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Fun Quarintine survival tips – Drama Video



For my drama project I have created a video on fun things do during quarantine.

Some challenges that I faced when creating my video included: lighting, effects, and backgrounds.

  1. The main problem I had when creating this video was getting the clips at the right time of day. It took several days to get the right clips and insure that it you could see everything.
  2. I had a problem finding a way to get a variety of effects to spice the video up, however it was a fun challenge. For example, the baking clips were a way that added effects without using to many longer videos.
  3. For the intro, each tip intro, and the conclusion. I found it very difficult to get a background that didn’t interfere with my face so I could speak clearly.


Some things that worked well includes: transitions, and keeping it short and to the point.

  1. I thought that for basketball and frisbee, I had good transitions, also the clips weren’t to long and I gave a short clip that was “clean” looking.


Next time I would make sure to:

  1. Include more tips in my video so that was more interesting.
  2. I would elaborate on some tips so that each tip is relatively the same length.
  3. Maybe include some health things such as cleansers or even masks.

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  1. Hi Jake. There was humor in your survival tip vlog; I laughed in different parts of it. Netflix was been essential for my daughters too! You documented your process and reflection well in this blog, as well.

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