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Premiering “Dulce Et Decorum Est” by Wilfred Owen.

Add a heading by Jake Ridlon

Dulce  Et Decorum Est by Jake Ridlon


In this movie poster, I show how Brutal War is, using the Poem Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen.

The quotes on my movie poster shows some of the experiences that Wilfred Owen had on the battle field. They support my theme that “War is Brutal” because of brutality of his experiences.  For example, the quote where Wilfred Owen and his troupe and being bombarded by Gas at their lowest point, shows the trauma that they experienced when trying to clumsily fit on their helmets.


If you want to create your own here.



“Imperial German Soldiers, World War 1.: The Great World War to End All Wars: World War, War, World War i.” Pinterest, www.pinterest.com/pin/627055948091385840/?nic=1a.


  1. I liked the background image you choose to put in your poster. I also liked how you choose a different font for your title to make it stand out and easy to read, and your little details like (coming in October 25) it made it feel like a actual movie poster.

  2. I like how the image and quotes you chose support your theme of “war is brutal”, and also how you explained why you chose specific quotes. How could you add components of a real movie poster? I think a book cover would work better to emphasize your points.

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