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Cuba Revolution Journal

On one hand there is money honor and power in front of you, and on the other there is your poor family. Only eating one bread a day. what will you fallow? Some people would leave his or her family and live a better life or then selves. It is really commons as moving into a city for better job. During the Cuban revolution, Carlos decides to fallow his father and fight. Choosing his family. Not getting payed or seeing any benefits. His journal has been through the moments in the cuban revolution.

Cuba revolution was similar to other revolutions. It accused because of clashes of idea. The original was Fulgencio Batista. A leader who was supported by the communist party. He was helping almost all the levels in the country. Helping the poor, establishing community buildings. However, even with these supports, in the real world, the spectrum was getting wider. This was when the revolution started by a wealthy young man, Fidel Castro, who recognized the issue in the country.
The revolution started with 400 at first. many died. And when they came back to Cuba, only 83 of them when has the opportunity. Even with these small amount of people, when a idea is combined, people could make changes.

Midsummer Night’s Dream CER

Bizarre and uncontrollable in humorously positive way.  These are the descriptions of the one of the most popular play scripts by William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The play has combinations of conflict between the characters and detailed lines that match characters’ individualities. And because of this, the play could have complicated relationships between character. One of the main relationships is with Lysander, Hermia, Demetrius, and Helena. Lysander loves Hermia, Demetrius is the suitor of Hermia, and Helena is a friend of Hermia, but Helena loves Demetrius. And within this complicated relationship, Hermia is at the center. Hermia’s rebellious and brave characteristics helped her to retain the lovable relationship with Lysander, yet her truthful personality had put herself and Lysander in danger.


Hermia’s courageous disobedience was the key to keep the forbidden relationship with Lysander.  The story takes place in Athens, where the society was strictly patriarchal which “father should be as a god” (47). Fathers had “power to leave the figure [Hermia] or disfigure” (51) that the decisions within the family were made by the father only. When it comes to marriage, woman who disobeys father’s decision will “either to die the death or to abjure forever the society of men” (65).    Her rebellious actions were shown even after Theseus, the duke, tried to persuade her by telling her “Demetrius is a worthy gentleman” (52).  She counterargues the duke’s point by saying “so is Lysander” (53) to express whatever Demetrius is applicable, “so is Lysander”.  Even with these crude circumstances, Hermia still decides to “swear to [Lysander] by Cupid’s strongest bow” (169) to love him. She also acts bravely by making choice of not just going against her father, but also running away from him with Lysander to make her choice of love.  With her choice, she believes she would truly find freedom and happiness.


Similar to other tragedies, happiness does not last for long.  Hermia’s honesty has put the perfect plan into jeopardy. After Hermia and Lysander have planned to flee, they meet Hermia’s best friend Helena who loves Demetrius and who loves Hermia.  Hermia comes Helena down by being truthful, saying “Take comfort. [Demetrius] no more shall see my face” (202), because Hermia did not want Helena to feel jealous about Demetrius liking her. But this frank action only causes more trouble and jealousy from Helena.  Helena’s forgotten crush on Demetrius was colossal, which she decides to tell this truth to Demetrius just to “have his sight thither and back again” (251) when he goes out the city to find Hermia. This was the beginning of the tragedy.


If Hermia did not have these characteristics, she would never have her true love come true. Although her truthful heart has put her in danger, her rebellious and brave identity made her to be with true love.


PDF:The Elements In Renaissance


Game With Black And White

The picture came form here.

When you were playing chess, have you ever wondered “why the pawns can’t move more steps?” (Tan 4). Protagonist of the short story “Rules of The Game” by Amy Tan was eager to find out why they can’t move more steps.  Her name is Waverly Place Jong, a Chinese American girl who fell in love in chess on her 7th Christmas, after her brother introduce the game to her.  Her passion in chess develop her personalities and characteristics. Waverly Place Jong’s characteristic of curiosity and deep concentration made her to examine chess voluntarily. Jong’s suspiciousness strengthened her abilities in playing chess. As she found her passion about playing chess, she wanted to do better. With that mindset, she started doing voluntary chess studying, asking others and herself why some rules are set up the way they were.  She even goes further with investigation to understand the purpose of chess. For instance, in order to fully aware of the rules, “[She] read the rules and looked up all the big words in a dictionary”, and “borrowed books from the Chinatown library” (Tan 5). Since her mother tongue is not English, she needed to do tedious work of translation on rules, which is not possible if she was not curious about chess. Then, she even wonders an external question. “why do [pawns] go crossways to take other man? Why aren’t there any woman and children?” (Tan 4), and even “studied each chess piece, trying to absorb the power each contained” (Tan 5), which is an evidence that represents her enthusiasm in chess. After being curious and doing voluntary research, she learned all the basic rules of chess. Now Waverly Place Jong needed to first figure out strategy and advanced skills.  At the end, she had to deeply focused to compete against opponent And, she had enough concentration skill to do these. When she was playing “the color ran out of the room, and [she] saw only the other side” (Tan 7). This shows that she was concentrating so hard that the chess board was the only thing she saw. Without getting distracted, she could easily win the game. After school, Jong when directly went “home to learn new chess secrets, cleverly concealed advantages, more escape routes” (Tan 8). With her deep concentration, she could work no her skills and do her work more efficient.

With the Waverly Place Jong’s characteristic of curiosity and deep concentration, she could find what she like and work on it on her best. Characteristic of curiosity could make her to start and concentration helped her learn faster. I Also have a curiosity similar to her. One example is how to learn a Rubix Cube. I was interested how a Rubix Cube worked and how to solve. That made me to do voluntary research. After concentration, I could solve the cube in two minutes. Rubix Cube was just one part how I used my personalities and characteristics.

