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Book Progress

Firing Point By Tom Clancy


Pages Read: 142


What do you think of what you read?


At this point in the book, the main character is in a thrilling chase with one of the antagonists. Throughout the entire book, there is lots of action. The main character is on vacation and he get’s wrapped up in a foreign issue.


Which text would I choose to right an essay on as of right now?


The Institute by Stephen King.

This was one of the most interesting books i’ve read in my entire life. I think the reason for this is because of its uniqueness, everything that goes down in the book could happen in real life. Essentially, the book isn’t crazy far-stretched and on top of that it’s action-packed.

Geography and Design

How do the core concepts of Geography connect to your Project Shelter design work so far?

The core concepts of geography connect to my project because I have chosen how a poor living condition affects people’s health. I am focusing on patterns mainly density and distribution. I am going to try and be keeping the density of my living areas low, as well as trying to install methods of preventing diseases and precautions for fighting diseases.


In what ways will what learnt about Geography so far influence the way you design?

My house is mainly designed for people living in poverty. I have to keep in mind ways of reducing the price as much as possible. Possible ideas include using cheaper materials, building in areas that don’t have a high property value etc.

Survival Shelter V2

Two Goals I want to achieve from Survival Shelter V2:

  1. I want to do more in depth planning. My last design was lacking basic planning, I just kinda went with the flow. Even though the final project ended up being better I imagined, I feel like it could have been better if I planned it out more. With my Version 2 I am planning on having an in depth plan on exactly what I’m going to do so I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what to create during the creating process.
  2. In terms of the actual shelter, I plan on going more in depth this time. Ideally, I would like to work on the little details. For example, I want to have furniture on the inside of my house. Something I would like to add to my design is another new renewable food source. I decided to have a dome like room outside the house for growing fruits and vegetables.


Shelter V1 Reflection

What is is Shelter V1 Project?

Shelter V1 Project was a design project were we had to design a shelter that could withstand as many natural disasters as possible.

First, we planned out what we were going to do. From the large details such as the house, to the small details such as gutters and water food sources. Our material list was limited to only card paper, glue, and scissors. We were also allowed to use planning tools such as rulers and pencils.


  1. How is this first phase of the project providing evidence of your design skills?

I think the first phase is providing evidence because I was able to apply skills that I learned in the past to the planning and construction process. For example, I was able to show how I use the ruler to plan the size of the house and and get the exact dimensions. For the construction process, I could show how I added a little bit to the end of square object so I could fold them and glue it to the inside or outside of the other walls. Finally, I was able to show how I learned to create strips of paper and glue them to hold loose ends together on walls, or to hold object down.


2. How have you combined the Social Studies into your design?

I have combined social studies into my design by using primitive survival techniques such as catching rainwater. I have also used strategic designed and then used certain aspects of the land. For example, I used the down hill as to build the gutters on.


Day in the Life

For my Drama Project, I chose to make a Day in the Life Video. My day in the life video starts from the moment I woke up, to the moment I went to sleep. I chose not to add any dialogue to my video for flow reasons. I felt that with dialogue it was a lot more choppy. I also experimented with several different types of filming and editing techniques in my video. I am not implying that I am a pro, I was just having some fun with it.


I had two major challenges when creating my video:

  1. I initially stated recording my video when we were in Denver Colorado. We were skiing during the weekdays. I got about 2 days of recording in, and then the slopes were shut down for the season due to the Coronavirus. I couldn’t use any of the footage because it wasn’t a day in my life anymore. Since then we have been on the move. We arrived at our house in Colorado Springs on Sunday. This meant that I had to record and edit the video in 2 days.
  2. Another issue I had was airdrop. On monday I got all the recordings done. We went on a walk through the mountains, and my pants didn’t have any pockets, so I left my phone in the car. Because of this, my mom took some photos and videos for me. I spent 2 days trying to airdrop the photos, but it didn’t work. In the end I had to use the few photos my brother took.


