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Futures Academy Drama Experience

This is our group’s 3rd scene for our shadow play


Looking back on Project ReCharge, I learned that there is no simple solution to solving child labour as the issue is too complex. For example, on Thursday during the board meeting, after several hours of work and negotiation we still ending with 5 proposals that we could not agree on, so in the end we sent a list of the 5 proposals to Mr. Hurworth, so he could choose.

Before this project, I used to think that child labour was alright as long as they are not being abused, now I think that child is in no means acceptable because child labour in itself is abuse. For example, if children are working then they cannot get an education, without and education they cannot get a real job, without a real job there will not be enough money to support their family and they will have to send their children off to work. That is an endless cycle that repeats for each generation.

Looking back on Project ReCharge, I realize that Child Labour is a complex issue and we cannot ever really fully understand the issue. For example, after watching “The Price of Free” I realized that some of these children really need to work to support their family because their parents are not making enough money. Sometimes the children work with their parents and other times the parents just send their children off to work in a faraway place, but if the children are working they cannot have the freedoms of going to school, or playing around or anything like that. Often times if the children aren’t working with their parents and they are sent to a place far away. Most times the parents will never see their children again


My Day Ignite Week- Day 1

During this Ignite Week project, I am creating a video where I will vlog everything I do from when I wake up to when I go to bed. This video will be used on Friday for my final exhibition.


When making this video I hope to have a final project that is interesting for the viewer and is engaging, I don’t want the viewer to get bored halfway through or at any point in the video. I watched a few videos today that were interesting all the way through and a few that made me bored very quickly.



Project Collisions Conclusion

Looking back on Collision, I learned that to make a reliable delivery system we need accuracy and reliability. For example, for accuracy, we used an evenly strung parachute to drop our package from a drone. Regarding reliability, I mean having the package delivered in good shape (Not Broken) and the product inside is also in good shape. To complete this, we used the parachute to slow down the package.  I learned that the parachute needs to be bigger than the box for it to slow down because with Fnormal pushing up, the larger the base, the more resistance is present.

Before this project, I used to think that one design was enough and one drop is all we need, but now I feel that we need several models and several drops. For example, if we have many drops we can get an average idea of what the real data is because the first drop might be inaccurate and we won’t get a measurement, so we need many so get the most occurring of the drops. If we have accurate data, then we can make meaningful changes to the designs, and each time we create a new design there will be something wrong with it, so we test it, collect data on it, and change it until t is perfect.

Looking back on Collision,  I realize that something falls because gravity is greater than force. Some things fall faster than other because some things have more significant bases than others. When something is falling it is because gravity is pulling it down. The reason it is not instant is because a force is repelling it. That is why a parachute works. Since there is less mass the gravity is pulling it down less and with a parachute taking the resistance it slows down much more.

Design 1 Parachute Model

Samantha Holding Design 1 Package


Our team constructed the first design using a cardboard box, string, hot glue, tape, and thin gift/ wrapping paper glued together.  Multiple drops took place, and we noticed that the gift paper ripped many times and the box kept breaking, this happened so often it was really frustrating.


To improve our design, we paid attention to the area where it failed. The following “FAILS” happened during the drop:


Inaccuracy- Drop 2 was 180 cm away from the target and drop 3 was 150 cm apart from the force plate. This is because of the gift paper, due to the glue the paper kept ripping and holes would form. So it would drift to one way if a hole formed in a corner.

Box breaking- Several times the box would break, and we would end up having to retape the entire package, this was very wasteful as every drop the box would fall apart, and we would have to retape.

After we added the parachute the accuracy decreased so, unfortunately, the package did not hit the force plate any of the drops so we didn’t get a reading on the force.


In order to improve our design, we also paid attention to the areas where it succeeded. The following “successes” happened during the drop:


Time/Speed- Our falls were quite slow. As the parachute did not do so well in terms of accuracy, it did its job in slowing the package down. Drop 1 was 1.07 seconds and drop 2 was 1.18 seconds, drop 3 was fail in the parachute ripped and got holes, so it fell in 0.68 seconds.


For our next design, we want to improve upon accuracy, speed, and safety of the box. We will do this by adding a stronger more solid parachute, for example, a trash bag because they are big and they don’t need to be taped/ glued together. We will make the ends or strings that are tied to our box more equal in length and even out the weight of the inside of our box. We will also try to get a new box or just tape it together for one more design.

