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Socratic Seminar Reflection

* What you did well in terms of interpretation, analysis of literary techniques, participation, and your use of language?

According to my peer feedback, in terms of interpretation and analysis of literary techniques, I came prepared and I had all of the necessary materials. In terms of participation, I didn’t do as well. I could have spoke more and asked more opened ended questions that allowed me to share my interpretations. I also could have improved on my use of language. Not only didn’t I use the proper language, but I also used words such as “um” and “like” a lot. Going forward, I need to make sure I ask questions that set me up for success and I need to refrain from using filler words.


* What specific things that other students did well in their Socratic Seminars?

Other students in my group were able to ask open ended question that lead to a smooth and fluent conversation. However, I believe in the future we need to make sure we discuss ALL of the questions we’re going to ask so we can all come prepared and not be surprised with new questions. Also, I think some group member didn’t speak nearly as much as others, including myself. We should also look for ways to be more inclusive and balanced with our speech.


* AND 2-3 specific things that you think you could have improved on–with a plan for what you will do differently in your next Socratic Seminar?

  1. I can improve on my preparedness and communication with my group. Next time I will try and have our group come up with more question so we don’t go home and prepare more questions, but more evidence for the agreed upon questions.
  2. I can improve on being more fluent with my speech. I could have sentences written down in advance so I can reduce the amount of filler words I use.
  3. I can also improve on including other group mates that haven’t spoke as much by asking for their opinion.

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  1. Hi Jake, I like your idea to plan write down sentences in advance and to avoid using the filler words.

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