Horror Short Film – Beat Sheet (Day 10 to 13)

ACT 1: The Set-up 

Introduce protagonist, hook the reader, and setup First Plot Point (foreshadowing, establishing stakes); major goal is establishing empathy (not necessarily likability) for the protagonist.

Beat  Situation  Description  Our film 
Beat 1  The situation    A nice city park on a cloudy day. Protagonist is sitting on a bench reading in a park, very calm and beautiful scene, wide shot. She looks at her watch, closes her book, and stands up. 
Beat 2  The set-up    Walking down the park path, a 14–15-year-old girl notices a shiny, beautiful necklace left on the ground.  
Beat 3  Inciting-incident    The necklace twitches a bit, and the girl gets a little startled. However, she shrugs it off and still picks it up.  
Beat 4  First plot-point    She shoves the necklace in her pocket, and heads back to her house.  


ACT 2: The Response 

The protagonist’s reaction to the new goal/stakes/obstacles revealed by the First Plot Point; the protagonist doesn’t need to be heroic yet (retreats/regroups/doomed attempts/reminders of antagonistic forces at work). Our protagonist often suffers from “one step forward and two steps back”.

Beat  Situation  Description  Our film 
Beat 5  First Pinch Point    After entering her house, the girl takes off her jacket and walks over towards the mirror. She takes the necklace out from her pocket and tries it on in front of the mirror, admiring it in the reflection. 
Beat 6  Mid-Point    The girl goes on with her life, grabbing her computer and coffee and sits down at her dinner table. She doesn’t have a clue that things are beginning to escalate. 
Beat 7  Second Pinch Point    The necklace visibly tightens on her neck. She feels it on her neck and instinctively scratches it, not paying much mind. Suddenly, the necklace tightens a lot to make her gasp for air. 
Beat 8  All is lost    She runs back in front of her mirror to try and take it off. Her efforts of struggling to release the necklace failed and her knees collapses and hits the ground while she holds her neck with both hands. 


ACT 3: The Resolution 

The protagonist summons the courage to overcome inner obstacles and to try to conquer the antagonistic force. There is a final injection of new information into the story. The protagonist’s quest is accelerated.

Beat  Situation  Description  Our film 
Beat 9  Climax    The girl suddenly gets an idea, she forcefully yanks out the drawer under the mirror and takes out a pair of tweezers. She quickly cuts the necklace loose from her neck and lets out a sigh of relief. 
Beat 10  Finale    Screen cuts to her awaking from her bed, making the previous events seem like a nightmare. The audience will see that the necklace is still on her as she makes a horrible sound. 

The screen blacks out (assuming that she is dying from suffocation.) 


Horror Short Film – Planning (Day 7 to 10)

The Price 



young woman who takes home a necklace which she found on the ground, faces some unorthodox consequences, some even deadly.   


Main Idea: 

If you take something that does not belong to you, be prepared for the consequences to catch you by the neck.  



  • Unnamed Protagonist (young woman)


Possible unfortunate Events: 

  • Gets call that loved one died
  • Electricity goes out
  • Necklace gets tighter 



The Protagonist walks home after a long day, and spots a shiny, beautiful, expensive looking piece of Jewlery on the ground. She bends down and picks it up, admiring the necklace, deciding what to do with it. She cautiously looks around, and quickly stuffs it in her jacket pocketand walks home. After taking off her jacket and carefully taking out the necklace, she goes in front of a mirror, putting the shiny necklace on. She admires herself with the necklace on, smiling.

Horror Short Film – Pitch (Day 2 to 6)

Original Version 1:

Planning Document

Prompt: A girl goes missing. Fifteen years later her parents get a call from her older self. But they listen in fear because they left their daughter for dead that dark night years ago.

Story: One quiet Saturday evening, Ella and John sat comfortably while watching the tvjust like any other night. They are about to fall asleep on the couch when suddenly, the phone rings.  Ella casually walks to the counter, picking up the receiver and tilts her head“Hello?”


Original Version 2:

G – Horror Short Film Pitch

(Please turn on sound to hear voiceover)



The Price – Horror Short Film Plan

Logline: A teenage girl who takes home a necklace which she found on the ground faces some unorthodox consequences, some even deadly.

Concept/Moral: If you take home something that does not belong to you knowing that it is wrong, be prepared for the consequences to catch you by the neck. It is not important what the Protagonist’s name is, the story and message are.

Synopsis: The Protagonist walks home after a long day, and spots a shiny, beautiful, expensive looking piece of jewelry on the ground. She bends down and picks it up, admiring the necklace, deciding what to do with it. She cautiously looks around, and quickly stuffs it in her jacket pocket, walking away. The camera follows her home, taking off her jacket and carefully taking out the necklace, and going in front of a mirror, putting it on. She admires herself with the necklace on in the mirror, smiling.


