1. Abstract photography could change others’ interest in art, giving a different feeling or an emotion that could impact create an impacted towards the person. What is pictorialism, pictorialism is a form of style and artistic movement that dominated the photography during the 19th century and early 20th century Pictorialism is base like a painting, a 19th feeling and a wide variation of imagery and details. Albert Renger-Pietzsch, in the year 1922, Mr Renger, is a german photographer, born on June 22 1897, in Wamel Dorf in West Germany. He served in World war 1, studied chemistry at Dresden Technical College. In 1920 he became a director of the picture archive at the Folkwag publishing house in Hagen.Sources for Mr Renger(:https://www.Britannica.com/biography/Albert-Renger-Patzsch )

I think Mr Rengers images are based on buildings and structure, and nature. I think Mr Rengers preferred idea would be based on his surroundings. His book features previous images taken from 1922 to 1928, all collected and put in a book like a gallery, showing multiple patterns and beauty in a natural man-made alike.