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if i stay

This book is about a girl suffering from a car crash where her family is involved. She is the only one to survive in her family but realizes she is in coma. Mia–main character of this book has an out of body experience. Through this she could see her friends and family coming to the hospital. Mia is in the middle of living and dying. She had a choice to live with her grandparents and her boyfriend or choose to avoid the pain of living without her family.

I recommend this book because it makes us look back to us. In this book, when Mia had out of body experience she had a chance to look back on her relationships with her friends and her boy friend. She grows up by this experience and learns how to make choices .

This book effected me in many ways. After reading this book I could look back to myself. I even thought about what I like and what I like to do because Mia has big passion towards cello and really enjoys playing it. She feels happy by listening to it and playing it. After reading this book I wanted to find something that could make me happy by doing it and find something that I can have passion on.

Book reflection

On your current reading book. What strikes you the most about the story? How does the author use language to make meaning of his/her message?

The book I am currently reading is about Wade Watts playing the game called “OASIS”. This book strikes me the most because this reflects on what is happening right now and how it might happen in the future. In this book, students go to school, play games, watch movies, and communicate in the game. Even if they do not know each other in real life they still are best friends in the game. Due to COVID-19, people are not able to meet face to face. The world in the book reflects to now day because characters hang out in the game and becomes friends but in reality, they are not able to meet face to face.

The author uses italics to emphasize certain words. For example, on page 41 Aech indicates “And that soundtrack is epically lame.” The word epically and lame is emphasized by using italics and this shows the main topic of this conversation. Also, he often uses italics to distinguish the name of games, or places in the game. For example, on page 41 Wade says “Ladyhawke’s cast alone makes the film canon!” By using italics in this sentence, the readers could recognize surely that “Ladyhawke” is a name of a movie/DVD not something else.

The author also uses sections to separate different stories without making it disordered. The author often uses sections to move onto a completely different story or change the time period of the story. By using the sections, the readers could easily know that the author is moving onto a different story which helped the readers to understand the story much better.


Based on all the independent reading books/titles  you have read this year, if you were to chose one to write your end of year essay on, which one would it be, and why? Explain in details why this book stands out the most. What themes does it highlight? what moral lesson(s) does it give the reader?

In all the books I have read this year I would choose “Ready Player One” because this book has different meanings in every chapters which makes the book more interesting. Even though I have only read the first 4 chapters of this book I still it still makes me think a lot about the book. The first chapter of the book was very interesting because it made me reflect on myself and think what will happen in our future. It made me reflect on myself because now days not only teenagers but adults all over the world uses electrical devices. This makes less communication between people. In the movie, Wade Watt barely communicates with anyone but his neighbor, aunt, and uncle. After reading the first chapter I realized that compared to when I did not have devices, I don’t talk to my family more. I usually play on phone or text with my friends. The more I read this book, the more I learn from the emotions, conversations, actions that are written in the book. The theme it highlights is dark but small hope. The atmosphere of the book is mainly dark, depressed, and lonely. However, in between the stories the author included sentences or words that shows hope.


The RULES of improv

Free up your expectations and your creativity- there are no wrong answer

Make on offer

Say, “yes”

Say, “yes, and”

Be an active listener- go with the flow of the scene

Make statementsdon’t ask questions

  • Characters. Declarations, bold choices

There are no mistakes only opportunities

Improv does not always have to be funny.

Final Acting Scene

  1. How do you feel now that you have finished the final acting scene?
    I feel relived. When I first heard I had to act out an actual scene I was nervous because I didn’t know if I could do it. Because I’m not good at doing things in front of people and I get nervous really easily I was afraid that I was going to fail. Now that I’m finished with my final acting scene I am relieved that I actually did it
  2. I Used to think/Now I think – in regards to preparing for your final acting scene.
    I used to think it would be easy to prepare for an acting scene. I thought if we just memorize the lines and act out it would be okay. But when I actually prepared for an acting scene it was difficult. it was hard to show the emotions in the lines and act out. Especially because for my scene I couldn’t move I could only show the emotions through accent, voice, and gestures which made it more difficult. Also, acting out the memorized lines were hard for me. Because I need to pay attention to the emotions it was easy for me to forget the lines and made a mistake.
  3. What did you do well? Your ensemble?
    What I did well is acting in front of people. It was a big challenge for me to speak in front of people but Kristine and my class mates helped me a lot. They kept on telling me that I could do it which was very helpful. I think Kristine being my partner was a good thing because she gave me a lot of support.
  4. What do you feel you could do better on in the future?
    I feel like I could do things in front of people better. The most difficult things for me was acting out in front of people. Even though they are people I know well it still made me nervous. But now that I did it several times and practiced it I can do it better in the future.
  5. Connect the process of creating a character, developing a performance and performance to YOU in the future.
    When I was processing my character and developing a performance it was difficult for me. In the future this would help me because I experienced how we develop a performance and create a character.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay

The book I read is called The Hunger Games Mockingjay. The main character Katniss becomes the one who is attending the hunger games. In the hunger games people need to kill the others and survive till you are the only one who is left in the game. In this game Katniss and the boy did not want to kill each other so they decided to kill their self at the safe time. However, the one who made the game did not want this. So, they decided to let them both out of the game and the story ends.

The next book I am going to read is The Hunger Games Catching Fire.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The fourth book I read is called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I watched the movie first then read the book. It was interesting to compare the book and the movie and realize how different it is. I enjoyed the book more because it had more precise information in the book and could learn more from it.

The next book I am going to read is called The Hunger Hames 1.

Semester one final reflection

My favorite book in 2020 is The Hunger Games series 1. Genre I usually enjoy reading is science fiction like Harry Potter and Enders game. However, I especially enjoyed this book because I read this book after I watched all the movies so it was interesting how the book was different from the movie. It was interesting to compare the book from the movie.


The third book I read is called Evermore. This book is about a girl who has powers. She can read other peoples mind and know what they are thinking about. So then she started to wear hoodies and not touch people. This made her hide herself and make herself left out. However, she meets a boy and she changes. She started to become more positive and know more about her powers.

The next book I am going to read is called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The Princess and the Dressmaker

The title of this book is The princess and the dressmaker. This book is a girl who wants to be a famous dressmaker and has great talent. She gets chosen by the prince and makes dresses for the price so that he can wear it to the outside world. I really enjoyed this book because I like how the girl and the prince started to change after they met each other.

The second book I am going to read is called Martian.


  1. Thinking about the ‘rules of improvisation’ – which area do you think you grew during the improvisation exercises?
    After doing improvisation I improved in creativity. On the first day I did improvisation it was quite difficult to think of a story or a situation in a short time and act out. However, after I did it few times with my classmates I could act out a story with my friends.
  2. Which exercises or games were the most enjoyable for you and why?
    High status and low status activity was the most enjoyable for me because it was enjoyable how we all tried to find out our classmates status. It was also very enjoyable how we all begged for money. I felt like I got closer with my friends and could communicate with my classmates more.
  3. How have you begun to think differently about the process of acting and improvisation because of the improvisation unit?
    Before I thought the process of acting and improvisation was very complicating and difficult. It was difficult for me at first but now I feel like I improved. Also, the process was actually not that complicating; we just thought up a story and acted out.
  4. How might YOU use improvisation techniques in the future?
    When I need to act out a story or think up a story in a short time I could use the improvisation techniques I learned in class. Also, because of learning improvisation I became more creative which would help me a lot in the future.
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