Prodigy Book Relfection

Prodigy is the second book in the Legend trilogy. After June, the Republic’s child prodigy broke Day out of his prison for a crime he didn’t commit, they are on the run and are forced to join with the patriots, a rebel group trying to bring the Colonies and the Republic together. But not everything is what it seems, June and Day are instantly spiralled into the world of espionage, conspiracy, and politics.

Prodigy was a pretty dry read for me. Its plot is incredible, but it lacked the energy that propelled Legend into what it is. I am currently reading Champion, the third and final book of the trilogy, and it is an absolute page-turner. I would never recommend this book as itself to anybody, but it will be well worth your time to read through the Legend series.

To Prognosticate… – Response

When I was looking through ISB’s Art Gallery, this picture really stuck out to me because of how cleverly and clearly the author conveyed the message of plastic waste in the ocean.

In this magazine named Vegan, which I found as an interesting title, there is a person preparing to eat a plastic duck as a dish in the year 2050. The plastic duck was a great choice because of how iconic it is, and how easily it shows the message.

It is a very simple design and layout but it conveys a very powerful message.

Legend Book Reflection

June is a child prodigy with the best Trial Score in the Republic. Day is a famished teenager who failed the Trials and plunged into poverty. Could one shocking truth turn their lives upside-down?

Legend by Marie Lu is one of the best dystopian page-turners that I have ever read. If you love Dystopian Sci-Fi, and you want more of it, I’m telling you right here. Marie Lu is the future of Dystopian Sci-Fi. Whether that’s her Legend series or her ongoing Warcross series, Lu has continuously brought out thrilling and entertaining books that are a must-read.

One of the reasons why Legend is such an amazing book is the nature of its storytelling: there won’t be a page where something new or exciting happens and the pages just turn for themselves.

With Lu’s masterful writing, Legend excels where a lot of Dystopian Sci-fi books fail is how easy the reader get hooked into the book and understands it. It is easy for Sci-Fi books to lose their reader in a complicated plot or details, but Legend didn’t just survive the wave, it surfed the wave. Every single detail was precisely written to contribute to the plot in some form, whether that is symbolism, character development, or something else.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a fantastic read.


Legend is part of the Legend trilogy, which order is Legend, Prodigy, and Champion.

Robin Hood – Off Balance: Response

5 things that stood out to me:

  1. Everything was happening in a tiny rectangle
  2. They were changing characters and scenes seamlessly
  3. They make their own sound effects
  4. They faced the audience while seeming like they faced each other
  5. They sometimes used their fingers to describe what’s happening

I think these five things stood out to me the most because of how creative and well they executed them.

When the messenger was trying to talk to the corrupt king/sheriff, they used two fingers to show the messenger trying to reach the king up the hill. They did this by having everybody turn their back to the audience and create a spiral hill while the one other person is using two of their fingers to show the messenger running up the hill. Everybody then uses their arm and hand to create an arrow to direct the audience’s attention to the spiral hill and the messenger. When their backs are turned, they would create sound effects and shouting lines.

It was really amazing seeing how well-rehearsed and creative Off Balance were as they transitioned perfectly from one scene to another. I think our Physical Theatre class could really use their technique of playing multiple characters especially for bigger projects since we have such a small group. I think their technique of facing the audience when in the story they are facing each other works great in dialogue stories because of this common problem where the audience cannot see the actor’s complete facial expression due to the characters facing each other.

Physical Theatre Process Journal Jan 26th

Today was the first time I had Physical Theatre as an online class and it was an interesting experience. The main exercise that we did was using a neutral mask, create some kind of relationship with an object. I picked my headphones and I was going for a funny relationship at first by using the headphones as anything other than headphones.  I didn’t execute it as well as I would’ve liked to, but I think it was really helpful because I always had a plan in my head. I realized that when acting as another character, it is so important to put yourself in the shoe of your character. A lot of my best moments today came from when I acted not like me, Jonathan, but as my character. Going forward, I think it would be cool to have some other interaction with my headphones (reunion, etc.). I would also like to keep this idea of my character’s “ignorance” to this new world. I think that was a great touch and got some laughs.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Book Reflection

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie, is a book about an American Indian teenager called Junior who grew up on a hope-drained reservation.  The book takes us on a journey with Junior and his desire to fly bigger and higher. He escapes from the Reservation and goes to a white school in a nearby town.  He wasn’t accepted as an Indian in an Indian school, so how will he be accepted as an Indian in a white school?

The book seems quite lengthy but is an absolute page-turner, I finished it in just one day.   I would recommend this hilarious but deep book to anyone who wants a good read.  As I was reading The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, something that stuck out to me was the book’s brutally and hilariously honest stories.  Through these stories and Alexie’s masterful writing, I feel so connected and integrated into this journey.

A reoccurring theme in this book was the idea of hope, and Alexie used a metaphor and described everybody when they are born as a bright shining star.  In the reservation, everybody’s shine dims, until there is no spark.  If they don’t actually die, their spirit and dreams die.  Alexie uses this language to show what sets Junior apart, he has a shine and it won’t be killed by the dreamless, hopeless reservation.

Drama Project Vlog

March Drama Meme Project




Napoleon-Hero or Villain?

My first example is that he was a great commander, which can be proven through his successful wars and battles, like the Battle of Austerlitz, which makes him a hero, because he is widely respected and known as one of the greatest commanders in history. My second example is that he became a general at the age of 24, which is also something that people respect him for. My third example is that he made the Civil Code, also known as the Napoleonic Code, which has benefited France to this date.

New Year is Coming!


My biggest obstacle was probably forgetting to cut out an area for the door handle, me and Alex didn’t realize until the installation day. But luckily, we had extra time, so was able to install in time.

My biggest success I think, was probably the 新年快乐words on the door, which i think looked really nice. The reason why I think my 新年快乐 is very successful is because not only is it in a very traditional font, but it also looks fits really well with the red paper background.

One thing I’d like to change is the 2020 on the door, though the imperfection isn’t that noticeable, it is still a little lopsided so I would have liked to fix the 2020.


Overall I think that this door design was pretty successful because it represented the Chinese new year spirit, and (I think) is very eye catching. I feel like the color and font was very appropriate because red and yellow are often the colors that represent China’s tradition, and the font is 繁体字 which is the font that ancient China used.



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