  • Protagonist

Horror Short Film – Deliverables (Day 1)



Sound: Joyce 

Learn how to use boom pole 

Learn how to use field recorder? 

Practice recording sounds 


Lighting: Joyce 

Observe composition of house (in terms of plugs, outlets, etc) 

Plan set up of lighting in the house 

Practice using lights for desired effects 


Camera: Rebecca 

Observe composition of house (in terms of plugs, outlets, etc) 

Plan set up of lighting in the house 

Practice using lights for desired effects 


Editing: Rebecca 

Learn how to color correct on Premier 

Learn how to match sound and clips together 

Learn how to adjust sound levels  


Shot Design: Jasmine  

Determine the shot sizes and framing for the film 

Determine appropriate white balance 

Create storyboard 


Script: All 


Storyboard: Joyce 


Costume: All 


Casting: Jasmine 



Book Reflection: Perfume

Progress: Page 139

What has changed or developed in your novel since your last reflection? Is it as you expected?

Since my last reflection, the book introduced the story of a new character in the story, Baldini. He was a dying perfumer and glover living on a bridge of the popular “shopping area” in the 17th century Paris. Overrun by Pélissier, a new and inexperienced perfumer who used to be a vinegar mixer who made a new and popular scent. Soon Baldini met Grenouille who helped him regain his popularity by helping him create new scents behind the scenes. However, soon, Grenouille fell sick because he wanted to distill non-distillable objects into liquids and just as he was about to die, Baldini told him that there were ways to do so. Then, Grenouille proceeded to continue his journey to fine those ways outside of Paris. He lived in a tree for 7 years and later arrives in a different town/city and a famous inventor there notices him. He transformed Grenouille into a “proper” human being in exchange for using him in his experiments.

What have you noticed about the author’s use of language and structure? What techniques did you recognize?

The author rarely ever uses dialogue in this novel, most events are described through thoughts and actions.

What themes have you noticed so far?

So far, I have noticed that whoever gets close to Grenouille dies in a sudden way soon after they part.

What is your interpretation of the author’s message?

I think that the author is trying to tell the readers through Grenouille’s story to keep pursuing your goals no matter at whatever costs it may have.

The Cuban Revolution Common-Craft Video

The Cuban Revolution in Plain English

Watch this video on the Cuban Revolution in 6 minutes. The Cuban Revolution lasted from 1953 to 1959 (around 5 1/2 years) through a series of planning and rebellion. This video is made with many drawn cutouts in compilation with a voiceover.


Music Citations:

BGM (Ghibli animation/film theme song from Spirited Away (Piano))

Up-beat ending music (The Promised Neverland op: Touch Off (Instrumental))

PE Mental Health Unit Summative Assessment

A) Describe how you feel and act when your mental health is thriving in the Green Zone. (Don’t just say ‘normal’ – what does that look like? What does it feel like?)

When my mental health is in the “green zone,” I feel refreshed and stress-free. For example, when I am playing/practicing basketball (under normal conditions,) I would feel myself being focused on doing that instead of anything else that my be stressful for me.

B) What are some tech habits and strategies that are keeping you thriving in the Green Zone? Describe them in detail. Also include people who help you with this. How else does using technology have a positive effect on your well-being?

A tech strategy I use to limit the time I spend on my technologies and homework is to take a break one in a while after I finish each subject. I also time myself to make sure I finish my work faster so I can use my free time on other things. My parents helped me come up with the timing habit and it is woking pretty effectively so far. Using tech can have a positive effect on someone’s well-being by giving them something to enjoy (gaming, television shows, etc.) It also helps make life easier, for example calling a taxi, ordering food, or looking up a location.

C) Think about your tech use and habits (social media and/or gaming and/or E-learning). What are the triggers/challenges that take you out of thriving in the Green Zone and into the unsettled/struggling feelings of the Yellow/Orange Zones? Use what you know about the brain, sleep and the effects of tech on mental health as you answer this question.

When I have a lot of incomplete homework it gets stressful and I procrastinate last-second top get my work done. When I’m gaming or using social media, I sometimes lose track of my time and end up spending too much time gaming or on social media. These things may effect my sleep as I have to finish my work late at night and sleep even later.

D) Describe how you feel and act when you are unsettled or struggling in the Yellow/Orange Zones.

I would feel undermined to finish my work and may get distracted by other thing. I would also often zone-out and waste my time not doing anything.

E) What are some strategies that you have used to help you get back to the Green Zone? Describe a time when you have used it. Or, if you currently don’t have any strategies, think about the Mindfulness strategies from the previous post. Describe a time when you could have used one of those strategies or habits and how it would have made you feel. Also include people who could help you with this.

The strategy I use to help me get back to the “green zone” is to take a break and look out my window once in a while. It helps me refocus when I get back to work and calm down a little. I was doing my math homework this one time and I kept on rushing and answering questions incorrectly; when I took a break and refocused, I happened to finish all the questions correctly in one go.