Book Reflection #1

Task 1: Book Reflection

On your current reading book. What strikes you the most about the story? How does the author use language to make meaning of his/her message?

The book I am currently reading is Bird box by Josh Malerman, it is a horror/adventure novel that portraits the story of a young mother and his two kids fighting for survival. In the crisis, people are driven to take their own life from the moment their eyes gaze upon the creature—though what they look at is never actually described. This book conveys the theme of how the unseen is so much scarier than the seen. The monster remains in suspense throughout the whole book because it is the personal demons and pain of the characters following them. This book reflects on the modern society and communicates the theme of suicide and mental health awareness. Some readers see how society deals with mental health as the underlying monster in the movie. This book demonstrates how everyday people may be battling against their demons and how the person you’d least suspect may suffer from depression and have suicidal thoughts.

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