The Circular Economy Introduction

1,What idea in the CE resonated with you? Why?

The circular economy uses the idea of reuse, reduce and recycle to minimize waste and trash in order to create a “green” environment for the earth, for our project, it is the same thing, we also need to use existing objects that are no longer in use and design them into objects and products that are useful to the audience/enduser. In my opinion, the concept of circular economy relates to our MCC project and can help with our design cycle.

2, How has today’s lesson on the CE changed your mind or understanding about something

Today’s lesson has changed my mind in the design cycle. Originally, I thought the products that are no longer in use usually get destroyed or being thrown out to trash piles, however, with today’s learning, I discovered that circular economy is the process of reusing products and materials using the principles of designing waste and pollution, this really creates a good impact for the environment and therefore increases the recycle chances and durability of objects.

3, Why is the CE being taught in this subject? What impact will it have on your learning?

The circular economy is taught in the CASE subject mainly because we can use the concept of the CE and incorporate this solution into our making of the end-product, using recyclable materials and waste, we can create these things into useful and eco-friendly products that benefit our audience.


Book Reflection #2

Task 2: Another book reflection!

Based on all the independent reading books/titles you have read this year, if you were to chose one to write your end of year essay on, which one would it be, and why? Explain in details why this book stands out the most. What themes does it highlight? what moral lesson(s) does it give the reader?


I think I would choose either bird box or the hate u give. Bird box really talks about mental health awareness and conveys this important theme in the modern society with a interesting and adventurous story. The story is detailed and sophisticated, with beautiful language and literary techniques used through the whole book. On the other hand, the hate U give really talks about discrimination and racism, and raising awareness about color and identity. It teaches us the moral of No matter what is going wrong, never stop doing right. Also that everyone’s voice matters, so we should say it out loud when the time is appropriate.

Book Reflection #1

Task 1: Book Reflection

On your current reading book. What strikes you the most about the story? How does the author use language to make meaning of his/her message?

The book I am currently reading is Bird box by Josh Malerman, it is a horror/adventure novel that portraits the story of a young mother and his two kids fighting for survival. In the crisis, people are driven to take their own life from the moment their eyes gaze upon the creature—though what they look at is never actually described. This book conveys the theme of how the unseen is so much scarier than the seen. The monster remains in suspense throughout the whole book because it is the personal demons and pain of the characters following them. This book reflects on the modern society and communicates the theme of suicide and mental health awareness. Some readers see how society deals with mental health as the underlying monster in the movie. This book demonstrates how everyday people may be battling against their demons and how the person you’d least suspect may suffer from depression and have suicidal thoughts.

Design Portfolio

During this unit, I chose to make a product that helps with the problem of girls sitting on bicycle seats for too long which will hurt their muscle. I focused on the comfortability of the cushions and made them very durable, as well as choosing good materials that are water and fire resistant,

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Independent Reading Reflection

For semester 1, I read the book “The hate u give” and “Sherlock Holmes”

From the two books, my favorite was “the hate u give” because it examines the way society uses stereotypes of black people to justify violence and racism against them. It uses alot of literary devices. The book is about a teenage girl who struggles and interferes with racism, police brutality, and activism after witnessing her black friend murdered by the police. The author uses descriptive language and interesting word choice to communicate the theme.


Independent Reading Reflection N.1 –The Hate U Give

The book I am reading currently is called “The Hate U Give” By Angie Thomas

  1. What have you learned or discovered while reading the first section of your book?
  2. Explain the title
  3. What category or genre does the book fit under?
  4. Who is your favorite character up to now? why?

While I was reading the first section of my book, I discovered that the main character is a girl that lives very far from her school and is a latchkey kid who’s only seen at her family store, in the first few pages, she seemed very “lame” and felt like she did not belong to the party. The title is probably about racism and discrimination, as well as the hate you receive when you don’t “fit in” to the group or when you are not popular. The book fits under the realistic fiction type because it talks in a very realistic way and is common about our everyday lives. To this point, I don’t find a favorite character yet, but I notice the main character’s sister to be an interesting roll in the book, She seemed to be on drugs and hanging out with the popular kids while her sister is the “lame girl” that doesn’t fit in.

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