The Boy On The Bridge

M.R. Carey


Page #: 30


The story began with the main characters in a field-like area and they were hunting these creatures. Only problem is that they travel in heards. These creatures, the Uglies,  can mainly sense their predators through smell, however they also have a weak sense of vision. This means the hunters and scientists have to be extra careful. The Uglies ended up all running away because they smelled another creature. One of the Uglies in the heard got trampled to death and the scientists went down to take samples. Here are some predictions:


  1. The uglies might come back and find the scientists.
  2. Maybe they didn’t get all the needed samples or they forgot something.
  3. Maybe nothing happens at all.


Notes for Essay:

Although they haven’t gone in depth on the boy that’s supposed to be the main character, the blurb makes it sound like the book is one big metaphor. About how some children are brought into life with everything already decided for them. In this case it’s their job.