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During this unit, I chose to make a product that helps with the problem of girls sitting on bicycle seats for too long which will hurt their muscle. I focused on the comfortability of the cushions and made them very durable, as well as choosing good materials that are water and fire resistant,

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Geography and Design #1

1. How do the core concepts of Geography connect to your Project Shelter design work so far? Be specific.

The core concepts of Human geography connects to my Shelter because mines focus on human’s well-being and mental health, “Human geographers study a wide range of topics from population change, agriculture, land use, urban planning and development, pollution, energy, diseases and more!”  therefore, this information can help me because I am also doing research on diseases and pollution


2. In what ways will what you’ve learnt about Geography so far influence the way you design?

I think geography influences the way my shelter will be used and intended for, for example, I will want to incorporate some details of helping the environment and self decomposing into my structure, since the world is already polluted and contains many garbage, my shelter will definitely be eco-friendly and sustainable to the environment.


For my new project, I want to be more accurate in my planning and researching part, I will first do some investigation of the necessities of victims of natural disasters and focus on their needs. Also, I will plan better in the inside structure of the housing, making sure that it has a good function.

Second of all, I will be more efficient in the creation process of my shelter, for example, adding more colors and a more stabilized roof top to the house. Lastly, I want to improve the overall look of my shelter, in order to do this, I will first create a prototype and practice a few times before actually creating it.

Shelter VI–Now And Next

This is an explanation video on my design product called “butterfly shelter” it is created with cardboard and combined together to create a fortress for little insects.

For my project, I believe it deserves meeting for the define and inquire section because I was able to reflect very well within my project and also define my product with a target audience in order to solve the problem of endangered species. I was able to identify skills to create a high quality product and seek through research and inquiry.

For the develop and plan criteria, I believe that I deserve meeting because I was able to justify and develop a plan for creating my shelter, at first, I conducted a graph and drew my shelter out for planning and listed out all my required materials and equipment in order to accomplish the product.

As for the create and improve standard, I think that I deserve mastery because I was able to create a very high quality product that looked aseptically pleasing in my opinion, additionally, I used vibrant colors to make it attractive to little insects but at the same time, can match well with the bottom layer and make it protective. This fits with the target audience which is beneficial, even though we had limited time and materials, I was still able to used varied features and create a variety of structures. I also had 2 prototypes before constructing the final model.

Lastly, for the reflection criteria, I believe that I deserve meeting in this standard because I went to my friends and asked their opinions, then I improved on my product and revised on my product. Throughout the whole process I reflected on my work and also made it better.

C: The ‘Next’ – now that you’ve seen the Design Rubrics, what will you do differently in the next round of design? Be specific.

I think next time, I will improvise more and ask more opinions and do more investigation before actually creating the model, this way my product will be better in quality. 2, I will make my roof top more refined and have more prints on it to make the design more pleasing. 3, for the define, I could have done more primary research before conducting the model.

Shelter V1 Reflection

During this project, we were supposed to create a shelter using paper: There were no limitations and we just used our creativity and imaginations

“Create a physical model of a shelter by using the materials provided, your knowledge of the ISB Design Cycle, and your peers”

  1. How is this first phase of the project providing evidence of your design skills?

I believe the first phase of the project provided evidence of my ability of being able to create a structure without additional support and my ability of making embellishments because I added alot of additional things to my shelter in order for it to look aesthetically good and be convenient in the same time.

  1. How have you combined the Social Studies into your design?

I tried to create my shelter in order to help wild life and endangered animals, the target audience was little insects that needed protection. In the modern days, due to poaching and environmental issues, alot of animal are going extinct. This is why for my shelter, it can be a safe “fortress” that gave these small insects protection and resources that they can use. Additionally, the shelter itself is made with eco-friendly materials that would be good to the earth and wouldn’t cause any additional pollution and waste to the surrounding, it is self-decomposing and only takes about half a year to dissolve after being torn down.

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