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Ignite Week Day 2

During this project, I will need to use a camera to vlog the video, and editing software to edit the video. Some other basic things I could use is a selfie stick/tripod and headphone. A Tripod will allow me to get a better grip on the camera so I can hold it from different angles. Headphones will allow me to find the right places to cut the clips and where to start/ add the next clip.

I will need to learn how to use iMovie and use special editing tricks to make the video more interesting. For example, I need to learn how to use a timelapse and where to use it, I also need to learn how to add in the right music to fit the mood and where to add it.

I plan to use a certain song for the whole video depending on the mood of the video. I will use A time lapse in any place where I am doing something that takes a long time.





The feedback I gave and received

Based on the feedback I have received I will add music to my video so it makes the video more meaningful. I will add VoiceOvers to explain what I am doing, I will add titles to my video they the viewers know what time and what is happening. And finally I will Finish the video by adding the other clips and finishing the edit.





My Strengths…

I feel I am a good self manager because I have almost no overdue homework assignments and I always get the work needed to get done, done. I am responsible when it comes to group assignments. I can easily self manage my homework as well as sports and other activities.

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