was more than rough, and it is certainly a constant reminder to us all of what a small hand of people can achieve. Regardless of where one stands on the spectrum of politics, and wether or not one concords with the actions carried out by Fidel Castro, the revolution itself is surely no less than a small miracle in the turning tides of history. In this video we identified 4 landmarks that shifted the power of leadership from Batista to Castro; let us take you on a journey into the past that we call “Cuba in Crisis: 4 Turning Points,”

July 26th, 1953, Moncada barracks. Armed with an arsenal of malfunctioning or failing guns Fidel and his 160 revolutionaries charged at dawn… He movement would live down history as the Moncada barracks Attack… Although their movement failed catastrophically (as some died during the fight, and the majority lost their lives during torture and the harsh executions that followed), the unfair treatment of the rebels caught the attention of the people, leading to an increase in support for the rebels. (First “general awakening”)
In October 16th, 1953, Fidel Castro gave perhaps the most important speech in Cuban history: “History will absolve me”.  The defense in court was strong, and Castro successfully justified his reason for a rebellion, as well as the unjust doings of Batista in front of the public. During Castro defense he gave his five revolutionary laws that would later be recognized as the manifesto of the 26th of July movement, these rudimentary statements would later be the fundamental principles that the Revolution would stand for.
The old ship “Grandma” landed in 1956, and was followed closely by a rain of fire and bullets from Batista’s troops. Seeing so, Castro and his (only) 82 revolutionaries escaped through a swamp. Batista, instead of driving the rebels into the sea, believed that Castro and his troops would die off inside the mountains, where no one previously survived. History proved Batista wrong; instead of dying, Castro expanded his troops inside the dense mountains, the very same troops that would be responsible for the commencement of guerrilla warfare throughout Cuba, eventually leading to the defeat of Batista’s 10,000 men army.
Finally, on December 31st, 1958, after almost a decade of rebellion, Batista gave in. He fled the country, leaving Cuba in Castro’s hands… would Castro satiate Cuba? Or would he just be another dictator? That, is another story to be decided by you…

A Bolshevik Rule is Better than a Tsar, but not much

Short summary of previous journals:

Kolmogorov is a wealthy Russian businessman; he owns a private chain of cotton factories and was a supporter of the Mensheviks party. He will continue to be unmarried and single throughout his whole life. 

Before the Massacre of 1907, Kolmogorov was a supporter of the Tsar. He did not understand what right the peasants of Russia had to complain of their pay as they were so replaceable; his thoughts on this changed as he developed empathy and understanding for the peasants after witnessing the Bloody Sunday massacre, and realized that a new government was needed in Russia. [Journal 1]

Kolmogorov had a butcher, named Ivanov. Ivanov was very close to him; they were much like friends than master and servant. Ivanov followed Kolmogorov when he joined the Mensheviks party. Ivanov was killed by the Tsar a few months before the October revolution in 1917, causing great grief in Kolmogorov. 

Disappointed by the fact that then Bolsheviks took power instead of the Mensheviks, Kolmogorov now has little hope in Russian politics. As Mensheviks, he believed that there should be democracy in midst of a communist society, which is why he again cannot understand the reasons behind why the Russian people celebrated the rise of a new, non-democratic government. As far as Kolmogorov is concerned, nothing in Russia has changed…

Hi, to whoever this may concern,

My name is Kolmogorov. Today is January 23rd, two days after the death of Lenin. I am making this video diary; well more like a recording – because I don’t know if I’ll be alive for much longer…

Now that I look at Russia in retrospect, I realized how ironic things have played out for us. The last 20 years of my life have been… chaotic… After the death of Ivanov came the Civil war, I took the wise decision to stay neutral. I gave up hope in Russian politics and turned to retirement. It was not because I wanted to, but the Czechs and whites, they wanted the Tsar back, such a crazy idea would be even worse than a Bolshevik rule.

Quitting the Mensheviks was, in some respect, a wise decision. Before the civil war, and after I left, Lenin tried to make his government legitimate, he started the first free elections in Russian history. The Mensheviks were much delighted to see this, after all what they wanted was a democratic party. The Bolsheviks lost by more than half of the votes, and that became the last of the free election in Russian history…

And then he killed them… The red guards took up their guns and killed and wounded more than a hundred people in support of the Constituent Assembly, then he closed it completely.

