Book Reflection #2

Task 2: Another book reflection!

Based on all the independent reading books/titles you have read this year, if you were to chose one to write your end of year essay on, which one would it be, and why? Explain in details why this book stands out the most. What themes does it highlight? what moral lesson(s) does it give the reader?


I think I would choose either bird box or the hate u give. Bird box really talks about mental health awareness and conveys this important theme in the modern society with a interesting and adventurous story. The story is detailed and sophisticated, with beautiful language and literary techniques used through the whole book. On the other hand, the hate U give really talks about discrimination and racism, and raising awareness about color and identity. It teaches us the moral of No matter what is going wrong, never stop doing right. Also that everyone’s voice matters, so we should say it out loud when the time is appropriate.

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