Arcade Game Pad 1

Design Brief:

Design problem: people might need/want the feel of an arcade game with differently designed features and interactivity.
User/audience Kids/teenagers interested in different hands on-screen experiences
Purpose Kids and teenagers who want a more hands-on and bigger platform to interact with what’s on their screen
Constraints I don’t have any knowledge on how to connect wires to a motherboard to make something like this be actually functional.

Also, where would I get the buttons from.

Goals At the least make working buttons that don’t have a function but looks like they would, and at most make a usable device to connect to a computer and use in an app/game
Materials/resources Wood, different types of arcade buttons, joysticks, and switches
Mentors, assistance A teacher who could help me with laser cutting wood or acrylic and maybe a teacher who knows how to do the wiring.
Questions or supporting information Would I have access to woodworking?

Made with Padlet


Next steps:

My next step in this project would be to start thinking of the general design of the completed project. Would it be a controller around your hand, or on a board to resemble an arcade or both? Thinking of a base design will start me off with my designing and sketching up an idea that will spark ideas and get me to a finished thought out product to build.

Lamp design: Peer review

Peer Review:

  1. Does the function of the lamp work well?

The function of the lamp worked well. I think that the light that was going through the blanket was the element that created the lamp because if the blanket was too thick, it might have not functioned well.

  1. Do you think adding the rotation to the lamp was worth it?

I think the product overall is perfect. So, I think it is fine to leave just like this because the product is clear and I think the product contains the concept that the audience want.

  1. Are there any changes you would make to the look, use or function of the lamp. If so, how would you have made the lamp different?

I don’t know if you made the blanket to move by purpose, but I think that it will be better to make it not move 😉

  1. Would you use a lamp that worked like this.?

I would definitely use this product because I think it is nice and it will be a good combination with my room.

Response & “if I could” next steps

“If I Could” Next Steps:

If I had more time I definitely would have made another prototype, making it bigger and taller, and would have fixed the cloth around the frame and made it look better with fewer errors throughout. I also would have made the base more clear on what I was getting at (Mountains with sunset) and making look really good.


I agree with everything he said about my prototype except for one thing. He talked about how the lamp turns and said it might have been better without that feature. However, this feature was intended and is a big use for the person I made it revolve around because he likes to cook and read. I don’t blame him though, I should have added its features into the setup so he understood what it was used for and why, along with how that feature was intended.

Design Studio Persona Poster

  • What is design?

To me, design is a creativity tool to make ideas into tangible objects.

  • What inspires me about design?

Being able to create an object/project out of an Idea.

  • What are my favorite design examples?

Mostly innovative Ideas for things like games or complex objects.

  • What’s my most memorable experience designing (or creating) something? Why?

Making galaxy art with spraypaint and also making a lego animation with friends. For the art, it was memorable because I remembered the techniques of making it from watching youtube. And, for the legos, it was memorable because it was the first project I remember completing and liking the outcome a lot,

  • What would I like to get better at doing as a designer? (Eg drawing, presenting, digital design, fabrication, photo-editing, sharing, collaborating, etc)

Photo editing and presenting.

  • What do already do pretty well? (Eg drawing, presenting, digital design, fabrication, photo-editing, sharing, collaborating, etc)
Drawing and digital design.

Journal 1-3 Sway submission

Character Blurb:

Elijah was set in the American Revolutionary War being thrown between battles and Acts By the British. Elijah lives in Boston where he protests and starts his fight against the British.


Rich, white men in charge, Women are still under their father’s power, no right to vote, Slavery after the revolutionary war. Many slaves were returned to their masters. Only white men could vote.


Westward expansion – New states are given equal power as original states, Land divided from the owner equally to his children instead of the land being passed to the eldest son, Daughters given the right to inherit the land, Political power in the hands of ordinary men, Freedom of worship

Design Prototype Blog Post


My Prototype:

What it is: It is a pizza cutter that you press down on a pizza that evenly cuts the pizza and doesn’t have complications. The pizza cutter comes in different sizes, the one you see here is the small-sized pizza cutter, that was also scaled down for the prototype.


· My biggest success was making the project itself because my only complications were the tape and positioning of the different parts to make it look like it does. other than that making the prototype was a smooth process.

