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Writing Assessment Blog Post Reflection

What did you find hard about understanding and analyzing the speech? 

I found it difficult to analyze and plan the entire speech given the amount of time we had. I ended up running out of time when it came to the conclusion, I was only left with minutes after I finished the third body paragraph.

What did you do well and what did you struggle with, in terms of writing the essay?

I struggled with using transition words within body paragraphs, finding sufficient evidence for each body paragraph, connecting each body paragraph back to the thesis, and finally writing a conclusion that summed up the main ideas of the essay. I think I was successful in presenting the evidence in the way I intended.

What do you wish you had done differently OR what would you do differently for the next timed, in-class essay?

Next time I would make a more detailed plan for the essay including where and how I introduce each piece of evidence.

What topics or skills would you like more instruction on and practice with, for this type of task? (For example: how to identify and remember the names of techniques, how to annotate, how to outline, how to manage your time, how to proofread…)

How to identify and remember names of techniques, how to outline, how to manage time.

Book Progress

Firing Point By Tom Clancy


Pages Read: 142


What do you think of what you read?


At this point in the book, the main character is in a thrilling chase with one of the antagonists. Throughout the entire book, there is lots of action. The main character is on vacation and he get’s wrapped up in a foreign issue.


Which text would I choose to right an essay on as of right now?


The Institute by Stephen King.

This was one of the most interesting books i’ve read in my entire life. I think the reason for this is because of its uniqueness, everything that goes down in the book could happen in real life. Essentially, the book isn’t crazy far-stretched and on top of that it’s action-packed.

Socratic Seminar Reflection

* What you did well in terms of interpretation, analysis of literary techniques, participation, and your use of language?

According to my peer feedback, in terms of interpretation and analysis of literary techniques, I came prepared and I had all of the necessary materials. In terms of participation, I didn’t do as well. I could have spoke more and asked more opened ended questions that allowed me to share my interpretations. I also could have improved on my use of language. Not only didn’t I use the proper language, but I also used words such as “um” and “like” a lot. Going forward, I need to make sure I ask questions that set me up for success and I need to refrain from using filler words.


* What specific things that other students did well in their Socratic Seminars?

Other students in my group were able to ask open ended question that lead to a smooth and fluent conversation. However, I believe in the future we need to make sure we discuss ALL of the questions we’re going to ask so we can all come prepared and not be surprised with new questions. Also, I think some group member didn’t speak nearly as much as others, including myself. We should also look for ways to be more inclusive and balanced with our speech.


* AND 2-3 specific things that you think you could have improved on–with a plan for what you will do differently in your next Socratic Seminar?

  1. I can improve on my preparedness and communication with my group. Next time I will try and have our group come up with more question so we don’t go home and prepare more questions, but more evidence for the agreed upon questions.
  2. I can improve on being more fluent with my speech. I could have sentences written down in advance so I can reduce the amount of filler words I use.
  3. I can also improve on including other group mates that haven’t spoke as much by asking for their opinion.

Book Progress

December 1


The Boy on the Bridge

by M.R. Carey


Pages Read Recently: 42


Predictions: Dr. Khan, recently discovered a sign of life. He was walking back to their home base when he came across a new life form. The life form was not covered in the gel that prevents the hungries. from smelling them. This means that the life from is either somewhat infected or it isn’t a human.

  • I predict Dr. Khan will eventually tell the other crew mates about the life form and then begin a search for it. I think that this alternate life form will have a way of ending the hungry epidemic and will ultimately lead to all of the crew mates returning home.



Reading Progress

November 10


The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Sherman Alexie


Pages Read: 42.




Predictions: The old man ( Mr. P.) has just told the main character who remains nameless, to leave the reservation. He told him that the reservation is limiting his options and he’ll never get anywhere if he’s stuck on the reservations.

-I predict that he’ll leave the reservation and try to start a new life.

-I predict it may take him multiples attempts to escape the reservation.

Book Progress

The Boy On The Bridge

M.R. Carey


Page #: 30


The story began with the main characters in a field-like area and they were hunting these creatures. Only problem is that they travel in heards. These creatures, the Uglies,  can mainly sense their predators through smell, however they also have a weak sense of vision. This means the hunters and scientists have to be extra careful. The Uglies ended up all running away because they smelled another creature. One of the Uglies in the heard got trampled to death and the scientists went down to take samples. Here are some predictions:


  1. The uglies might come back and find the scientists.
  2. Maybe they didn’t get all the needed samples or they forgot something.
  3. Maybe nothing happens at all.


Notes for Essay:

Although they haven’t gone in depth on the boy that’s supposed to be the main character, the blurb makes it sound like the book is one big metaphor. About how some children are brought into life with everything already decided for them. In this case it’s their job.

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