What went well:

I was happy with some of the results from my recording and editing.

  1. I thought that the basketball shots were cool. There is definitely room for improvement, however, I think it’s a good first attempt.
  2. Some of the timelapses worked out a lot better than I was expecting. It made the video flow a whole lot smoother.
  3. The videos of me walking through the house worked out well because I felt like it was almost introducing the audience to my house.

Product Design- Chinese New Year Poster Design

In my product design class we created a door decoration for the ladies in the admissions office. Our door design has three cut out clouds, some fancy random blue designs, a yellow rat symbolizing the new zodiac, and a green 2020 at the bottom of the door decoration. When creating this design we had to keep in my the door’s window and handle. We also had to be cautious when putting the actual decoration on the door so that it didn’t rip and to make sure that it was applied so that we minimized the amount of wood showing.


Final Door Design


When creating our door design the biggest obstacle was cutting out the rat. As you can see, there are a lot of little cuts and edges that would be difficult to cut out without making one wrong cut and ruining the whole rat.

Our biggest success when creating our door design was the rat, even though it was difficult to cut out without ripping the whole thing, we still did it out and in the end it looked great.


Jake’s Door Design Proposal

The problem with my design was that it was incredibly difficult to cut out the dragon, with all the scales and small cuts, we tried to cut it out several times but we ended up ripping it.

The good part about my design is that we had cut out the clouds and we could use them for WIll’s design.


Will’s Door Design Proposal Inspiration here

In this design the rat was a lot easier to cut out simply because they weren’t scales covering the whole back. Even tough the tail was easy to accidentally rip, if we ripped it off we could easily glue it back on.

We felt like the clouds and line things were a good addition to the door design because they compliments the animal well.

If I did this project again i would probably have started trying to cut out the dragon a little sooner so that we would have time to make several in case it failed.


MIT App Inventor- Chinese Character Dictation Study Practice App

In my robotics and coding class we learned the basics of coding using blocks. Over the course of three weeks we learned how to code apps using block codes. I created an app that allows students studying Chinese to select phrases that they would like to memorize and then practice writing them in an easy and efficient way. There was a need for my app because students in my Chinese class were always complaining about how they didn’t have the materials needed to study for the test or that they didn’t know what to study for, by creating my app I have made it possible to both know what to study for and to study for the test almost anywhere. Now I will walk you through my app.


On page one there are 10 blocks that can be clicked on to select words. By clicking on the characters you would like to learn, you are adding the characters to a list that is defined by a variable since the list of characters are unknown until the characters are selected. After you have gone through and selected all 10 words you would like to study, you click the next button.

Here is a list of things that were difficult to figure out on page 1:

  1. I needed to figure out how to create a list that I could use on multiple screens. I realized that I would need to define the list as a variable so that I could get that variable since the list it not accessible on multiple screens unless I recreate it.
  2. I was initially trying to use “Button” as a selection option. Later realized that I would need to use a “List Picker” instead.
  3. That little two part function at the bottom of the ThingLink doesn’t seem important, however without it the list is not defined and therefore it can not be used, it took me multiple classes to realize this.


After clicking the next page button, you will be taken to page 2. On page 2 there is a “next character” button. After clicking the “next character” button, a random character will be selected from the list of characters chosen on the previous screen and displayed in the text box. Every time that the “next character” button is clicked, the next character will be chosen randomly and the previous character will be removed and added to another list that can be cycled upon finishing the entire first list.

Here is a list of things that were difficult to figure out on page 2:

  1. It took me multiple classes to figure out how cycle characters from the list of chosen words and then remove them from the list and add them to the new list once the “next character” button is clicked.
  2. It took my a while to figure out how to remove characters from one list and add them to another list once the “next character button is clicked. In the end, after getting help from Ms. Kim I figured it out. I needed to have something that could a new list with a new temporary variable each time the “next character” button is clicked and display it.


I used to think that coding was all text, now I understand that you can use block to learn the basics of coding.

