Thumbs Up

I chose to do this because going up normally was easy and I wanted to challenge myself by going up backwards. This was challenging because I could reach any of the rocks in the middle and that means I had to smear a lot to get to the pieces I wanted to reach.

What did you do well?

During this climb something I did well was utilize the climbing methods to get to the top, for example, I used the back step to reach a rock that I could not have reached otherwise.


What did you learn? Discover?

I learned that smearing is very useful if you can’t reach a rock but you are stuck in a place. I used this in the chimney when I smeared on the walls to get to the top.


What challenges did you face? How did you overcome them?

A challenge I faced was when I was almost at the top and I had to turn around so I could fall down, this required me to really stretch out to the other side of the wall so I could turn arounds, then I went back to the other side and dropped down.


Why is One Day important?

One Day is important to me because I enjoy rock climbing and this was a chance to try it and get some practice.