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The Bloody Journey To Liberty

Somewhere in the town of Boston, in an old farmhouse all torn down and broken. A dawdle young man lived. Jeff Hamstones, one that lives freely yet enjoys to meddle in other’s business. One that experienced the entire 20 years of revolution, one that managed to survive and live from the past. And one that has a dream for freedom and liberty.

You see, folks, evolution always ends on where it starts, I once had a dream of freedom and liberty, and through all these years, my dream has finally come true. But with all those scarifies and grief, all those anguish and grieve, I began to question the price of freedom, is it really worth? The misfortune women never gained their rights to vote, a wave of pity filled my heart. But political was somewhat under our hands. This revolution, caused too many sorrow, remorse is never enough, but the light of liberty will always guide our way.

The Never Ending Revolution

The Paris treaty

We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Benjamin Franklin, at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

The American revolution isn’t just about countries fighting against each other. It is more of a fight for liberty, or for the rights of colonists and equal treatment that everyone citizens receives. Of course, there was death and violent, but the bumpy and devastating road of revolution has been crossed over. This video, created by me and Carina, explains the American revolution using plain english. It highlights key events such as the famous “Boston tea party” to the “Paris treaty”. Starting from furious colonists rising up to England, to the Lexington and concord battle of America and England. Some might say that the revolution was excessive, or that there wasn’t a significant change, however, others might argue the huge difference through history. Click the following video to start your astonishing journey of the American revolution. What is your opinion about the American revolution? Is is worth all the scarifies and time?


Sergei’s Life Continued

My jaw dropped open, as I heard the news playing on the radio, Stalin was going to sign a treaty with Hitler? I don’t see any good of this deal. I jumped out of my chair, bolted through my little farmhouse, and slammed the gates behind me. As I reach downtown, people throughout the whole city was gathered around. Discussing the situation. Thinking back to that terrible time, where we had all starved in pain, I was not so sure about this step that Stalin had taken.

After that horrible period of the civil wars, I decided to become a farmer, with my loving wife and 3 children. Altogether, we live in a farmhouse far from the city center. Mostly to avoid danger. Just as our peaceful life was going well, Stalin, that filthy man, has announced the new plan “collectivization farm” This needed us to sell all of our crops, at a very cheap price to the government. Of course, we didn’t like that stupid plan, how stubborn and idiotic was Stalin, none of us farmers was satisfied. And so, we killed all of our animals and tore down our crops, burning the building and wrecking our tools. I know this way of expressing hate wouldn’t benefit me in any way. But, perhaps this was the only way of saying no to the government. However, our actions resulted in a famine that Stalin had always feared. It happened anyway, and over the next three years, millions of people starved to death. There wasn’t even bread in the market. I decided that the job of a farmer wasn’t going to keep our family running, so, I quit my job and started working in a canned food factory.

Over that time, people starved, there were soldiers everywhere on the streets, people begging for food. I had never felt so desperate in my whole life. Working as a factory worker wasn’t easy,. By 2918 Gosplan produced its first “Five Year Plan” It was an attempt for the development of industry, railway, trade, canals, agriculture, energy, housing, and education, so as the public services. They set goals for every industry, and when workers did not achieve these targets, we were punished. The plan worked very well, and we worked very hard to achieve these targets. However, our colleges that did not work hard enough were often punished. Then Stalin changed the plan, it turned into a Four Year plan However, people were concerned. At last, the plan was sort of achieved, with challenges that we had overcome together. Maybe our lives could be getting better. I was trusting our leader, Stalin, a little bit more compared to before.

Time passed by very fast, and the start of the great purge had happened, this meant that the party members were expelled if considered unreliable. And, if anyone was ever a supporter of Trotsky. As the purge spread, it involved more than the party. Marshal Tuchachevsky, our greatest leader, and several other general were all arrested and shot dead. Because of accused of spying for Germany and Japan. By 2939, three of five Red Army Marshals and almost half of the officers had been shot dead. People were denouncing each other for good, Children were encouraged to denounce their parents, and Some people were even arrested for not being able to denounce. Everyone was living in terror and nobody even knew when to speak.

