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Book reflection-the best book.

Since couple of months ago, I have read some books such as Harry Potter, The Martian, A Tale of Two Cities, and War Cross. From this list, my favorite book was A Tale of Two Cities. The book included some realistic historical event and twists. The book was never boring. Character’s description was mentioned clearly along with their changes. The book also used techniques of symbolism and foreshadowing. Although inference based on these contexts were sometime confusing, the book untangled all of the confusion. The theme of the book is resurrection which fits well with the thought of revolution and people connecting to each other and the final twist of a person overcoming death.



Book reflection

The book I read was the first book from the Harry Potter series, philosopher’s stone book. I read this book because I have seen the movie before. The book was about a character named Harry Potter learning about magic in a new school.

As the title refers, the book is about Harry Potter. And how the changes over time.

One unique about the book is that is has mysterious mood. From the perspective of the reader finding these items were interesting. Such as discovering secret from teachers, and finding magic items.

A Tale of Two Cities-2

In the book, A Tale of Two cities by Charles Dickens, the book compared two cities. London and Paris. The story is mainly about the French Revolution, and how it has similar stories to London, a city who did not have any. Continuing from the previous post, most of the predictions made from the beginning was correct. Two cities were compared as the same, with same settings, and similar background given. From this moment, symbolism in the book started to reach out to the surface. Personally, giving goosebumps.

In the book, there were setting with same features. Named Tellson’s Bank, it existed both in London and Paris. Tellson’s Bank is presented as “normal” in the book. However, it has deeper meaning than just “normal.” Before the revolution, it connected characters in the book. Such as Dr. Manette and his family. During the revolution, Tellson’s Bank was the only place where the Jacques did not attack during the revolution. With this setting, transition could be made along with dualism.

The book also had a part where Madame Defarge knitted names that she was planning to kill. In this part, she had the most power, in fact, leading the revolutionary group. Her knitting symbolise Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. They controls the life of humans by using lines. Clotho would spin the “thread”, Lachesis would control the length, and Atropos would cut the “thread”.

As the book “A Tale of Two Cities include many duality, doubles, and symbolism, this book gives foreshadowing and twists. Sometimes family member or friends sacrifice for the benefit of other, including blood and the enrollment of the guillotine.




A Tale of Two Cities-1

What have you learned or discovered while reading the first section of your book?

Reading my first section of my book, I have learned and discovered some points. So the story starts with a “period”. This part is heavily descriptive with a poetic sentences. The sentences were also repeated couple of times. As they were repeated, each parts were introduced with two antonym of each other. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, … we were all going to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way”. As from the title, these word/sentences represent two perspective of an event.  Since this part of the story is describing about time, it might have future connection.

The second paragraph of chapter one also gives information about this “period”. There were a king with a large jaw and a queen with a plain face was mentioned in both England and France. The key information in the sentence is the fact that the two cities from the title is England and France. There are other information given such as the “a king with a large jaw and a queen with a plain face”, these sentences are mocking the two in each cities.

Connected the given information to the title, as mentioned, is about the two cities. The story is most likely be a tale of these two cities. Learning from both King and Queen and story told from the harbor, the two cities are compared as the same. (In the story it was not told, but the readers know) The only difference is that France had a revolution and England did not.

The book would fit in historical fiction. The book is about the French Revolution. And also some stories from England. The general thought of the book is historically accurate. However, some parts may not be. This was also mentioned in the Author’s preface, as the story is from tall tales and originating from Mr. Carlyle’s wonderful book.

Design Studio Persona Poster Jun Lee

My inspiration:

  • What is design?

Design is a step that makes an artwork closer to perfect. It uses math and nature to trick our eyes. It can be expressed as a different form, depending on the author.

  • What inspires me about design?

The design uses both math and nature. Because of this, there is no limit. It is a library filled with books. When we can pull one out, the visualization of the design can be seen. Design can also express a person’s feelings or mood. A dark color can be used to express depressed felling, and light; bright colors can represent joy. The texture of the surface or shapes are shown in the art can also have a story.

  • What are my favorite design examples?

One of my favorite design is Apple’s logo. Rob Janoff was asked to design a logo, apple-related. The work he did look simple. It was an ordinary apple giving a clean, catchy look. In the creation of this logo, both the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio was used. As I explained, both nature and math.

  • Who are my favorite designers?

There is a Korean designer named Sangmin Bae. I respected him when I was growing up. He used cheap materials to create tools for the ones who do not. He used water bottles to store light and made a mosquito killer. This particular design did not use ant electricity. It also did not harm the environment.

Me as a designer:

  • What’s my most memorable experience designing (or creating) something? Why?

Design gave me made a memorable experience. It was not hard to design anything, and with the help of teachers and online resources, I could make whatever I want. I create products for my desk and selling.

PPP (Pandemics, Plagues, People) The Black Death

If I could go back in time and stop pandemics, there will be better ways to stop the three-year lasting plague.

1. Killing rats. The plague was spread by fleas. However, the structures at that time had hollow spaces between walls. Allowing rats to populate in these conditions. Killing rats will not decrease the number of fleas but spreading will be slower.

2. Blocking houses and city boarders. The only reason why the mask with a bird-like beak worked is because the entire costume was sealed. There should not be any contact with other people. Throughout Europe, quarantine, was developed in the process. However, much later. These places need to be shut down as soon as possible.

3. Wearing masks. Even if the plague was spread by fleas, breaths of the infected people could spread the plague. People in the 21st century are facing horrible air pollution. Allowing people to have mask making process. Since 14th century people dose not have any, mask factories need to be built.

4. For almost all the pandemic to epidemics that occurred before the understanding of the vaccine, there were remedies that also claimed some lives. Proper education about nursing infected people.


Robot Petting Zoo

First design

Tinkercad model

Video for grade 1s


Arduino code

Cuba Revolution Journal

On one hand there is money honor and power in front of you, and on the other there is your poor family. Only eating one bread a day. what will you fallow? Some people would leave his or her family and live a better life or then selves. It is really commons as moving into a city for better job. During the Cuban revolution, Carlos decides to fallow his father and fight. Choosing his family. Not getting payed or seeing any benefits. His journal has been through the moments in the cuban revolution.

Cuba revolution was similar to other revolutions. It accused because of clashes of idea. The original was Fulgencio Batista. A leader who was supported by the communist party. He was helping almost all the levels in the country. Helping the poor, establishing community buildings. However, even with these supports, in the real world, the spectrum was getting wider. This was when the revolution started by a wealthy young man, Fidel Castro, who recognized the issue in the country.
The revolution started with 400 at first. many died. And when they came back to Cuba, only 83 of them when has the opportunity. Even with these small amount of people, when a idea is combined, people could make changes.

Russian Revolution

Boris is a foteen-year-old factory worker who had gone through the history of the Russian revolution. Such as the Bloody Sunday and the acts the Red Army took. He was a patriot until the event in the Bloody Sunday when his mama died. Boris was in the struggle witch side he should take. Helping with the revolution, or for the Tsar.

Cuban Revolution-Jun

Most of the people know about the Cold War. But not the Cuban Revolution and how it is connected to other wars. This revolution was based on two major thoughts. One from Fulgencio Batista and another from Fidel Castro. This common craft video will tell you about the this historical event. Cuban Revolution in plain English.

After the this video, you will know why wars are not with rocks and sticks.



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