Independent Reading Reflection N.1 –The Hate U Give

The book I am reading currently is called “The Hate U Give” By Angie Thomas

  1. What have you learned or discovered while reading the first section of your book?
  2. Explain the title
  3. What category or genre does the book fit under?
  4. Who is your favorite character up to now? why?

While I was reading the first section of my book, I discovered that the main character is a girl that lives very far from her school and is a latchkey kid who’s only seen at her family store, in the first few pages, she seemed very “lame” and felt like she did not belong to the party. The title is probably about racism and discrimination, as well as the hate you receive when you don’t “fit in” to the group or when you are not popular. The book fits under the realistic fiction type because it talks in a very realistic way and is common about our everyday lives. To this point, I don’t find a favorite character yet, but I notice the main character’s sister to be an interesting roll in the book, She seemed to be on drugs and hanging out with the popular kids while her sister is the “lame girl” that doesn’t fit in.

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