Even to this day, I could still imagine fighting in the civil war, seeing the fall and rise of our beloved TSAR and the death of Lenin. I had been through so much. And it has been so hard to get to today. I witnessed the death of many people and had become someone that survived these terrible events. Even though I am sad and sorry for all of those that had sacrificed. I am surely grateful for what I have now.






The Boxer’s Revenge

The Boxers do not deserve a bad reputation because they just wanted to protect their country and get away the foreigners, missionaries were spreading beliefs that was threatening to the Chinese’s original beliefs. The Boxers made violent actions because Chinese citizens were getting unequal treaties, for example, the rail road was only in use for foreigners and Chinese were not allowed to go on trains. The foreigners were also using and taking China’s land and building their own legations. The Boxers reacted in a violent way but the action was definitely to protect their own country and their rights. The Boxers was very sensitive to culture and thought that Chinese culture was the best, however, missionaries thought that christian was the best, so these ideas came into conflict and led to the Boxer’s rebellion Although Boxers killed many foreigners and missionaries, they were mostly the ones that threatened the Chinese culture or society at that time. There was no way to get rid of foreigners, so the Boxers had to step in the game and drive the foreigners out of China. Thus, I think that the Boxers do not deserve a bad reputation.

The Truth About Me

The Truth About me

All those calorie counting,

And those nights filled with hunger.

I felt myself drowning,

Loosing myself, six feet under.

Starving myself until I fit into the smallest clothes,

With every pound I lost I am closer to my goal.

The fear of every bite I take

My perfect plan might be ruined by that little, bite of cake.

My stomach growls like a newborn baby’s cries,

As I stay on the bed I lie.

Every bite of food I take in,

Must comes out in order to make me thin.

If I dare to even take one bite,

I must stick my finger in that throat, again.

Another night as I just finished weighing myself,

I waited anxiously as the number popped up.

78 pounds,

Relieved, at least I wasn’t out of bounds.

Stepping in to the living room,

Mom called me over for dinner.

“Honey, time for dinner”

“It’s okay mom, I’m not hungry”

The delicious smell of mom’s spaghetti meatballs,

The creamy cupcake frosted with sugar.

My starving stomach again growls,

Yet the refreshing smell of food makes my heart trigger.

Finally, I couldn’t resist from the food,    

I binged, swallowing everything I could fit in my mouth,

But the guilty feeling after the big feast,

Quickly fills me up again like a beast.

What if I gained weight?

This was the dreadful feeling I hate,

Turning obese,

Like how I used to be.       

Ugly, depressed, guilty, anxious, disgusting.

These dreaded feelings teared me apart.

This will be the last time,

As I said to my myself.

Again and again, I stuck my finger in that throat.

Choking as if someone was strangling me.

The gooey, greasy saliva,

Dripped slowly into the toilet.

My head ached and swelled,

The painful memories coming back, as I tried to call for help.

My throat hurts terribly, as it throbbed.

This isn’t working, definitely not this time.

But a few pieces of laxatives will do the job.

I fear the reflection in the mirror,

Of that hideous, person staring back.

I hate this feeling of being alone,

But no, it’s never gonna let me go.


Girl’s Gossip–Helena’s Desperate Love

The poster I made is based on William Shakespeare’s story, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The character I chose to do is Helena. I chose Helena because of her strong characterization in the story. Her desperate love is shown in “But herein mean I to enrich my pain, to have his sight thither and back again. (Shakespeare 250-251) Helena will do anything to get Demetrius’s attention. Helena is also confused about why Demetrius doesn’t love her “Through Athen I am thought as fair as she, But what of what, Demetrius thinks not so “(Shakespeare 228-229) Even though the people in Athens also think she is beautiful, but Demetrius does not think so. Which is the only thing that matters.

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