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Geography and Design

How do the core concepts of Geography connect to your Project Shelter design work so far?

The core concepts of geography connect to my project because I have chosen how a poor living condition affects people’s health. I am focusing on patterns mainly density and distribution. I am going to try and be keeping the density of my living areas low, as well as trying to install methods of preventing diseases and precautions for fighting diseases.


In what ways will what learnt about Geography so far influence the way you design?

My house is mainly designed for people living in poverty. I have to keep in mind ways of reducing the price as much as possible. Possible ideas include using cheaper materials, building in areas that don’t have a high property value etc.

Shelter V2 Reflection

What will you do differently next time?

Content: Next time I will probably add more detail to my systems. For example, pipes to the water filtration system, furniture for the inside, and maybe plants inside the plantation dome.



Develop and Plan:

How did you develop multiple ideas? Would you do it again? Why/ Why not?

I developed many new ideas, such as, adding solar panels, food dome for growing plants, and filtering waste water to recycle. I will add all of those to my next design because I think those were the best ways to create renewable sources, cheaply and space efficiently.

What did you enjoy in the planning stage?

I enjoyed looking at different ways to renewably create food, water, and energy and thinking about how I could incorporate it into my design.

How will you better include concepts from responsible design in your next challenge?

I feel like I have already use many concepts from responsible design. None of my systems are bad for the environment and it’s all renewable.


Create and Refine:

What does your model show about you as a learner?

I feel like the renewability of my design shows my problem solving skills. I also feel like the uniqueness shows how I researched a lot for some of my systems

Survival Shelter V2

Two Goals I want to achieve from Survival Shelter V2:

  1. I want to do more in depth planning. My last design was lacking basic planning, I just kinda went with the flow. Even though the final project ended up being better I imagined, I feel like it could have been better if I planned it out more. With my Version 2 I am planning on having an in depth plan on exactly what I’m going to do so I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what to create during the creating process.
  2. In terms of the actual shelter, I plan on going more in depth this time. Ideally, I would like to work on the little details. For example, I want to have furniture on the inside of my house. Something I would like to add to my design is another new renewable food source. I decided to have a dome like room outside the house for growing fruits and vegetables.


Design Shelter V1

This is a short introduction to the first design of my Survival Shelter.


One thing I’d do differently:

Add more detail- Maybe I’d work on the furniture on the inside so I could have more detail in the overall design.


One thing I did well:

I think I incorporated Social Studies into my project well. I solved realistic problems that are applicable to a survival shelter.

Shelter V1 Reflection

What is is Shelter V1 Project?

Shelter V1 Project was a design project were we had to design a shelter that could withstand as many natural disasters as possible.

First, we planned out what we were going to do. From the large details such as the house, to the small details such as gutters and water food sources. Our material list was limited to only card paper, glue, and scissors. We were also allowed to use planning tools such as rulers and pencils.


  1. How is this first phase of the project providing evidence of your design skills?

I think the first phase is providing evidence because I was able to apply skills that I learned in the past to the planning and construction process. For example, I was able to show how I use the ruler to plan the size of the house and and get the exact dimensions. For the construction process, I could show how I added a little bit to the end of square object so I could fold them and glue it to the inside or outside of the other walls. Finally, I was able to show how I learned to create strips of paper and glue them to hold loose ends together on walls, or to hold object down.


2. How have you combined the Social Studies into your design?

I have combined social studies into my design by using primitive survival techniques such as catching rainwater. I have also used strategic designed and then used certain aspects of the land. For example, I used the down hill as to build the gutters on.


CASE Introduction

  1. Social studies is the study of people and their relation to each other and in relation to the world. Humanities are academic disciplines that study aspects of human society and culture.
  2. The only big design idea that I learned was that planning is very important. Without it you could be halfway through and forget to do something that should have been done in the beginning.
  3. I would assume that combining the two subjects is more realistic to real life. For example, solving problems based on past events is a real life skill.



