My inspiration:

  • What is design?

Design is a step that makes an artwork closer to perfect. It uses math and nature to trick our eyes. It can be expressed as a different form, depending on the author.

  • What inspires me about design?

The design uses both math and nature. Because of this, there is no limit. It is a library filled with books. When we can pull one out, the visualization of the design can be seen. Design can also express a person’s feelings or mood. A dark color can be used to express depressed felling, and light; bright colors can represent joy. The texture of the surface or shapes are shown in the art can also have a story.

  • What are my favorite design examples?

One of my favorite design is Apple’s logo. Rob Janoff was asked to design a logo, apple-related. The work he did look simple. It was an ordinary apple giving a clean, catchy look. In the creation of this logo, both the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio was used. As I explained, both nature and math.

  • Who are my favorite designers?

There is a Korean designer named Sangmin Bae. I respected him when I was growing up. He used cheap materials to create tools for the ones who do not. He used water bottles to store light and made a mosquito killer. This particular design did not use ant electricity. It also did not harm the environment.

Me as a designer:

  • What’s my most memorable experience designing (or creating) something? Why?

Design gave me made a memorable experience. It was not hard to design anything, and with the help of teachers and online resources, I could make whatever I want. I create products for my desk and selling.