Book Reflection: The Giver by Lois Lowry

During the two weeks long vacation, I have finished reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. My general opinion about the book is that my favorite genre of a book is a dystopian book. Throughout the year, I have read five fiction as part of my independent reading. In fact, The Giver is the most impressive book because the plot and the setting of The Giver were so interesting that I rather decided to read the book than play games.  However, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian has the most creative and unique way of conveying messages because there were several slangs, which are hardly used in a book. However, because of my impression, The Giver would be the most useful book when I write a literary essay. Lastly, I have been reading THE BALLAD OF SONGBIRDS AND SNAKE

Book reflection- The curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon



I have been reading a book, titled the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon. I have read up to chapter 193. Moreover, the all chapters of the book are prime number, which is not normal. In addition to the chapters, the book has dramatic changes of a plot. When the protagonist found Wellington was dead, I believe Mr. Shears killed him. However, I turned out his father to be the killer. Because of the uniqueness, I recommend the book. However, some people would not like it because sometimes stories that seem irrelevant to the topic is mentioned. Furthermore, the book is not formal. I could find some slangs and abbreviations. The theme that of the story is ‘protect yourself from hazards in unfamiliar situation’ since all of his actions were related to his safety from something unfamiliar such as bring Swiss Army knife his pocket. From the them I could realize that the author’s message throughout the whole book is ‘although people believe what they know is all, there are more secrets that they are unaware of’ because the death of Wellington and Christopher’s mother’s death were literally out of his predictions.

Asia and the world- How do we know what we know presentation

Asia and the world final presentation- Joshua Kang

My compelling question is ‘How did government policies contribute to maintaining the stable mental health of citizens even with a limitation of in person socialization?’

Audio and citation are attached to the slides. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Book Reflection : The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Few weeks ago, one of my teachers gave me a book named, ‘The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.’ At first, I was confused because of the title, ‘…Part-Time Indian’. Moreover, I honestly did not find myself interested in the book. However, the fact that the book is ‘NATIONAL BOOK AWARD WINNER’ caused me to read the book. During the reading time at school and home, I finished reading the book. The interesting thing was that I did enjoy reading the book. The main reason that I found the book interesting is because of the plot. The book is about a teenager Indian, Junior. The general plot was about how did Junior adapt at his new white school with his emotions to others. Junior faced hardships, however, he never gave up, and try to resolve it. Surprisingly, Junior is in a parallel situation with me in last year. As a result, I could sympathize with his story as well. Also, from his actions, I could predict that Junior will try endlessly to deal with problems. In general, the book taught me a meaningful lesson. It was that we can achieve anything if we are scared of failing. Additionally, I will be trying to accomplish what I want even with the possibility of failure. Lastly, I have a question to the author. In this book, I spotted a great deal of slangs. Although the slangs definitely helped to me sympathize with Junior, some of them are inappropriate for books in general. Thus, I would like to ask the author why he used numerous inappropriate slangs.

Joshua’s invention for Jiyun

Hello, I am Joshua Kang. And We had a design challenge. It was making ‘invention’ for my partner(Jiyun Jung). The purpose of this challenge is to solve the problem of the partner’s favorite food.

9" x 5" x 3" White Take Out Lunch Box / Chicken Box - 250/Case


Her favorite food was ‘chicken’. The problem was when she orders chicken, sometimes chicken become ‘COLD’ by the box. And it makes the chicken, not ‘delicious’. So I made an invention to solve her problem. It’s making a box that is made of silicon for carrying the chicken. Chicken’s problem happens because the box for chicken can’t maintain the temperature. Also, it affects by weather. Besides, they use foil which is harmful to our body. So I change the material to silicon. First of all, it can solve the chicken’s problem completely. It can maintain the temperature well, as they don’t spread their heat to outside. Also, it won’t make them hard to grab, because it is not hot. By adding a slider, it can minimize the amount of air that goes outside. And it’s strong and durable, which makes the chicken not effect to weather. Also, it’s totally ‘ safe’ to the human body, so they don’t have to use ‘harmful’ foil. Surprisingly, there are more benefits of using silicon for chicken boxes!!!

< My prototype!>


How to get ideas…

  • I used a mind map to deduct information.
  • I used books to find the fittest material for the box.
  • I searched about an invention technique

Additional idea…

  • If I make 2 different sizes of the silicon chicken box, it will be beneficial. By using 2 silicon chicken boxes, they can keep the temperature far better. Also, they can carry more chicken. Because it won’t be cold. And because of it, they will pay less oil prices.



  • The thing that she wanted was keeping the temperature. So I find the material, silicon, for it. And I notated some key points of my invention there. Also, I drew the various point of view to make others can see it well.

Making a prototype!!!

  • My invention is made of silicon. So I couldn’t go outside, so I decided to make using paper. It took quite a long time. The hardest part was making 2 sliders. Actually, I am not good at making… So I had to make it several times. And I used scissors, scotch tape, papers and color pans. I think if I used a real slider, it would look more closely to model(But I didn’t have it).

