How have you tested your prototype/ideas so far?

Last Class, after I finished the exterior and layout of my design, I went back after and asked myself what my project was missing that I would be important. I concluded that my design could use cheap system for cooling in the summertime because the temperature outside can get up 105 fahrenheit. With a black house that absorbs heat, this could be a big problem.

The solution I came up with is a system that collects rainwater and stores it several meters underground in a collective tank. The water will then be filtered and used for cooling as well as drinking.


My audience also comes for an extremely poor background- the slums- so I needed to make sure that my house was accessible to them. In order to do that I needed to prices. I did that by reducing the costs of maintenance on my house as well as providing a somewhat renewable food source. I built my house out of strong materials so they last long. I also build a small farm atop my house that provides food for my residents and helps the environment.