The Circular Economy Introduction

1,What idea in the CE resonated with you? Why?

The circular economy uses the idea of reuse, reduce and recycle to minimize waste and trash in order to create a “green” environment for the earth, for our project, it is the same thing, we also need to use existing objects that are no longer in use and design them into objects and products that are useful to the audience/enduser. In my opinion, the concept of circular economy relates to our MCC project and can help with our design cycle.

2, How has today’s lesson on the CE changed your mind or understanding about something

Today’s lesson has changed my mind in the design cycle. Originally, I thought the products that are no longer in use usually get destroyed or being thrown out to trash piles, however, with today’s learning, I discovered that circular economy is the process of reusing products and materials using the principles of designing waste and pollution, this really creates a good impact for the environment and therefore increases the recycle chances and durability of objects.

3, Why is the CE being taught in this subject? What impact will it have on your learning?

The circular economy is taught in the CASE subject mainly because we can use the concept of the CE and incorporate this solution into our making of the end-product, using recyclable materials and waste, we can create these things into useful and eco-friendly products that benefit our audience.


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