Egg Drop #1

In Project Collisions, I am creating a system to deliver Medical Kits/ First AID kits by drones. The drone will release the package from a height of up to 10 meters and my job as an engineer is to develop a solution so that the package is protected in its fall.

For Drop 0, a package with the dimensions of 26cmx22cmx7cm was dropped from a height of 5 meters. Below is a photograph of the package:


Package on Force Plate



The package will hold basic First Aid materials Inside, items are organized like this:

The purpose of Drop 0 is to get baseline data about our package. The group developed a testing procedure so that we can be consistent on how data is collected throughout the design cycle.

During the drops, I noticed that during the drop most of the drops landed on the sides and the corners and that resulted in a smaller impact. The following data was collected:

The average time it took for our package to fall the 5 meters was 2.25 seconds. Using LoggerPro, we plotted out the fall of the package.


LoggerPro Screenshot

The package fell in a straight motion and his the force plate hard.



A force plate at the bottom of the drop was used to collect data on the impact force of the package. Our group was very successful in terms of accuracy, we hit the force plate in the middle and got a good reading as a result. As a project metric for accuracy, we want our project to land within 1 meter of the target because in some cases the person in need might not be able to get to the kit if it is at a far distance.

The average force on impact was 162.1 N. As a project metric, our group has decided to add a parachute to slow the fall and add extra protection at the bottom for safety. We are aiming for a 25% reduction in terms of force.

Summary: Project Metrics

Our team has decided that the three most important criteria to design towards are Accuracy, Force, Velocity. Below, each metric is described and the goals were determined by data from Drop 0.

  • Metric 1: The distance in centimeters from the force plate + Within 10 centimeters of force plate
  • Metric 2: How hard it hits the ground+ 25% force reduction
  • Metric 3: The speed of the fall + 50% velocity reduction

Our group is now building the first prototype. I hope that using a parachute will not reduce accuracy by too much and that it will also slow down the package even though the weight of our package is quick high.

Project Collisions

Final Model and My design

Groups Final Material list and My Material list

On Monday, January 7th I began Project Collisions with an Egg drop. This design challenge was to drop an egg from 5 meters without breaking it. A material list with things we could buy was provided, we had “600 RMB” to spend on materials with a varied price range.







Then, after working with my group, we came to an agreement and made a Final Design. The Final Model used a lot of components from each persons’ model. For example, the parachute to slow the fall came from Paul’s Model, the balloons to hold the egg in place and cushion it was my idea, and the paper clips at the bottom to hold the paper together and make sure the device fell in the right direction. The hardest part to come to an agreement on was the base, we had to figure out what shape our base would be and would materials we would use.

As the egg was dropping, I was worried that the paper wouldn’t do their drop and the device would land on the wrong side and the egg would smash, and that is exactly what happened, as soon as it landed, in not only landed on the side that the egg was on, but it also knocked out the wooden skewers and the balloons fell out resulting in the egg following and smashing even more.

Our design was unsuccessful because of the parachute, displacement of the wooden skewers, and lack of paper clips. First off, I think the parachute was a great idea and could have been successful assuming we changed the of it and it deployed correctly. Part of the reason it didn’t work was that of the size, the parachute was smaller than the base so none of the air molecules rushing past the base hit it, we could have made the parachute bigger to catch the wind and actually slow the device down. Secondly, After several attempts to properly in the skewers and hold down too many holes were made and the balloons and other materials fell out. Thirdly, our plan with the paper clips did not work because we did not have enough paper clips and they didn’t weight down enough resulting in the parachute and the lack of bottom causing it to flip.

Next time I would make sure make a larger parachute maybe out of newspaper and use less money on paper because the weight idea didn’t work I would also use one balloon instead of two because it didn’t really work because the second balloon pushed the egg to the side. I would also use less paper for the base and maybe even use newspaper as a base.

Project Collisions is using the idea of drone delivery. During my research, I discovered that drone delivery allows for more efficiency and quicker speed. This can be important if somebody needs a medical shipment and they need it fast because there is not enough time for an ambulance sometimes and a drone could provide a solution. My idea was food, I am not as much interested in drone blood delivery because a lot of my fellow classmates are doing this as well and it wouldn’t be unique. If could deliver food quickly and make sure it stays at the right temperature and can deliver almost anywhere, not only to just homes this would open up a lot of opportunities.

Through this project, I hope to learn an understand forces and how they work.

