Reflection on Timed Diagnostic Analysis Writing

Writing a timed essay for the first time, it was more difficult and stressful since I had to plan out my time accordingly in order to finish within the 75 minute limit. I was challenged with organization as there was a short amount of time to gather my thoughts and to plan out my writing. While writing, I struggled a bit with wording, always pausing to find precise and accurate words to use in my writing. Looking back on this experience, I hope that I’ll be more prepared for the next timed, in-class essay by being able to quickly gather my thoughts and develop a well-structured, logical essay. To help me prepare for the next timed essay, I would like more instruction on how to manage my time for an essay like this and how to create a well-structured outline.

The Face on the Milk Carton

Recently, I finished reading the book “The Face on the Milk Carton” written by Caroline B. Cooney.¬† Although this was a short book with only 192 pages and displayed itself as an easy read, I was drawn to the context and twisted events of this book. When the protagonist Janie realized that she’s a girl who was kidnapped more than 12 years ago, it gave an interesting twist to the story plot and I enjoyed reading this YA mystery novel. Currently, I’m reading “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank.

Socratic Seminar

I feel like I did decent on my formative socratic seminar because I didn’t get to express all my opinions during the socratic seminar and there wasn’t enough time to ask more open ended questions. However, our socratic seminar was very engaging and everyone was very focused on it. Next time, I think I should speak up a bit more and provide my thoughts with more evidence.

Red Queen

Red Queen is a New York Times bestselling series written by Victoria Aveyard. It is a fictional book that writes about a seventeen year old girl named Mare Barrow who tries to change her own life and her status. I really like this book  because there are fun and interesting plot twists.

Pre-production: Short Script

Last class, we worked on creating both a group deliverable and a personal deliverable. My group members took pictures of the setting to get an idea of where the film will take place. I also brainstormed ideas for the costumes the characters in the film will wear. This class, I will focus on creating a short script for the film and voiceover and as a group, we’ll finalize our story plot.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane


This book was written by Neil Gaiman and it is a short novel that has 178 pages. I liked this novel because it has a very fun and interesting story plot. In the story, the protagonist revisits his childhood hometown and starts to remember the memories created there. However, I didn’t really understand the theme that the author was trying to express and I wonder if the antagonist “Ursula” symbolized something other than a supernatural creature.

The Legation Quarter and the Boxers

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The Boxer Rebellion was an event that happened in China during the 1900’s. During this time, foreign missionaries had gotten into China and brought with them foreign goods, opening up a new market for American businesses and trades. Along with this, missionaries began to spread Christianity throughout China, introducing western religion and culture which China was against. This resulted in the uprise of the Boxers, formed by a group of martial artists who came together, opposing from the idea of westernization. The Boxers were misunderstood and they do not deserve a bad reputation because they were simply trying to protect their country from western influences. The Boxers felt threatened by foreign missionaries entering China and saw it as a threat to China. They were afraid that western technology, products and religion would influence the Chinese culture and lifestyle. During the opium war, when the British was desperate for tea and did not have enough silver to trade with China, they had started to trade opium. Many people in China started becoming addicted to opium, causing a significant problem for China’s economy and weakened the Chinese army. China was forced to sign a treaty at the end of the opium war and it was a huge loss for the Chinese. The Boxers did not want foreign influences to have negative impact on the China again, and so they thought that rebelling was a necessary action. Additionally, the Boxers thought many Christians were disrespecting the gods and they were threatening Chinese culture and religion. They believed that the long term drought was brought by the Christians for disrespecting the gods. The Boxers wanted to remove all foreign influences from China. Although violent actions were taken during the Boxer rebellion, the Boxers had good intentions for protecting their country, therefore the Boxers do not deserve a bad reputation.

Develop and Craft + Engage and Persist

Currently I’m working on expressing my cardboard safe with colors and pictures. I painted the outside of my box gold and sprinkled it with gold glitter to make it more colorful and it also expresses love, passion, and courage in my opinion. It reminds me of the important core values that ISB constantly remind us of and is my favourite color. The next step for me is to add pictures on the inside of my box and finish the lock for the safe.

"Stars can't shine without darkness"

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