Life Imitating Art

Portrait of Anna Burnazyan (By Ivan Aivazovsky)

I used a mosquito net to replace the silk fabric on the women’s head, and I also edited the photo and changed the filter to make it more similar.


Young Girl Carrying a Pumpkin ( By Fausto Zonaro)

For this imitation, I used mosquito nets to replace the clothing of the young girl. For her pumpkin, I used my cushion toy and rolled it into a ball shaped so it looked like a pumpkin.

《胤禛美人图》(By 清人)

For this picture, I wore my Chinese traditional dress “Han Dress” To imitate the women in the picture, as well as using a book to replace her book. And lastly, I put flowers in the background to make it more similar

Mulan (From the Movie Mulan)

In this picture, I still wore my Han dress, and then edited the background with some blue skies to make it more similar.

The Cherry from (Minneapolis Sculpture Garden)

For this picture, I imitated the cherry with an apple and replaced the teaspoon with our cooking spoon. Lastly, I imitated the lake with a plate with water in it and changed the sky to a blue and white plate.

Temperantia By Edward Burne-Jones

Haha don’t laugh at me. For this picture, I used toilet paper to imitate the water pouring out, and used a fabric and tied it onto me for the dress. Lastly, the background was a door from our house.

The Lovers II, (By Rene Magritte)

This was created by the help of my friend Yolanda, we were using my mom’s scarf for the cover up, and the recording booth for the green background. Trust me, it actually kinda looks similar. Just ignore the weird part tying us together around the neck. 😀

2 Comments on Life Imitating Art

  1. Lydia Kim
    May 21, 2020 at 8:28 am (2 years ago)

    Great job Julia! Your art was very entertaining and creative to look at.

  2. hnorthcott
    May 25, 2020 at 11:20 am (2 years ago)

    What an amazing job Julia! You are a rising artist and I love how you creatively used props and clothes -like a mosquito net and toilet paper – to recreate your chosen art work! Excellent work!


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