Cells Final Conclusion

My design is repeatable by another person because I have shown the materials needed to carry out this investigation and the amount of each material needed. I have considered and agreed upon an appropriate procedure with my group, it is also step-by-step on how to carry out this investigation. I have also provided a data table that anyone trying to repeat this procedure can use to easily copy this investigation.

I realized that if someone in our FA class was attempting to repeat the same investigation as us, a problem they might come across is schedule. Since we don’t have a determined science class time, a problem someone might come across is collecting the data exactly after the time is up. This is important to get done because if the data is collected, for instance, an hour after the egg is done, we might get a different measure than we are looking for.

If I had to do this investigation again, I make a more detailed procedure, this is important because if someone cannot understand a procedure they might incorrectly carry out an investigation. Another thing to work on is neatness, in some areas of my writing somethings are not very neat and could be improved. The last main area of improvement is an elaboration, I think if I further elaborated in some places the overall document would be neater and more detailed.

The extra data we collected for a better understanding is the amount of liquid. We used two extra eggs and used the same the liquid but in different amounts of liquid. We did this because we were wondering if the egg had to be submerged and wondered what would happen if we put less water because having the liquids wanting to even out, we were wondering whether the egg would grow or shrink.


Explanation: When the shell of an egg is removed and it is submerged in a liquid, it will grow if the density is higher and shrink if the density is smaller. According to our investigation, when an egg is submerged in  liquid, it will shrink or grow depending on the density of the liquid. Our first measurement was the before and after in corn syrup and water. When we put the first egg in 175 millilitres of corn syrup, the first weight was 88.27 grams, after 24 hours of sitting in corn syrup is weighed 58.07 grams, this means it lost 30.2 grams. At the same time we put another egg in 175 millilitres of water, its before weight was 79.73 grams, after 24 hours it weighed 90.09 grams, this means it grew 10.36 grams.

Our groups conclusion on why it grew or shrunk was because of the holes and balance. When the egg is placed in liquid, the liquid inside tries to get out so it can even out, but when is put in corn  corn syrup the liquid inside is squeezing out and trying to even out, but the corn syrup on the outside can’t get in because the molecules/particles are too big and can’t get in, so with liquid on the inside coming out, and the corn syrup (liquid) on the outside trying to get, it shrinks. It is pretty much the opposite with the water, the egg is trying to balance out, so the liquid on the inside is going out and water is coming in at a faster rate, thus making the egg grow.

How will we be living in 2050?

As a collaborator, I felt that I did an excellent job of, taking in other ideas and giving constructive feedback, I also feel as if I did a good job feeding to my group when they most needed them. For example, a few times my group got stuck on who would do what, so we came an agreement that I would the overall layout, and he would do most of the smaller details such as drawers and some of the bed, etc. I am happy with the final design because I think the house has a lot of things in it for a small home. I think we made good use of space. One thing that I noticed our group did well together is communicating and staying on task, for the entirety of the time we were working together we used our time efficiently because we were communication, and always had something we were working on, whether it be the spreadsheet, or the furniture, or the windows, etc, we were still being productive. This made the whole project more fun than it would be if we had bad communication, it would not be as fun. One challenge we had when working together was finding a way to decide on where to fit stuff, we both wanted to put certain things in certain places, but they wouldn’t fit, and they were one of the things we said we needed, that was a little challenging. 

Stories of the future: Day Zero

In my opinion, these are the three most significant world problems at the moment…

-Global Warming.

-World Hunger.



Two wonders I have about the future are…

-I wonder if we will be on earth in 2050.

-l wonder if there will still be 8 continents in 2050.


I have an optimistic view of the future because if scientists have made all these cool gadgets today, why wouldn’t they be able to fix all these problems in 30 years.


Looking back on today, how do the topics of food, water, and communities (cities) connect? Or not?

Connect: All three topics are related to having a shortage of something, for example, we learned that there is no water or food for everybody and there is a lack of land to come in the future.

Not Connect: One way some of these are unrelated is that the community section is more a future than the present whereas water is already present.


What is your opinion on the future now?

I used to be Optimistic about the future and I still am because I believe that there is be a way that scientists can find an alternative to these problems. I am not completely Optimistic though mainly because in the present day there are at least 5 Major problems and there will be a lot more in the future and that will be hard to cure although I believe it will be possible.



ISB FA7; We’re in trouble…


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