I think playing disrupt was interesting because it made us really engage and think about ways to improve day-to-day objects. Although we didn’t get to play long, I feel like I got to fully experience the game and now I understand how it works for the most part. I look forward to playing this game again because I think it’s a good warm up for design class as it makes me think.

Fun Quarintine survival tips – Drama Video



For my drama project I have created a video on fun things do during quarantine.

Some challenges that I faced when creating my video included: lighting, effects, and backgrounds.

  1. The main problem I had when creating this video was getting the clips at the right time of day. It took several days to get the right clips and insure that it you could see everything.
  2. I had a problem finding a way to get a variety of effects to spice the video up, however it was a fun challenge. For example, the baking clips were a way that added effects without using to many longer videos.
  3. For the intro, each tip intro, and the conclusion. I found it very difficult to get a background that didn’t interfere with my face so I could speak clearly.


Some things that worked well includes: transitions, and keeping it short and to the point.

  1. I thought that for basketball and frisbee, I had good transitions, also the clips weren’t to long and I gave a short clip that was “clean” looking.


Next time I would make sure to:

  1. Include more tips in my video so that was more interesting.
  2. I would elaborate on some tips so that each tip is relatively the same length.
  3. Maybe include some health things such as cleansers or even masks.

The diary of an American colonist.

Many years later when Jake heard that the Treaty of Paris had been signed, we remembered back when he saw that poster in the streets of Boston. He had no idea just how much his life was about to change. From taxes, to battles, to peace treaties; by the time it was all over, Jake was a completely different man, living a completely different life.



American revolution was a major historical event that changed the course of history for years to come. However, there were still a lot of things that remained the same after the Treaty of Paris. For example, for hundreds of years to come, rich white men would be in charge. The reason for this is because the only people with right to vote were white men. This brings me to my seconds point. There were still a large human rights. Slaves were the reason white men became rich, they were all over the south. Slaves were a cheap way of getting hard work done. Additionally, women had little to no rights. They couldn’t vote, and they were mostly stuck at home taking care of the family. This would remain the same for years to come and it is still and issue, gradually getting better today.


Some might argue that the American revolution was pointless, the only result was America’s independence. However, I disagree. Even though there weren’t a lot of results immediately after, without America’s independence, who knows where we would be today. Even though there were not a lot of changes, there were a few big ones: Bill of rights was created, Direct representation, freedom of worship, and political power was in the hand of ordinary men.

Day in the Life

For my Drama Project, I chose to make a Day in the Life Video. My day in the life video starts from the moment I woke up, to the moment I went to sleep. I chose not to add any dialogue to my video for flow reasons. I felt that with dialogue it was a lot more choppy. I also experimented with several different types of filming and editing techniques in my video. I am not implying that I am a pro, I was just having some fun with it.


I had two major challenges when creating my video:

  1. I initially stated recording my video when we were in Denver Colorado. We were skiing during the weekdays. I got about 2 days of recording in, and then the slopes were shut down for the season due to the Coronavirus. I couldn’t use any of the footage because it wasn’t a day in my life anymore. Since then we have been on the move. We arrived at our house in Colorado Springs on Sunday. This meant that I had to record and edit the video in 2 days.
  2. Another issue I had was airdrop. On monday I got all the recordings done. We went on a walk through the mountains, and my pants didn’t have any pockets, so I left my phone in the car. Because of this, my mom took some photos and videos for me. I spent 2 days trying to airdrop the photos, but it didn’t work. In the end I had to use the few photos my brother took.


What went well:

I was happy with some of the results from my recording and editing.

  1. I thought that the basketball shots were cool. There is definitely room for improvement, however, I think it’s a good first attempt.
  2. Some of the timelapses worked out a lot better than I was expecting. It made the video flow a whole lot smoother.
  3. The videos of me walking through the house worked out well because I felt like it was almost introducing the audience to my house.

A brief history of the American Revolution


The American Revolution is arguably the most significant events in American History. It transformed America from a country of 13 colonies ruled by the British, to its own independent nation. After a series of events, several battles were fought, that resulted in the British and French army both surrendering to the American army. These events and battles shaped America into the country that it is today.


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