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The diary of an American colonist.

Many years later when Jake heard that the Treaty of Paris had been signed, we remembered back when he saw that poster in the streets of Boston. He had no idea just how much his life was about to change. From taxes, to battles, to peace treaties; by the time it was all over, Jake was a completely different man, living a completely different life.



American revolution was a major historical event that changed the course of history for years to come. However, there were still a lot of things that remained the same after the Treaty of Paris. For example, for hundreds of years to come, rich white men would be in charge. The reason for this is because the only people with right to vote were white men. This brings me to my seconds point. There were still a large human rights. Slaves were the reason white men became rich, they were all over the south. Slaves were a cheap way of getting hard work done. Additionally, women had little to no rights. They couldn’t vote, and they were mostly stuck at home taking care of the family. This would remain the same for years to come and it is still and issue, gradually getting better today.


Some might argue that the American revolution was pointless, the only result was America’s independence. However, I disagree. Even though there weren’t a lot of results immediately after, without America’s independence, who knows where we would be today. Even though there were not a lot of changes, there were a few big ones: Bill of rights was created, Direct representation, freedom of worship, and political power was in the hand of ordinary men.

A brief history of the American Revolution


The American Revolution is arguably the most significant events in American History. It transformed America from a country of 13 colonies ruled by the British, to its own independent nation. After a series of events, several battles were fought, that resulted in the British and French army both surrendering to the American army. These events and battles shaped America into the country that it is today.


Animal Farm- Final Theme Project


Inspires: This quote is relevant to my theme statement because it shows how the animals never gave up hope simply because not being ruled by Jones was better than any amount of work they would have to endure.


Through Tough Times: This quote is relevant to my theme statement because it shows how even after their windmill was knocked for the first time, they still had hope in rebuilding it. They thought that in the end, it was better than what life was like while Jones was ruling them.



Orwell’s opinion about the topic: Hope often inspires people to persevere through tough times. I agree with this because it is even evident in real life. For example, if someone loses something and they have hope of finding it, they will keep looking. This is similar in Animal Farm because no matter what the pigs did or made the farm animals do, the farm animals persevered because they had hope that one day life would be good again.

The Last of Alexander



Stalin has taken complete power over the Soviet Union. He has put in place a 5 year plan designed to maximize industrial output. He has organized collective farms by assigning families to join together. He has organized labor camps that will require workers to ration food and increase the output of industrial goods.


The brutality of the 5 year plan back in 1928 was unbearable. Stalin was heartless and believed that his plan would transform Russia from an agrarian country to an industrial one. Stalin thought that it was the blueprint for the development of industry, agriculture, railways, canals, trade, energy, housing, education, and all public services. He was right. However, no amount of development made the pain and suffering my family experienced worth it. Next, the government had told my family that they would be rationing our food and that we would be fed based on how much coal we extracted. My family was dying of starvation, along with millions of other Russian families. There were days that I was so hungry I couldn’t even stand up on my own. I hated Stalin for this.


I can remember the day Stalin announced his plan for collectivization. I was in shock. The government took away our farmland. The Kulaks, rich farmer families, were moved to our land. We grabbed only our necessities. My wife and children were crying the whole way to our new home. They had moved us to a larger area with 60 other families. On top of this, they announced that we would not able to make profit from selling our grain anymore. We were required to produce a minimum amount of grain to the government each month and they would pay us in wages. Fights were common among the families in the collective farms. Our family was usually not involved: only when it came down to self-defense. Due to the lack of food, there was a lot of stealing around the houses. There were many nights when my family went to bed hungry because our food had been stolen.


One night when everybody was asleep, I snuck out of our living quarters in pursuit of food for my family. I stumbled across the house of the man that stole from us a little while back. I opened the old, creaky, wooden door and made my best effort to quietly sneak across the house to where they stored their food. I filled my arms with all the food I could hold, but when I turned around I saw him staring me in my eyes with a look of pure hatred. I will never forget the look that my wife gave me the next day when she saw me. Cuts and bruises covering my entire face. I was unable to move, and several of my bones were broken. I learned a valuable life lesson that night, no matter how necessary it seemed, stealing was never the way to go.


After about a year, the Gulags, a secret police force set up by the government, had arranged for Labor Camps to be set up. Just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse, they separated me from my family. This was without a doubt the worst day of my life. The labor camps, set up all over Russia, were heavily guarded by watchtowers, surrounded in barbed wire, and were in the most remote areas possible. There was no escape. I was sure I would never see my family again. We were fed based on the amount of work we did. I shared a tent with two other men. In the night time it got so cold that often times workers would freeze to death. I remember waking up one day and the man that I was sleeping next to was frozen to a rock; the other man stole his blankets while he was sleeping.

Now that Stalin has signed the Nazi-Soviet pact he thinks that the Nazis are no longer a threat to Russia. How naïve. Britain and France made a wise move by not signing a peace treaty with Russia. Stalin is a crazy and unpredictable man. There is no telling what he will decide to do next. He took my family from me, the only thing that keeps me going. After all the pain and suffering he has caused me all I can do is hope and pray that somebody brings justice to the Russian people.

