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"Everything negative- pressure, challenges- are all an opportunity for me to rise" said Kobe Bryant.

astrid smith by Jake Ridlon


This Movie Poster is based on the famous play “Mid-Summer Nights Dream” written by William Shakespeare. I chose the character Eugeus because he has a very strong negative personality and it is very easy to represent that because of his numerous negative lines. I picked this image because Eugues is an old man, he lived in Athens at the time 1605, and he is generally grumpy. I feel like my picture captures all of that. I am proud of the way the title worked out because the title looks like it is behind the persons head, and that is very magazine like.

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  1. I like the image you chose. I think he looks like quite stern. Take special care with spelling —gentlemen, August, meet our top contenders for 1605…

    The title does look like it’s behind his head.

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