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Blog Post 4: Investors

Warm Feedback:

-Good Product Idea

-Staying on top of assignments


Cool Feedback:

-We need to add some extra design on the outside of the plank so it isn’t plain

-Figure out the proportional factors, for example, how much we will charge based on size and how the customization will work.



I might want to try to create more sizes so there is more choice.


Blog Post 3: Mission and Team

Mission Statement: Create sustainable products to end deforestation.

Team Name: Lumber Design

Marketing Responsibilities: I am the head the of marketing so I control I’m in charge of advertising and public speeches. I am also a co-designer so Paul and I both are responsible for taking orders, making them and then delivering them to the PTA.

Blog Post #2 Market Research Review

Preferred Design Graph

Here is a link to our Blog Posts.


Most people (50%) said that we surveyed said they would prefer to have their First or Last name engraved on the plaque.  Most People (62.5%) would like to buy more than one.  Half of the people interviewed said that they would prefer to customize their plaque online and 50% said they would prefer to do it face to face.  75% of people interviewed said that they would be willing to wait 1-2 weeks for their product to arrive.


I wonder if people will be willing to pay the price that we would need to charge. So far we don’t know how much we would need to charge because we haven’t gotten the list of prices yet, but if the wood is expensive, we might have a problem because the laser cutter will also probably be costly.

I wonder how the customization factor would work, because if someone wants their design in a specific layout but they can’t explain it to us, or we can’t make it, then that might be an issue. For example, if someone wants a really complicated photo cut into their plank and we can’t get it to them they might be disappointed or frustrated and then chose not to buy one.


We would need to find a way to allow customers to customize their products. It could be a challenge to use online customization because finding the right layout and font, and font size or almost any factor could be a challenge. If someone doesn’t get the design, they want they might be very disappointed.

Market Research and Initial Design

My Second Idea Prototype #2


Our target audience is parents, teachers, possibly students, some schools, and some companies. We are selling name planks to possibly teachers and companies who need a reusable biodegradable name plank. Students who are moving away might want a plank with their school’s logo/mascot on it. Parents might want a certain photo on it or an inspirational quote on a plank.

You can help us improve and collect more market research by filling out this survey.

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