Do the Boxers Deserve a Bad Rap?

Do the Boxers Deserve a Bad Rap?

The Boxers deserve a bad rap. Although the boxers escalated the war by be racist towards Christians, killing foreigners and Chinese Christians, and invading the Legation Quarter, the foreigners ultimately started it by invading Chinese territory and pushing their religion on the Chinese people. Even though it seems like the Boxers were a bunch of racist violent people, in theory none of this would have happened had the foreigners not tried to invade Shandong.





Home: a place where you take comfort,

Home is something everybody should have.

My home is a cold, pee stained floor,

I am homeless

Day in and day out people walk right past me

eating their delicious food.

How fortunate I think to myself.

My dinner is whatever food people leave behind.

Food: something needed to survive,

Food is something not enough people have,

How easy it would be,

To help get people food.

The old saying,

“If you can’t feed a hundred people,

Then just feed one”

Bang! Crack! I was overwhelmed by pain,

“Out!” a ruthless man in a suit yelled down at me.

I was crippled in pain, unable to move.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He relentlessly kicked at my skinny body.

“Take your stuff and never come back”

Death: Something that comes for everyone,

Death is Inevitable.

I lie there for days, unable to move.

People walked past me as if I was invisible.

I could feel myself withering away,

Until there was nothing left but a body with no soul.

astrid smith by Jake Ridlon


This Movie Poster is based on the famous play “Mid-Summer Nights Dream” written by William Shakespeare. I chose the character Eugeus because he has a very strong negative personality and it is very easy to represent that because of his numerous negative lines. I picked this image because Eugues is an old man, he lived in Athens at the time 1605, and he is generally grumpy. I feel like my picture captures all of that. I am proud of the way the title worked out because the title looks like it is behind the persons head, and that is very magazine like.

Premiering “Dulce Et Decorum Est” by Wilfred Owen.

Add a heading by Jake Ridlon

Dulce  Et Decorum Est by Jake Ridlon


In this movie poster, I show how Brutal War is, using the Poem Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen.

The quotes on my movie poster shows some of the experiences that Wilfred Owen had on the battle field. They support my theme that “War is Brutal” because of brutality of his experiences.  For example, the quote where Wilfred Owen and his troupe and being bombarded by Gas at their lowest point, shows the trauma that they experienced when trying to clumsily fit on their helmets.


If you want to create your own here.



“Imperial German Soldiers, World War 1.: The Great World War to End All Wars: World War, War, World War i.” Pinterest, www.pinterest.com/pin/627055948091385840/?nic=1a.

Jake the Humanist

1. Ancient Roman and Greek Architecture and Art by Jake Ridlon


Made by Canva

Waverly, The Chess Grandmaster

China Town San Fransisco
(Waverly’s Neighborhood)


Waverly is the main character in the short story “Rules of the Game” written by Amy Tan. Waverly is a 9-year-old girl, she looks like any other Chinese girl in her neighborhood, and she has two tightly braided pigtails.

Amy is characterized by her hair, her dress, and her argumentativeness.

Waverly is argumentative because in the majority of the story she is arguing with her mom. In the second paragraph of the story, Waverly get in the first argument of the story with her mom: “Bite back your tongue” (Tan 1), and she didn’t, instead of biting back her tongue he throws fit and screams at her mom (Tan 1). According to the text, as soon as Waverly got home from wandering the streets, she went straight to her room (Tan 10). After laying down, she imagined seeing her mom across from her and her mom beating her in a game of chess. Next, all of the visual started fading away, and she sought her next move (Tan 10). This paragraph is composed of a bunch of metaphors. For example, when she visualizes losing a game to her mom, it means that she lost this argument, and when she says that she plotted her next move, she was implying that she was planning out how she was going to get here revenge (Tan 10). Since Waverly is trying to get revenge on her mother, is apparent that Amy is Argumentative.

Waverly wears two neatly wounded pigtails, clipped with plastic barretes trimmed with rhinestones (Tan 8). “Each morning before school, my mother would twist and yank on my thick black hair until she had formed two tightly wounded pigtails.” (Tan 2). When the narrator specified, “I wore neatly plaited braids clipped with plastic barrettes trimmed with rhinestones” (Tan 8) when the narrator said this, we got a better idea of what Waverly’s hair looked like. Waverly also gave us a visual on what she wears on special occasions: “My crisp Pink-and-white dress with a scratchy lace at the neck, one of two that my mother had sewn for special occasions.” (Tan 8).  So in conclusion, we know that Waverly wears two tightly wounded pigtails to school every day and she either wears a school uniform or clothes of her choice.

Waverly is quite argumentative, I cannot relate to this because I am not allowed to be argumentative. One time, when I was in 6th grade, I was eating cheerios for breakfast, after I poured the Milk I went to my room to pack up my bag. When I got downstairs the bowl of cheerios was saugy, so I ate a few bites then told my mom I didn’t want to eat anymore. Little did I know she was going to make me eat the whole bowl. I told her I wasn’t going to eat it. She took grounded from all of my electronics for an entire week. After that I never made the mistake of telling my parents I wasn’t going to do something


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