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Crisanta Knight: Inherent Fate Reflection

Inherent Fate is the third book in the Crisanta Knight series. In this book, there are a lot of exciting new developments to the characters as they grow closer to each other. The author is also starting to tie into… Continue Reading →

Crisanta Knight: The Severance Game Relfection

The Severance Game is the second book in the Crisanta Knight series. I really liked this book, it continued the series well and made way for many more books to follow. As I read this, I learned more about the… Continue Reading →

Crisanta Knight: Protagonist Bound Reflection

This book is the first one of a 9 book series. I finished reading it and overall, I liked it a lot. The main character, Crisanta (Crisa for short), is smart and sassy and stands up to people who are… Continue Reading →

The Circular Economy Introduction

What idea in the CE resonated with you? Why? How has today’s lesson on the CE changed your mind or understanding about something? Why is the CE being taught in this subject? What impact will it have on your learning?… Continue Reading →

CASE Padlet Portfolio

https://padlet.com/mea_maki/mazelcaseportfolio¬† In the past few classes, we have focused on helping a club located in Masaka, MCC. Mea and I are working on making possible products for them to sell to help their club. We are making water-resistant wallets that… Continue Reading →

Six of Crows For March Essay

I would choose Six of Crows as the book I would write my essay on, as it is the first book of its series, so there would be no confusion on what has previously happened. I really liked the different… Continue Reading →

The Girl Who Drank The Moon Halfway

I am currently reading TGWDTM, and though I am not very far, I like it so far. We read from many different viewpoints and each chapter focuses on more than one character. The author of this story, Kelly Barnhill, using… Continue Reading →

Crooked Kingdom Reflection

The Crooked Kingdom was an amazing book following Six of Crows. I like the second book slightly more, as it answered some questions and got down to some details about the characters that showed the series in a new light…. Continue Reading →

Six of Crows Reflection

I recently finished a book titled Six of Crows. This has been my favorite read of 2021 so far, I really liked all the characters and how well they develop over the story. I also like that we get to… Continue Reading →

Playlist of the Dead Reflection

When I finished the book, I realized that it was a fine book, but I was not super into it. The main character is named Sam, and he has a best friend named Hayden. After a party that only Hayden… Continue Reading →

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