The Bloody Journey To Liberty

Somewhere in the town of Boston, in an old farmhouse all torn down and broken. A dawdle young man lived. Jeff Hamstones, one that lives freely yet enjoys to meddle in other’s business. One that experienced the entire 20 years of revolution, one that managed to survive and live from the past. And one that has a dream for freedom and liberty.

You see, folks, evolution always ends on where it starts, I once had a dream of freedom and liberty, and through all these years, my dream has finally come true. But with all those scarifies and grief, all those anguish and grieve, I began to question the price of freedom, is it really worth? The misfortune women never gained their rights to vote, a wave of pity filled my heart. But political was somewhat under our hands. This revolution, caused too many sorrow, remorse is never enough, but the light of liberty will always guide our way.

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