This was no democracy?! This was just a counterintuitive dictatorship, one that has gone badly that is.

Three days ago, Lenin died, his body was put on display for the public. I saw it too, but with mixed emotions. Lenin was succeeded by a man named Stalin… Stalin: “man of steel”, that might just be the most disturbing title for a leader, dictator. He wasn’t even supposed to come to power. Lenin asked for Stalin’s removal as General Secretary before his death. Stalin wrote to Trotsky, beloved Trotsky, to stay and rest, while he took power.

I’ve got enough money to last me a lavish life. This new man of steel is going to cause even bigger troubles, we don’t know how savage he is. Democracy is not going to be achieved anytime soon, I don’t expect to see it while alive, which might not be that long…

Measuring Height With Time.

My dad wants to have a way to measure the vertical distance of a cliff or a hole without the use of any measuring devices. The method has to be able to measure in locations that are hard to get to, dangerous, or even on video and non-existent. We can do this using a bit of High school physics. According to Newton’s second law of motion (d =vot + ½ at2) any object will fall at a distance that is equivalent to half of the gravitational acceleration times time squared. This means that no matter how heavy the object is, it will always take the same amount of time to reach the ground. Lucky for us, this also means that we can calculate how high the cliff is with only a piece of pebble. When we do plug in everything into this equation, we are left with the following:

D = 0.5×8.4×(t^2); which is simplified into: D = 4.9×t^2

This is the actual timer text, it updates once every 10 milliseconds.

The design of this app would be simple. The user, after opening the app, will see three text boxes; the first one will serve as a timer, and the other two would be for distance in meter and feet. The user can then press the “start time” button on the bottom, and at the same time toss a rock down the hole. When the rock reaches the bottom, he or she will stop the timer using the same button, and the measurements will be displayed.

This serves as the reset and display code; it can turn the reset button off and also does the calculations

As we progress through the making of this app, a technical error started to float up to the surface; the timer of App inventor does not seem to be running correctly. All of the code written was supposably correct, and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong anywhere. To get around this, I conducted experiments to tell how fast the timer was actually running in comparison to a correct one. I started the timer at the same time a correct stopwatch is started, and recorded the data on a Desmos sheet (x is real time, y is my run time). After that I found the line of best fit according to the data, and using some math, I discovered that my timer is running at about 2.5 times slower. Using this data, I can now tune my timer so that it is accurate.

This is the correction graph on Desmos. The colored dotes are data points collected, and the line serves as the line of best fit. they are: y=x (standard time) y = 0.5x (negative subtraction) and y = 19/50 x.

I used to think that block coding would be extremely primitive, but now I realize that it can do many things that text code would need much longer to achieve. For example, the join text block joins many segments of text into one that can be expressed in a signal text box. If this was done inside text coding, it would probably take forever. We would need to import many canvases and the whole thing would become much more complex, which doesn’t necessarily have a positive impact.

This is the reset button

I think that my app provides a good way to tackle the challenges proposed by my dad because it doesn’t require anything physical, and instead rely on equations that we know for sure will not be wrong. However, if I were to do this again, I would like to include a sound analyzer that will allow the user to exclude any human mistake.

ScreenRecord APP

Robotics Petting Zoo

For the past few weeks I have been working on a robotic petting zoo, a pterodactyl,

Due to time restrictions, my robot was unfortunately never finished, but the design was incredibly detailed and specific.

Robot wing, made out from simple clear tape and can be folded to mimic a real wing

    - What was the most enjoyable aspect of this project? 

    This project as a whole was very interesting, however, due to the lack of time, some parts of it was done in a hurry, resulting in poorer quality. The area that I liked the most in this project was the planning and 3d modeling, I like modeling very much on the computer and it was a delight to see my idea stand up 3d on paper.

Over view, the robot must me operated on the computer, it cannot be self sustaining

- What would you do differently next time? 

    Due to the absence of time, my project did not include a sensor, unfortunately. This means that humans cannot physically interfere with it, adding on to its brittle nature, the robot cannot even be touched, or it will risk breakage; hence, if I were to redo this, I want to include a sensor and add more support to my structure. 

The “opposite motion mechanism”, as the motor turns, a small track is pushed against the gears a different track is pushed the opposite way

- What did you learn about physically building a robot? 

