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April Field Study Blog Post

April 8th, a Monday, first day after the week-long spring break vacation, FA takes several busses down to the WenYu river to collect out data and later to make this field study blog post. The weather was cold but getting warmer. The last visit, the water level was a lot higher, for some reason the water level of the river was a lot lower this trip. All around the site, we saw flowers growing in and trees budding, this is a sign of spring.

In this photo, I am throwing a stick into the river so we can measure the flow rate.


Data Table


In April the, River’s water level was a lot lower, thus resulting in a lower flow rate averaging 0.073 meters / second, last time the average flow rate was 0.222333333 meters / second. We think the lower water level might be because of a Dam up river, perhaps the water flow was being controlled by someone.

A repeating trend is that when the weather is colder the flow rate is slower, it seems as if it was colder today than last time, but this time flow rate was the lowest average, and this was definitely not colder than some of the winter days.

The Turbidity was shown no obvious pattern, although, we can tell that September has had the lowest turbidity and it was increasing until is reaches 103, then it dropped back down to an average of 57.5 NTU and Aprils average was 64.7 NTU.

Next time we collect data, I wonder if the flow rate will average higher or lower than this time. I think it will be a lot higher due to this trips unexpected low water level, once the water level goes back up the flow rate’s average should to.

Next time we collect data, I wonder if the Turbidity will average higher or lower. I think it will be higher because this trip the flow rate was slower, slower flow rate means less turbidity, and since I am expecting the water level to rise as well as the flow rate, the Turbidity will also naturally rise as well.


March Field Study Blog Post

Jocelyn Measuring Turbidity Tube


Today it is March 7th, Field Study! Today we went back to the WenYu river again. The Purpose of this trip was to collect data on the turbidity and flow rate of the river at the moment. The weather was quite cold although it is heating up, the past few trips were so cold even a jacket wasn’t enough.


In this photo, the computer is measuring the Turbidity (NTU) from the lake’s water.


On the past two trips to the WenYu river one of our measuring locations was blocked off by a fence, so we decided to change just use one location, this means that we will measure the flow rate in one spot three times as well as the Turbidity. Today, the average flow rate was 0.47 meters/ second, and the average turbidity level was 56 NTU

Data Table from the Start of Data Collection


Next time we collect data, I wonder if the turbidity will be higher since the turbidity is showing an increase from an average of ___ to 56 NTU.

-I notice that the Turbidity has decreased since the last Field Stuy in January. The turbidity average was 103 NTU in January and Now it averaged 57.4 NTU. I am curious as to why the turbidity is higher because if the flow rate is increasing I would assume the turbidity would as well.

-So far I notice that the overall trend is that the flow rate is increasing and naturally so is the turbidity. This time the flow rate is averaging 4.8666…7 seconds / 1 meter. Last time the average was 7.43333… seconds / 1 meter and the time before that the average was 5.613333… seconds / 1 meter. In November the flow rate was slowing down and then in January, the flow rate was really slow. At the moment the flow rate is speeding up. I wonder if this is because of the ice from winter melting, the reason this would make sense is that there is more water to flow, therefore the flow rate becomes higher.


My Day Ignite Week- Day 1

During this Ignite Week project, I am creating a video where I will vlog everything I do from when I wake up to when I go to bed. This video will be used on Friday for my final exhibition.


When making this video I hope to have a final project that is interesting for the viewer and is engaging, I don’t want the viewer to get bored halfway through or at any point in the video. I watched a few videos today that were interesting all the way through and a few that made me bored very quickly.



River Field Study – Data Collection 4

Measuring Tape after falling in Water

Today we went to the Wenyu River to collect more data on how turbidity affects the flow rate of the Wenyu River. It is late January (25th), so it was frigid out by the River. So we took a bus out there to collect some final data. We got some good expected measurements and had fun!



In January, the flow rate was slower averaging 7.4 seconds/ 1 meter, and the turbidity was higher at 103 NTU. I notice that the flow rate is seeming to get slower and slower as it gets colder, the average has gone from 3.4/ 1 meter to 7.4/ 1 meter this means the average has become 4 seconds slower in two months, and the turbidity is rising as it gets colder, the NTU has gone from 44 to 103. Next time we collect data, I wonder if it will be a faster slow rate or slower. I am predicting it will be faster because as winter comes to an end, I am assuming that the flow rate per meter will become higher because as it gets colder the flow rate gets colder, so this makes me think that when it gets warmer the flow rate will increase.

How will we be living in 2050?

As a collaborator, I felt that I did an excellent job of, taking in other ideas and giving constructive feedback, I also feel as if I did a good job feeding to my group when they most needed them. For example, a few times my group got stuck on who would do what, so we came an agreement that I would the overall layout, and he would do most of the smaller details such as drawers and some of the bed, etc. I am happy with the final design because I think the house has a lot of things in it for a small home. I think we made good use of space. One thing that I noticed our group did well together is communicating and staying on task, for the entirety of the time we were working together we used our time efficiently because we were communication, and always had something we were working on, whether it be the spreadsheet, or the furniture, or the windows, etc, we were still being productive. This made the whole project more fun than it would be if we had bad communication, it would not be as fun. One challenge we had when working together was finding a way to decide on where to fit stuff, we both wanted to put certain things in certain places, but they wouldn’t fit, and they were one of the things we said we needed, that was a little challenging. 

River Field Study – Data Collection 3

Current Turbidity:

44 NTU

Flow Rate:

  1. 5.08 / 1 meter
  2. 5.52 / 1 meter
  3. 6.32 / 1 meter



The second data collection is more related than any of the other ones. It seems that as the year comes to an end and the temperature gets colder, the river starts flowing slower than before. This is because the river is almost about to freeze. When we first got there some parts of the riverside was starting to turn to ice.


I wonder if the water flow will be slower next time due to the water starting to freeze.

I predict the water the will continue to get colder as long it continues to get colder if it has reached the peak and it will start to warm up from there.



This is me throwing a light stick into the water as our flotation device. We used it to measure the flow rate.


River Field Study- Data Collection 2

Today we went on an adventure again to the WenYu river, the reason we have been going to the WenYu river is that we have a year-long data collection unit, I find this field study trip very fun because we get to get out of the classroom. This Field Study has been the most successful so far because we got a Data collection from each of our three locations. The reason this was the best data collection is that we were quick in between collections and we were more cooperative and we each had roles.

A connection between this time and last times data is the NTU. It was not the same although some of the sections were relatively similar. I wonder if the flow rate will be slower or faster next time. I also wonder if the turbidity will go down or stay up.

Location 1:

Flow Rate: 46.30 seconds/ 25 meters

Turbidity Level: 8 NTU

Location 2:

Flow Rate: 1:55.30 seconds/ 25 meters

Turbidity Level: 9 NTU

Location 3:

Flow Rate: 2:58.00 seconds/ 25 meters

Turbidity Level: 13 NTU

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