I used to think that you needed to create the animations for your codes if you wanted to learn, now I know that if I just want to learn the basic I can find a website or application that can teach me with animations already made.

When creating my app I had to refer to the App Inventor YouTube channel for tutorials on how to create some of the things that I needed. However in some situations the tutorial wasn’t completely applicable to my project so I had to logically change it up a little to fit my app.

I would have liked my app have an option that allowed them to practice writing the characters’ english meaning, but I didn’t have enough time. However the overall functionality of my app ended up being pretty good, the main thing I needed it to do it can do and that is what important.

Phone case holder

First prototype measurements

First prototype design


The biggest success in creating my phone case was probably the design, the design turned out exactly like I wanted it to. The basketball players mouth wasn’t filled in, the legs didn’t overlap, and the height ended up working.


One thing I’d like to change is the bottom charging slot. When I added it into adobe illustrator, I made it the wrong color and so it only colored it in instead of cutting it out.



Overall, I think it was successful because in the end it works, and that what really matters. Although the bottom isn’t cut out the way I wanted, it doesn’t away from the visual aspect and it still works fine.

Lather and Nothing Else

What would you do if you held the fate of a terrible person was in your hands? . In the story “Later and Nothing else” by Hernando Terrez., The main character goes undercover and was supposed the kill the antagonist but ended up not doing it.

Throughout the story I think that the Narrator is a bad person because he keeps talking about how he has to kill the mysterious man. “I have never had him so close. The day he order the people to file through the schoolyard to look upon the four rebels hanging there, my path had crossed his briefly. But the sight of those mutilated bodies kept me from paying attention to the face of the man who had been directing it all and whom I now had in my hand” (Narrator 1). When he said this, I assumed he was going to kill the mysterious man who was characterized as bad by the text. I thought that this paragraph was implying that he had so much hate in his heart for this man he couldn’t wait to kill him, he was just waiting for the right time.


Towards the end of the story we find out that main character is actually a good person. When the Narrator said, “Torres did not know I was enemy. Neither he nor the others knew it. It was a secret shared by very few, just because that made it possible for me to inform the revolutionaries about Torres’s activities in the town and what he planned to do every time he went on one of his raids to hunt down rebels”, it directly tells us that the Narrator is a spy. So he might be doing it for a good reason. In the very end of the story, the Narrator ends up not slitting his throat due to his good heart. As the bad guy walks out the barber shop he says, “They told me you would kill. I came to found out it that was true. But it’s not easy to kill. I know what I’m talking about”, I feel like that was a very powerful WW (Words of the Wiser) because coming from a person who has killed many people, it means a lot. When the bad guy told the Narrator that killing is not easy, I think the Narrator realizes exactly how hard it is to take someone’s life, and will affect the way he lives his life and maybe he won’t be a spy anymore.

I feel like am similar to the narrator; I’m a good person. When my family and I moved from Texas to Stuttgart in Germany, I met another kid my age from Japan. Neither one of us had any friends in the beginning, he didn’t speak a word of English and I didn’t speak a word of Japanese. I felt bad for him because he couldn’t speak to anyone, so I taught him English and he taught me how to play soccer. I will never forget that friendship because I always look back at it and remember how I helped him out.

Product Design Food Refresher

My Biggest success was the door and overall idea, I though it would be hard to door that could stay closed and that would be able to open.

My biggest obstacle was the door, but after about an hour Poppy showed me a way to use duct tape to make a latch for the door.

Skills that I learned and/or developed was creativity, I think in order to create a futuristic product like mine, you have to have lots of creativity.

One thing i’d like to change is the size, because even though they aren’t made to scale, it’s a little small.

One concern that was shared with me was that my design might explode.

This product addresses the needs of my customer by having access to all the food he could want and have it cooked exactly how he wants.

The impact of this product will be the elimination of delivery fee.

Overall, my product was successful because I managed to make a box that would work if I had the needed technology.



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