    One thing that I learned in this prosses is the different transformation of energy and the mechanisms that are neccsary to convert it. For example, my original design needed five kinds of motion: forward, left and right, up and back. But the hummingbird only can have four motor pourse, so my only way was to design a “opisite motion” mechanism as shown below to only use one motor for left right motion. 

Underside of the main body, it is held up by a support beam to prevent movement.

    - What did you do well?

    My project, although unfinished, has a concrete bases, my design drawings were detailed and visually clear. I think that if I were to do such things again, this is something I would continue.

Project base, the whole robot is built on a acrylics board and is controlled by gears like a muppet.

These two sketches were the orgrianal design of the Robot, the white image is the “opposite motion mechanism”, as the motor spins, the kinetic energy is converted into both forward and backwards. The pink image is the planned outcome of the final product.

    - What was the most difficult aspect of this project? 

My project as a whole was made on an acrylic board, this was necessary because my design did not have the space for an mother board in the body, this means that the project was made on a 2d surface and the controls were at the bottom, but the usage of z axis movement also meant that parts of the gears had to extend below the board, so the only way to achieve this was to dill through the board and try to make a support for the gears, this was not expected at the designing stage, the flaw made much unnecessary components on the robot, and drilling through acrylics was very hard. 

A Highway to Trouble

The Rise of the Boxers

The goals of missionaries in China was mainly to Westernize China, this can be seen throughout all the western’s motives and actions, furthermore, this was also the very reason the boxers objected the presents of foreigner inside China; however, the fact is added onto misbeliefs and poor ignorance.

Firstly, the Americans were ethnocentric, they believed that the American products were the best products, they wanted to convert Chinese people and propagate their beliefs so that China can be a “better people” which directly links to their benefits. Being ethnocentric does not necessarily mean harm, however, this motive can be converted into actions that will bring damage. One of these examples shows up inside the letter to Pastor Kilstet, in which one mentioned that “if we should not come out with our lived then please send our last message to all mission friends”, this is a direct call to action for the Americans as they are basically stating: “ If we don’t make it back, send more missionaries!” As too the reason why the Americans would do such a thing is simple, they simply wanted more influence on inland China. Having influences on inland China may be very rewarding, this has been repeatedly demonstrated, because as the area was uncovered, other American businesses could simply open up into China, meaning that the missionary’s target was to gain benefit from foreign influences, and Christianity was just a better tool for persuasion.

However, the same reason for American success is also the underlying motive for the Boxer’s rebellion. The boxers believed that the foreign influences were undermining their own territory, because whenever they looked at foreign missionaries, they saw a people that were crusading with not only faith, but also aiming to Westernize their own society. They were also disappointed to come to the conclusion that the American lifestyle and product was taking over their traditions, and their control over territory. And so consequently they were motivated to fight for their beliefs in an uprising with attempt to restore former China.



“Misunderstood Patriots”

The Boxer’s actions and intentions were somewhat misunderstood by the Foreign Western public. Firstly, it is a fact that the Americans has created and spread out the myth that the Boxers were killing people and convinced the other seven countries to attack for America’s hidden benefit of continued trade, this means that most Western source will contain American bias and propaganda. Meanwhile, the Boxers left a completely different legacy in China, the Chinese believed that the Boxers were “misguided patriots”, this provides further contrast between both messages. As the war ended, and the outrage settled, Boxerism was remembered as a sign of a rabid, anti-foreign demon in the West, but the Boxers were never rabid, instead, they were well funded and militarized, this also means that they would have caused more damage to the west, especially with their “hit and run” strategy, furthermore, the West was convinced that there will be a “wave of nationalism” striking them as the Boxer rebellion came to its closing remarks, even though the Boxers never did fight for nationalism.



Lysander’s Flight

When Hermia is given the choice of either death or Demetrius, Lysander jump up to defend their relationship as seen from line 99 – 105, here Lysander shows his love for Hermia as he protests to the duke, “I am, my lord, as well derived as he, as well possess’d; my love is more than his; my fortunes every way as fairly rank’d,” from this we can his loyalty and determinedness for he risked himself by standing up to the duke for Hermia.

Furthermore, in line 134 and 135 when Lysander is trying to comfort Hermia, its reads: “The course of true love never did run smooth; but either it was different in blood, —” here we see Lysander’s attempt to soothe his lover’s emotions, he is not only taking on his responsibility, but he is also very reliable and trustworthy.

