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Futures Academy Drama Experience

This is our group’s 3rd scene for our shadow play


Looking back on Project ReCharge, I learned that there is no simple solution to solving child labour as the issue is too complex. For example, on Thursday during the board meeting, after several hours of work and negotiation we still ending with 5 proposals that we could not agree on, so in the end we sent a list of the 5 proposals to Mr. Hurworth, so he could choose.

Before this project, I used to think that child labour was alright as long as they are not being abused, now I think that child is in no means acceptable because child labour in itself is abuse. For example, if children are working then they cannot get an education, without and education they cannot get a real job, without a real job there will not be enough money to support their family and they will have to send their children off to work. That is an endless cycle that repeats for each generation.

Looking back on Project ReCharge, I realize that Child Labour is a complex issue and we cannot ever really fully understand the issue. For example, after watching “The Price of Free” I realized that some of these children really need to work to support their family because their parents are not making enough money. Sometimes the children work with their parents and other times the parents just send their children off to work in a faraway place, but if the children are working they cannot have the freedoms of going to school, or playing around or anything like that. Often times if the children aren’t working with their parents and they are sent to a place far away. Most times the parents will never see their children again


March Field Study Blog Post

Jocelyn Measuring Turbidity Tube


Today it is March 7th, Field Study! Today we went back to the WenYu river again. The Purpose of this trip was to collect data on the turbidity and flow rate of the river at the moment. The weather was quite cold although it is heating up, the past few trips were so cold even a jacket wasn’t enough.


In this photo, the computer is measuring the Turbidity (NTU) from the lake’s water.


On the past two trips to the WenYu river one of our measuring locations was blocked off by a fence, so we decided to change just use one location, this means that we will measure the flow rate in one spot three times as well as the Turbidity. Today, the average flow rate was 0.47 meters/ second, and the average turbidity level was 56 NTU

Data Table from the Start of Data Collection


Next time we collect data, I wonder if the turbidity will be higher since the turbidity is showing an increase from an average of ___ to 56 NTU.

-I notice that the Turbidity has decreased since the last Field Stuy in January. The turbidity average was 103 NTU in January and Now it averaged 57.4 NTU. I am curious as to why the turbidity is higher because if the flow rate is increasing I would assume the turbidity would as well.

-So far I notice that the overall trend is that the flow rate is increasing and naturally so is the turbidity. This time the flow rate is averaging 4.8666…7 seconds / 1 meter. Last time the average was 7.43333… seconds / 1 meter and the time before that the average was 5.613333… seconds / 1 meter. In November the flow rate was slowing down and then in January, the flow rate was really slow. At the moment the flow rate is speeding up. I wonder if this is because of the ice from winter melting, the reason this would make sense is that there is more water to flow, therefore the flow rate becomes higher.


Project Collisions

Final Model and My design

Groups Final Material list and My Material list

On Monday, January 7th I began Project Collisions with an Egg drop. This design challenge was to drop an egg from 5 meters without breaking it. A material list with things we could buy was provided, we had “600 RMB” to spend on materials with a varied price range.







Then, after working with my group, we came to an agreement and made a Final Design. The Final Model used a lot of components from each persons’ model. For example, the parachute to slow the fall came from Paul’s Model, the balloons to hold the egg in place and cushion it was my idea, and the paper clips at the bottom to hold the paper together and make sure the device fell in the right direction. The hardest part to come to an agreement on was the base, we had to figure out what shape our base would be and would materials we would use.

As the egg was dropping, I was worried that the paper wouldn’t do their drop and the device would land on the wrong side and the egg would smash, and that is exactly what happened, as soon as it landed, in not only landed on the side that the egg was on, but it also knocked out the wooden skewers and the balloons fell out resulting in the egg following and smashing even more.

Our design was unsuccessful because of the parachute, displacement of the wooden skewers, and lack of paper clips. First off, I think the parachute was a great idea and could have been successful assuming we changed the of it and it deployed correctly. Part of the reason it didn’t work was that of the size, the parachute was smaller than the base so none of the air molecules rushing past the base hit it, we could have made the parachute bigger to catch the wind and actually slow the device down. Secondly, After several attempts to properly in the skewers and hold down too many holes were made and the balloons and other materials fell out. Thirdly, our plan with the paper clips did not work because we did not have enough paper clips and they didn’t weight down enough resulting in the parachute and the lack of bottom causing it to flip.

Next time I would make sure make a larger parachute maybe out of newspaper and use less money on paper because the weight idea didn’t work I would also use one balloon instead of two because it didn’t really work because the second balloon pushed the egg to the side. I would also use less paper for the base and maybe even use newspaper as a base.

Project Collisions is using the idea of drone delivery. During my research, I discovered that drone delivery allows for more efficiency and quicker speed. This can be important if somebody needs a medical shipment and they need it fast because there is not enough time for an ambulance sometimes and a drone could provide a solution. My idea was food, I am not as much interested in drone blood delivery because a lot of my fellow classmates are doing this as well and it wouldn’t be unique. If could deliver food quickly and make sure it stays at the right temperature and can deliver almost anywhere, not only to just homes this would open up a lot of opportunities.

Through this project, I hope to learn an understand forces and how they work.

How will we be living in 2050?

As a collaborator, I felt that I did an excellent job of, taking in other ideas and giving constructive feedback, I also feel as if I did a good job feeding to my group when they most needed them. For example, a few times my group got stuck on who would do what, so we came an agreement that I would the overall layout, and he would do most of the smaller details such as drawers and some of the bed, etc. I am happy with the final design because I think the house has a lot of things in it for a small home. I think we made good use of space. One thing that I noticed our group did well together is communicating and staying on task, for the entirety of the time we were working together we used our time efficiently because we were communication, and always had something we were working on, whether it be the spreadsheet, or the furniture, or the windows, etc, we were still being productive. This made the whole project more fun than it would be if we had bad communication, it would not be as fun. One challenge we had when working together was finding a way to decide on where to fit stuff, we both wanted to put certain things in certain places, but they wouldn’t fit, and they were one of the things we said we needed, that was a little challenging. 

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