How to make it? (If you need.. quite simple..)

  1. Cut the paper for the chicken box.
  2. And I colored the papers.
  3. Using the scotch tape to fix it.
  4. Make the sliders. ( It’s up to you~ You can make it look different with me! )
  5. Glue it to the top and the front of the prototype.
  6. FINISH!!!!!


Tips for making/preparing a prototype.

  • Drawing model specifically, helps you to make the model accurately.
  • If you notating the part that is complicated, it will help you not to make the model several times.
  • I recommend you prepare various materials as many as you can. Because it will help you make the prototype easily. (I prepared the A4 papers, but it was too thin to make a prototype…)
  • Brainstorming is an efficient way to make a better model. So I recommend this way strongly!!!
  • Search an invention technique. It’s quite simple, but it will give you many ways to get ideas and make a prototype.




-My biggest success was found the silicon for the chicken box. I think it is the best material for it, as it can totally solve all problems.


– My biggest obstacle was making a prototype. Actually, I can’t make something well. After I made something, it always looked very weird… Also, I didn’t have fit materials for it. But luckily, I think I made it pretty well.


– The skills that I developed were gathering ideas and making a prototype.


– One thing I’d like to change is the material(paper). Because it was hard to make. And it’s too thin to keep this invention. So I would find more thick material to replace the papers.


– Overall, I think this product was successful because I think it might be used for carrying chickens in the future…? Also, I did enjoy making this invention. So it was successful for me!


– One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is ‘gather information as many as you can’. Because more information you have, more high-quality invention will be made.



Jiyun’s final feedback

  • She likes my invention’s detail and clarity. Also the coloring my invention













When you feel confused, find your ego, then the world looks different

This is our project ‘ Writing Journal of French Revolution’. The French revolution is generally known as very a important and successful revolution. So below, here is my journal. Its point of view is a servant of noble. And it would be a unique point of view which will make you enjoy reading this book. And my book includes important events that happened during the revolution.  I hope that if you read my book, You realized why ‘civic consciousness’ and ‘ego’ is important in the ‘past’. Thanks!

*French revolution happened during 1789-1799. But I wrote 1789-1794. Because all events I’ve chosen  happened during 1789-1794

My character’s name is Enzo Dubois. When he walked on the street, people glanced at him.  His tall height and red hair attracted people. Mainly he always smiled and sometimes acted like an idiot. And sometimes it had others to think him as a weird person. He didn’t know why revolution is important. But after met Lucy, he realized why revolution is important and he had to join

I think the French revolution is successful. Revolutionaries had a developed civic consciousness. It means an ability that recognize what’s wrong and right in society Having civic consciousness is hard.  Because at that time most leaders wanted their nation to be obeyed. So some people just obeyed them. And they used it gathering people for the revolution. And based on it, they made results that were hard to make. And they fought to get what they want. Like to be free, equal. I think this aspect is similar to the present thought. Also, it was the most possible revolution to make the world what they wanted and they acted similar to modern thought, So I think the French revolution is a successful revolution

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” Let them eat cake”-Marie Antoinette

team: Joshua Kang, Andrew Park, Jiyun Jung

“Let them eat cake”

Image result for french revolution bread


This is the word of Marie Antoinette who was queen of France. She said that when she heard poor people couldn’t eat bread. We all know that they couldn’t eat bread because they didn’t afford to buy it. But according to her word, you must find that she completely didn’t know about the poor’s life. But the important thing is the king didn’t know about the poor’s life too. Both weren’t appropriate people as a leader. They didn’t work hard about running France. And they spent a lot of money and it caused France to had a dept. We can’t figure out this word is whether right or not. But the point is that they were irresponsible as a leader. And as a result of their luxurious and irresponsible ‘French Revolution’ happened. 

And below this paragraph, it’s the introduction video made by us. It’s about one of the most famous revolutions in the past, the French revolution which was happened by the king and queen.  and it talks about the turning point of the French revolution. I hope that you enjoy this video and find why this revolution is important and valuable in history.  


Villain or Hero- Robespierre

1.He was important people during French revolution. he led third estate well. Third estate didn’t like government because they didn’t run the country well and spent too much money for themselves. And they needed leader like Lenin people who can make revolution success and lead them well. Actually, Robespierre was totally different people with Lenin. After succeed the revolution, he started to do autocracy, but without him we can’t say they could success the revolution.


2.I think the villain is the people who use their power negatively which means do the dictatorship. And Robespierre is the appropriate person who called villain. He abused his power to get more power. He killed a lot of people. kill people is terrible thing even if there are reason for it whether reason is right or not. But he killed people who didn’t like him and who didn’t passionate about revolution. one of the goals of revolution was to be independent from country, which means to be free. But he did things against their basic purpose. He blocked people to be free by killed and made rules. and also, there were unfair rules to control people, as a leader he had to remove it, but he used it to put people who against him and innocent people in the prison. these action shows us that he abused his power which is villain. Additionally, he might find his fault, but he didn’t apologize and admit his fault which means he was not only a villain but also irresponsible leader.