· My biggest obstacle was the resources I had to make it with. Luckily I had tape and scissors, then I scavenged a Colgate toothpaste box that was out of use so I could use it.

· Skills that I learned or developed were how to handle small prototypes when working on it because it was so small and fragile I had to be careful when cutting or adding something on to make sure it goes on correctly so that I wouldn’t have to mess around and possibly break it.

· One thing I’d like to change is the size, although it’s nice having a small prototype, I would have liked it to be bigger. It’s not because I need it to be bigger, I just would have appreciated a bigger prototype.

· This product addresses the needs of my client by not only perfectly fixing his problem but also making sure that all of his pizza slices will be evenly cut and perfectly sized based on his pizza size.

· The impact of this product will be really big on the pizza industry because it’s a huge upgrade from the pizza cutters that a lot of pizza companies would appreciate having for simplicity and ease.

· One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is to make sure that you don’t overcomplicate things by thinking about it too much. all you need to think about is what you’re going to make, why you’re going to make it, and how.

American Revolution In Plain English.

Kenny and I collaborated to make this video which explains different parts of the American Revolutionary War. England made colonies in the United States that got rebellious and wanted to become independent. This led to a war and eventually, the Americans won making it official that America was now independent

Sergei’s uncovered journal

The sound of the radio slowly lifted me away from my fatigue. “-that’s our morning story for today, the afternoon story will talk about the greatest headlines in a while, The Nazi-Soviet pact. Thanks for listening to an-” I shot up and dizzily turned the radio off. Not knowing if what I heard or if I was still dreaming. A Nazi-Soviet pact? What’s Stalin hoping for? Lenin’s death was a big surprise back in 1924 when I was trying to escape the country. Little did I know that being caught and brought back would end in another surprise as big as this one.

In 1929 is when I really started thinking about how much this could affect me if I wasn’t careful. It was when Stalin decided that Kulaks, a newly appointed group of the richer peasant families, needed to be taken care of. There were three types of kulaks, the first type was the most likely to strike back, the ones that Stalin wanted away the most. The second group was the ones with the most money, the richest. And the third, they were the more peaceful ones. Each group got consequences accordingly. The first group was given to the OGPU, which were political police. Then they were deported to far regions of the country. The second group was deported to other countries, but not as far away as the first group went. The third group was then given the worst farms but were able to stay, unlike the other two.

some of the first and second kulak group died due to sickness, hunger, or the cold. They didn’t have proper planning for them to have decent living conditions where they were being “moved” to.

In the next couple of years, from 1930 to 1933, I barely made it through hunger. A great famine was caused by a new idea of Stalin’s, collectivization. He replaced the old fashion farms with kolkhoz. Each kolkhoz had around 50 to 100 families on 450 hectares of land. Stalin made the farmers sell their grain to the government at low prices. Although the peasants didn’t agree with collectivization and destroyed their farms, including grain animals and tools. In doing so, they caused a famine that killed around 5 to 6 million in three years. Those three years were the most painful years to live through in my life.

Some people had it a lot worse around the same time. They were put to be prisoners in gulags. Gulags were Laboure camps where prisoners, or zeks as they liked to call themselves, were forced to work manual Laboure by a special department of the secret police. They were given a huge feat, for example, building a 500-kilometer canal from one sea to another. They were told that when they finished, they would be released, they didn’t use any machines, only using pickaxes, shovels, wheelbarrows and their bare hands but only 72,000 were released when they finished. Around the end of the 1930s, Labor camps were located in every different part of the USSR, from the most remote areas to towns and cities for all to see. From the beginning of the First Five-Year Plan, there were around 30,000 prisoners located in labor camps, to 2 million in 1932, and by the end of 1937, there were around 6 million and growing. Each camp was different, with different conditions, but they all had one rule in common, The prisoners got a certain amount of food if they reached the expectation of work to get that amount.

The day that the Nazi-Soviet pact was made, was the day that I knew that these changes weren’t going to stop for a while, especially because Stalin made a pact with our enemy, who knows what he would do next. But, these decisions and events weren’t going to end yet, although I’m mostly okay with that, I’ll never know what comes next, whether good or bad. That’s just for time to tell.