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Paul Strand

List 3 things the photographer might have been interested in capturing in this picture?
* I think the artist mainly focuses on using thin shadows which creates a wide variate of different emotions, and a very solid atmosphere, to feel calm and relaxed.
If you were the photographer, what title would you give it? Explain why.
* If I was the photographer, I would call it: “ Hiding From the Light ”, the reason why I call it “ Hiding From the Light” because, when you look at the image you could see the wooden fence blending shooting out some-parts of light, which indicates sunlight being blocked by the fence and manifesting a pattern which seems unusual and, abstracted.
Name one thing you think is unusual about the photograph.
*I guess it would be the object that the photographer is taking, but mostly his audience would focus on the pattern instead of what object he’s taking.
Describe the use of line, shape, pattern, texture, tone and focus
What do you think is the best thing about this photograph?
I could give 3 reasons why about the photograph, and that would be the pattern itself, the lines are sharp, thin, abstract. The second would be the atmosphere, the setting seems very peaceful and addictive, the pattern itself makes is much more satisfying to look at for ages, and contains smoothness.

– Pattern
The pattern, I don’t see a lot of repetition, but is focused more on the tone. For the pattern, it shows lines, which reflects by the sun.

– Texture
For its texture, would feel like sandpaper but it’s being warmed by the sun.

– Tone
As for the tone, is taken in the afternoon, which the sun is going down, it’s light reflected towards the wooden fence, creating a shadow-like pattern.
– Focus


Photo Safari

For every image, I tried using house resources to recreate all 12 images, and it was a success. Regularly I used stationary equipment to recreate the drawings.

Jan 19th

  1. Abstract photography could change others’ interest in art, giving a different feeling or an emotion that could impact create an impacted towards the person. What is pictorialism, pictorialism is a form of style and artistic movement that dominated the photography during the 19th century and early 20th century Pictorialism is base like a painting, a 19th feeling and a wide variation of imagery and details. Albert Renger-Pietzsch, in the year 1922, Mr Renger, is a german photographer, born on June 22 1897, in Wamel Dorf in West Germany. He served in World war 1, studied chemistry at Dresden Technical College. In 1920 he became a director of the picture archive at the Folkwag publishing house in Hagen.Sources for Mr Renger(:https://www.Britannica.com/biography/Albert-Renger-Patzsch )

I think Mr Rengers images are based on buildings and structure, and nature. I think Mr Rengers preferred idea would be based on his surroundings. His book features previous images taken from 1922 to 1928, all collected and put in a book like a gallery, showing multiple patterns and beauty in a natural man-made alike.  


Story -Stephen E. Ambrose

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Pages read; 56

The start off with a soldier telling his painful and hard-fought story in World War 2 D-Day 1944/6/6 in France Normandy. Starting from then on the writer explains a Frist Person POV story giving a good explanation of his experience in Normandy. This book has is not PG it tells graphic detailed experience and very good description, also a lot of racist slurs, etc;

-If you want to know more then read this book : )

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