Russia revolution video(2 says after Lenin died) assignment #3

My character’s name is Alexy. He is just a poor factory-worker also people who joined Red. He is affected by Lenin’s death seriously. He really wanted to escape from a lack of food and an unfair deal. He hoped that Tsar was going to solve it. But it’s just his imagination. Tsar didn’t care about the poor. And he was disappointed about his country and life. and at that time Lenin came. And he was impressed with him. He joined his side and did revolutions with him. Even if his promise didn’t keep well, as he is the person who tried to make peasant’s life better, he respects him very much. So he was so sad because of Lenin’s death.

I think revolutions that happened in Russia are a valuable thing to do. I think that there are not changed many things. maybe it caused some trouble. But even if it didn’t change many things, their attempt was great. Because they had to do it… So Russia’s most nations are poor. They didn’t eat food enough and they try hard to be rich but they were short of weekly pay. And mainly Tsar was the matter. He and his wife really didn’t care about the nation’s pain. They were not capable to be a leader of one country. They just tried to show their power by gaining wars. They battle with many countries and it caused food shortage and economic loss which means it made poor people more suffer. But he kept doing what he wanted to do. so poor people’s life was too miserable. If they didn’t do the revolution, most of the poor were going to Follow Tsar and die in pain without any rebellion. So I think the Russia revolution is valuable.g

Resolution( new one) :”Hate” by Alan Gibbons- Making collage










I read the ‘hate’ by Alan Gibbons. Basically, this book about the hate’s effect. Main character Eve lost her sister by thug. And when she was insulted by them Anthony was there too. but he escapes from it. And moved the same school with Eve. She missed her sister very much and her yearning getting bigger and the yearning turn to hate. It made her crazy. She obsessed about her death and this obsession made Eve to blame and harass Anthony. and he blame himself too and it made him painful. Both of them were too tired. and time passed they understand each other and forgive each other.

The college represents an important word. And it is about the important things that happened in the story.

The first picture is death. Eve’s sister, Rosie died. They were good sister. And her death made her shocked. for example,’ so this was horror, the numbness, the ridiculous descent into the minutest of details, the grim routines of A&E’ on page 168. she was sad and she blamed the God why took her sister too early. And this thought made her think about the people who related with her death. And after it her hate to associated people began to grow getting bigger and bigger.

The second picture is ‘hate’. It made Anthony and Eve struggled and painful. People who hated by Eve, Anthony struggled. her hate made her bullying Anthony for example “Eve’s arm swung from left to right and sprayed a slash across Anthony’s white T-shirts. In spite of MR. Hudson’s best efforts, she twisted, the red gluey liquid spattering his face and shoulders right to left so that there was a bloody cross marking him” on page 150. She ruined his performance and he was sad. he had 1 friend but because of bullying their friendship getting worse. Also bullying made blame himself about Rosie’s death. And he became miserable and isolated. And who hates someone, Eve suffered by her hate. Her hate was endless. She always trying to make Anthony sad even if she knew that she was tired of herself and lose herself.

Third picture is representing the obsession. Eve and her mother obsess about Rosie for example, ‘thoughts come swarming like wasps, leaving their poison burning in your flesh. When you lose a sister, it is not an end, but the beginning of your understanding of her’ on page 86.and because of obsession about her they changed. They regret about not treated her well. And love and sorry made them try to punish people who related with Rosie’s death somehow. And Eve and Eve’s mother became too inconsiderate to all people especially Anthony and gave up their life for Rosie’s unlucky life.

The fourth picture represent the forgiveness. Anthony and Eve they had a hard time because of each other. (spoiler alert) And Anthony saved Oli who is brother of Eve’s friend Jess from the thug. He showed his courage to save him. For example, Anthony said “Oli run!” on page 221 and he can escape from Connor. Eve felt that he changed. if the same situation happens again which means Rosie is dangerous, she realizes that he won’t escape from her side, he will be trying to save her. and it made her hate gone. And she forgave Anthony. and both of them started to find their own life.

The fifth picture represent happy memory. There is just little part of a happy memory, but I think it important because it gave hope to Anthony and Eve. They knew in the old days that their situation and their appearance were different in the present. for example, Anthony said “I was happy way I was” on page 91. they were happy and joyful. And based on their memory it made them endure for their situation and made them thought we can escape from desperate life.

The sixth picture represents the family. Because of Rosie’s death made Eve’s family destroyed. All of them were sad. And Eve and Eve’s mom changed because of hate. But the father didn’t. he was very shocked, and he was scared to remember about her dead and doesn’t want to face it. For example,” he waded through horror and he refused to return it” on page 181. and they didn’t understand each other. Finally, they got a divorce.