What did you find hard about understanding and analyzing the speech? 

I found it difficult to analyze and plan the entire speech given the amount of time we had. I ended up running out of time when it came to the conclusion, I was only left with minutes after I finished the third body paragraph.

What did you do well and what did you struggle with, in terms of writing the essay?

I struggled with using transition words within body paragraphs, finding sufficient evidence for each body paragraph, connecting each body paragraph back to the thesis, and finally writing a conclusion that summed up the main ideas of the essay. I think I was successful in presenting the evidence in the way I intended.

What do you wish you had done differently OR what would you do differently for the next timed, in-class essay?

Next time I would make a more detailed plan for the essay including where and how I introduce each piece of evidence.

What topics or skills would you like more instruction on and practice with, for this type of task? (For example: how to identify and remember the names of techniques, how to annotate, how to outline, how to manage your time, how to proofread…)

How to identify and remember names of techniques, how to outline, how to manage time.