At the end of scene one when Lysander and Hermia are the only one left on the stage, Lysander then propose a plan: “I have a widow aunt, a dowager, of great revenue, and she hath no child: From Athens is her house remote seven leagues, and she respects me as her only son. There, gentle Hermia, may I marry thee;” Lysander proposes to flee Athens, his idea is very promising, but rather by doing so, he is standing up to uphold their companionship, he is taking the responsibility as the boyfriend; also, Lysander repeatedly used the word “gentle”, as in “gentle Hermia”, this shows his true love to her even as danger is near

From a Second-handed gift, to a Nation-Wide Champion.


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In “The Rules of The Game” by Amy Tan, Waverly is a shrewd girl with an immature but eager to learn mind, her unique characteristics propel her forward in life, allowing her to learn the deepest lessons, through the shallowest of things. Waverly is shrewd, at the annual Christmas party held at the First Chinese Baptist Church, Waverly displayed a fascinating method of getting the finest gift, she watched the other kids while they first chose, and developed a pattern:” Having watched the older children opening their gifts, I already knew the big gifts were not necessarily the best ones…the sounds of the box were also important.” And so “I choose a heavy and compact one…” Heavy, compact, small… Every indication guaranteeing this a good gift. Meanwhile, her brother got a discarded chess set, after his mom commanded him to throw it away as well, the siblings played with it in clandestine, including Waverly. When she lost her brothers to play with, she found a stranger, and openly challenged him. Two pieces, a pawn, and a knight were substituted by her favorite flavors of Life Savers, and the winner gets to eat both. This shows that Waverly is eager to learn, even if the price is losing her most prized candies. Waverly is also very childish, at the beginning of the story, Waverly met a photographer who took a photo of her, she told him that he should eat in the dinner nearby, “when he smiled and asked me what they served, I shouted ‘Guts and ducks feet and octopus gizzards.’” Also, when Waverly concluded her learnings in chess, she said: “never sweep the pieces into the sandbox because then you’d have to pick every piece back, by yourself, after apologizing to all around you” This could be inferred as she has probably done this once, and obviously, learned a hard lesson on it.

Living in San Francisco’s China town must not be easy, and with all the crossing people, it must have been hard living among the crossings of the streets, the busy chattering of the people, and the dark unknown of the alleys, but not for Waverly; Like I, Waverly is very curious and very adventurous, she explored the ways which “crammed with daily mysteries and adventures”, she would peer into herb shops, and play in the “best playground” referring to the alley. From this, we could tell that she was an adventurous and curious girl. Waverly is similar to me in this way, because we both can’t stand the urge of adventure, and are often drawn to it. If I was Waverly, we would have probably shared many of the same characteristics, and we probably would have made a lot of the same decisions. And if I was put into this situation, I would probably be afraid of the lackluster alleyways at first, and gradually grow intrepid and apathetic to the dismal darkness, curiosity killed the cat, even though it is not the best trait to have, the main character and I are pretty recalcitrant when it comes to this.

Waverly had used her patient mind to focus, observe, and learn from other people’s attempts and success, she forged her skills in chess from a mere child’s-play to a star recognized throughout the nation, all from the detailed, and logical thinking that made her what she is.

How To “Cheat” Death By Eating

Every time you take a bite of your delicious meal, have you ever thought of living longer by changing the diet of your everyday meal? I hope you have because if you haven’t you should be before you really regret.

Things I should be doing for long-term health Thing I should be avoiding……
Wholefoods, fiber-rich


Fresh food

Only eat olive oil




Oil, fat


High blood pressure

Uncooked, raw food

Too much sodium (NO sodium dioxide)

After doing some research, the table tells me we should avoid any man-made food, but to eat a lot of whole foods speciously the ones that are fiber-rich because it will help the digestive system.

Healthy snack party!!!

I made dark chocolate covered strawberry it is healthy & delicious these are the nutrition facts :


Total fat 6g                           Carbohydrate 4g 1%                    Protein 1g

Saturated fat 18%                 Dietary fiber                                 Iron 6%

Trans fat 0%                         Sugar 1g                                       Vitamin 5%

Carbs 85%         fat 4%       Vitamin 4%        protein 7% .

As you can see, dark chocolate is very good for your heart and because it has no trans-fat, it won’t have a negative influence to your body, also the vitamin in the strawberry has a positive effect on your digestive system,although it is very healthy, but however there is no reason it influence me or my family.