Independent Reading Reflection 3

I have finished my novel ‘The Trumpet of the Swan,’ and am on my progress to select the next novel. I haven’t selected yet, but I am searching for what would be interesting literary novel to read.

My overall impression of the novel ‘The Trumpet of the Swan’ was that I liked the way the author personified a Swan, in which it could have a name of Louis, write with chalks, play a trumpet, and spend money.

Furthermore, my thought of the novel’s theme is that we must value what makes us happy.  Louis was born without voice, so his father decided to give him an artificial instrument that enabled him to speak. The trumpet was significant for Louis the Swan. It allowed him to earn money from human guests who enjoyed his playing, which eventually enabled him to finally pay back for the trumpet that his father stole. The trumpet also affected the swan that Louis liked with its great sound. To sum up, without the trumpet, it is likely that Louis might have struggled with different conflicts he confronted.

Independent reading reflection 2

I am on my way of ‘The Trumpet of the Swan’. I am currently on page 88, and it is the part where the cob looks for a trumpet to enable his son to speak, which is after the conflict of Louis not being able to speak.

In the previous reflection, it was all about the peaceful life of two swans and a boy observing their daily lives, but now as the cygnets appeared in the novel, the plot of the story changed.

As more characters appeared in the novel, I noticed more dialogues, while in the beginning, it was more about narration and more exaggeration of specific informations.

I have noticed the theme that when Louis couldn’t speak, his parents really wanted to help them. From this, I noticed the theme of ‘Parents try hard to help their children.’

Since I have read till the middle of the rising action, I believe that there are going to be more scenes of Louis’s parents and Louis himself exhausting more effort into enable Louis to speak. I still do not know what will happen later, but so far I think the author is trying to convey the fact that ‘Parents do their best to support their children’ and ‘One can hardly do anything if they cannot speak.’


Independent Reading Reflection

According to my current reading progress so far, I want to ask the text about what purpose did the fox in the story served? Was it to change the relationship between the swans and the boy? The text level is a little below my word level, which makes it easier to understand. Since I ended up in the part where the swans and the boy became friendly towards each other, I expect a continuity of their good relationship that eventually leads to a conflict. Finally, the part that I have read so far of the  novel caused me to remind myself about the peaceful nature of Earth, and the ecosystem, and slightly about safety.

Food Chemistry: Kimchi Fried Rice

This is a blog post for the summer program I am taking right now. We were asked to develop and transform our recipe that meets given dietary restrictions, while also figuring out several chemical and physical changes.

Kimchi Fried Rice Ingredients:

1 egg

Seaweed powder

Rice (1 serving)

Kimchi & Green Onion

1 sp of Soy Sauce


  1. Cut the kimchi and green onion while you cook the egg.
  2. Put oil in and start frying green onion and kimchi.
  3. Put rice in when kimchi and green onion is denature and coagulated enough
  4. Fry for several minutes, and put seaweed powder on it.

Below is the modified recipe


Rice (1 serving)

Kimchi & Green onion

Red pepper powder


Seaweed powder


  1. Put oil on the pan
  2. Begin cooking the green onion on the pan before kimchi
  3. Put kimchi in and fry together
  4. Once it is denatured and coagulated, remove kimchi and green onion and kimchi away.
  5.  Put the rice in and place red pepper powder and fry with the leftover kimchi&green onion oil
  6. Fry it for several minutes
  7. Put seaweed powder on it.

I fried kimchi & onion separately with rice so the kimchi would be gluten free, and I also removed the soy sauce for soy free. Instead, to add flavor, I added red pepper powder to the ingredients when frying rice. I also removed the egg for egg Alergic people.

Robotics Reflection

  1. I am most proud of being able to work with the kit instead of not having it.
  2. If I did this again, I REALLY want to manage, schedule my time better to finish my tasks on time.
  3. I learned that managing and scheduling time is very important when doing tasks, and finish tasks on time. The reason is because that I didn’t do assign robotics tasks on time when I was supposed to. I learned that if you don’t do tasks on time, there would be more tasks later and would eventually be hard to finish all the overdue tasks.

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