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Define And Inquire


My Inspiration: My inspiration for this project was Mr. Q. I had no idea for a video to make and Mr. Q suggested that I make a tutorial video on how to do certain moves. So I decided to do the step back and another one, although I am not yet sure what the other one will be. I hope I am able to teach somebody how to perform these moves and teach them how to know when is a good time to use it and when is not a good time to use it.

After watching a few videos on pros doing it and some other tutorial videos I was ready to create the script and go from there.  I knew how I was going to make my video as soon as I watched the Steph Curry master class video

Challenges: It is Difficult to Get everything I want to say and make it look smooth because sometimes if I miss a shot then it might not be smooth when I am cutting between clips.

My Final Product- Ignite Week

My final product is a Vlog of the average day in the life of a middle schooler living in China. In this video I walked the viewer through what my day looks like, I went through what time stuff happens and I gave a description of the class and what was happening. I added background music and voice-overs when needed.

To complete this project I had to bring my camera with me everywhere I went so I could video important things. I didn’t catch all of my days because after school I had a doctors appointment downtown so there wasn’t much to record.

During the process, I learned that in order to make a good video the whole video needs to the smooth and the music absolutely has to fit the mood. I don’t think I did a very good job on finding music that fit the mood of my video and the final product was probably not as good as it could have been if the music fit the mood of the video and there were more clips to put into my video.

The L21 area that U focused on was Creativity and Innovation because in order to have a good video you need to be creative and decide what fits in the video and what clips should just be skipped.

To meet this goal I had to look through a lot of songs on YouTube that were not copyright so I could use it for my video, the challenge was finding one that fit the mood of my video. Another challenge was deciding whether or not something fit into the video.

Some skills I gained from this project include adding filters to certain clips when they were too dark or didn’t contrast with the other clips, I also learned how to fit in the music to make sure the music can be heard but when someone is speaking it is faint in the background so it doesn’t interfere with the voice and they can still hear everything alright.

This skill will benefit me in the future if I ever need to edit a short video and give it a lot of meaning.

Overall ignite week helped me because making a video was very fun and on top of that I learned a lot of new skills in terms of movie editing.


Here is my Video

Ignite Week Day 2

During this project, I will need to use a camera to vlog the video, and editing software to edit the video. Some other basic things I could use is a selfie stick/tripod and headphone. A Tripod will allow me to get a better grip on the camera so I can hold it from different angles. Headphones will allow me to find the right places to cut the clips and where to start/ add the next clip.

I will need to learn how to use iMovie and use special editing tricks to make the video more interesting. For example, I need to learn how to use a timelapse and where to use it, I also need to learn how to add in the right music to fit the mood and where to add it.

I plan to use a certain song for the whole video depending on the mood of the video. I will use A time lapse in any place where I am doing something that takes a long time.





The feedback I gave and received

Based on the feedback I have received I will add music to my video so it makes the video more meaningful. I will add VoiceOvers to explain what I am doing, I will add titles to my video they the viewers know what time and what is happening. And finally I will Finish the video by adding the other clips and finishing the edit.





My Day Ignite Week- Day 1

During this Ignite Week project, I am creating a video where I will vlog everything I do from when I wake up to when I go to bed. This video will be used on Friday for my final exhibition.


When making this video I hope to have a final project that is interesting for the viewer and is engaging, I don’t want the viewer to get bored halfway through or at any point in the video. I watched a few videos today that were interesting all the way through and a few that made me bored very quickly.



Reflect and Exhibit

Looking back on this project I learned how to create and edit a podcast, I also learned how to record a podcast and properly create and flow a podcast. Knowing what I know about podcasts I probably would have done a better introduction to the parents/guests because I think intro are important for a smooth podcast. The mistake I most learned from was doing all the interviews at once. One skill I think I can use in the future is introductions, I could better improve that. One thing I am proud of doing is including everyone is the podcast.



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