On one hand there is money honor and power in front of you, and on the other there is your poor family. Only eating one bread a day. what will you fallow? Some people would leave his or her family and live a better life or then selves. It is really commons as moving into a city for better job. During the Cuban revolution, Carlos decides to fallow his father and fight. Choosing his family. Not getting payed or seeing any benefits. His journal has been through the moments in the cuban revolution.

Cuba revolution was similar to other revolutions. It accused because of clashes of idea. The original was Fulgencio Batista. A leader who was supported by the communist party. He was helping almost all the levels in the country. Helping the poor, establishing community buildings. However, even with these supports, in the real world, the spectrum was getting wider. This was when the revolution started by a wealthy young man, Fidel Castro, who recognized the issue in the country.
The revolution started with 400 at first. many died. And when they came back to Cuba, only 83 of them when has the opportunity. Even with these small amount of people, when a idea is combined, people could make changes.