The Boxer’s Revenge

The Boxers do not deserve a bad reputation because they just wanted to protect their country and get away the foreigners, missionaries were spreading beliefs that was threatening to the Chinese’s original beliefs. The Boxers made violent actions because Chinese citizens were getting unequal treaties, for example, the rail road was only in use for foreigners and Chinese were not allowed to go on trains. The foreigners were also using and taking China’s land and building their own legations. The Boxers reacted in a violent way but the action was definitely to protect their own country and their rights. The Boxers was very sensitive to culture and thought that Chinese culture was the best, however, missionaries thought that christian was the best, so these ideas came into conflict and led to the Boxer’s rebellion Although Boxers killed many foreigners and missionaries, they were mostly the ones that threatened the Chinese culture or society at that time. There was no way to get rid of foreigners, so the Boxers had to step in the game and drive the foreigners out of China. Thus, I think that the Boxers do not deserve a bad reputation.

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