If you want to read the story, click!

A Found Poem: The Mistake

The found poem above was taken from the story The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant by W. D. Wetherell. In the poem, there were conflicts, man versus self. The poem was about a man in an internal conflict. He had a problem with someone. In the rising action,  he is telling about his memory. He explains how he felt like without her. For example, he said that ten minutes is going double. And this leads the poem forward. Hopefully, the conflict with them could be solved, and they will come back together.

Where I Am From

This is Jun’s “I Am From” poem. Enjoy!



My favorite place in home.

Where laughter can be heard,

And emptiness can be filled with warmth.



A place that fills my life,

So full,

And so tasty.



The most dangerous but cozy place

The harmony of the boiling soup and frying chicken,

Accompanied by water dripping inside the sink.



The place where I’m charged for a better future,

And to be filled with my dreams.

Save the Water, Save the Earth

Leaving tap on after wash,

Having your bath over flow,

Dumping your food before rot,

Wasting us every time in every way.


Scientist says our cycle is round and round,

But does it?

Then where does all the water go?

And why do people die of thirst?


Every creature needs us,

But they never save us.

Please value us,

And let us flow ‘round and round’.

The Big Mess Up-Orange

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 12.03.36 AM


Cars beeping loudly on the street,

Make people’s grins into frowns.


Cars producing CO2 to the air,

Make people’s red lunges into black.


Factories painting all the cars in orange,

Makes the green planet into orange.

Culture Diary_Diary of Heinni (Life of a Finnish Girl)

Editor’s Introduction





For many people in Helsinki, Finland, life is all about nature and education. The excerpts here are from a diary written by a girl, Heinni Lahtela, when she was 12 years old. At the time, Heinni lived in Puistokatu Street located next to Kaivopuisto Park. She lived at home with his little sister Mitti and her parents. Her mom is a mobile company worker and her dad is an engineer. Every people in Finland have to pay forty percent of their income for taxes. However this money are mostly used for everyone’s benefit such as school and clinic, so most of the schools and clinics are free. Everyday after school Heinni’s Family visits a park or forest near by.

An ISB student later discovered Heinni’s diary, which led to its wonderful publication on This Beijing Life.

Day 1- Monday 28th April, 2010

Building day

Today was a sunny day, the trees danced and the lake sang. We packed our lunch, which were meatloaf with lingonberry (mountain cranberry) sauce, mashed potatoes, and gravy. We also took blueprint, and our safety helmets with us. Then we went off to the street not so far away. There was the house that we were building since I was 3 years old. My parents told me that when I was little, I played on the grass and watched them build and design the special own house. But now I’m old and mature enough to help them! And I am very proud of that. I try to give them some ideas and suggestions; sometimes so many ideas pop in my head like waves in the ocean that I have to write it all down. One of my suggestions was to hang one of Elias LonnrotI’s paintings; his arts just blew my mind away. I dream that soon in the future we can all live in our own house that we built by our hands all together.

Mom and dad had already finished putting the framework of the house. They designed the roof triangle because it snowed a lot, and if we build the roof triangle snow on the roof will slid away by it self. I wonder which country snows as much as we do. When we got there the first thing we did was build my room’s wall. I wanted my room to be blue, so I asked mom if we could buy some blue paint next week. Mom said we could just buy some paint for my sister Mitti and me after dinner.

Mitti is 9 this year old and she’s a peppy girl. I was very pleased that mom showed a positive answer, my mom was mostly optimistic as much as Mitti. She works in Nokia; which is the biggest mobile company in Finland. My dad is an engineer; he is the one who makes the biggest process when we build our house. Last year he made Mitti’s dollhouse, he was pleased that Mitti still plays with it a lot. My dad is quiet but whether he is busy or not he listens to Mitti and my worries and gives helpful suggestion.

I had a serious worry last week. It was about my future; don’t know why the worry popped in my head so suddenly. I think it is because of my art teacher, he asked everyone about our future’s goal, and I was the only one in my class who couldn’t answer that question. However my dad said it was perfectly fine. He said I still have time to think about my future and that is the best pleasure of being a child.


http://online.culturegrams.com Pesäpallo (Finnish baseball) is the national sport of Finland. It was created by Tahko Pihkala in the 1920s, and the first official games were played in 1922. Although pesäpallo is still a popular sport in Finland, other team sports such as soccer and ice hockey are gaining popularity. Pesäpallo is also played in Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Japan, and Australia. (Nurmo, Finland, June 2006)

When it was lunchtime we ate potatoes, cheeses, and a Finnish buffet smorgasbord, than we ate strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and lingonberries. After lunch we read some books and magazine on the grass to enjoy the sunshine, then we played Pesäpallo (Finnish baseball) and a game called 10 sticks on a piece of wood (combination of hide-and-seek and tag) all together. When we had enough rest everyone even Mitti went back to work. Mitti was the boss, she always order things we us. Sometime I think she’s annoying, but I could understand her because she’s still young. At noon we were all tired and went home.

Day 2- Friday 20th June, 2010

Juhannus (midsummer) holiday

Today is the start of Juhannus holiday, in other word midsummer. Dad told me that Juhannus is a prize for we Finns who lived a long and cold winter. Summers are short and cool here and the sun shines for about 19 hours every day. Summer lasts from late May to mid-September, and temperatures are usually from 17–20°C. South of the Arctic Circle, where most of the people live, the nights are never completely dark. Midwinter daylight lasts only six hours, and the sun remains low on the horizon throughout the day.



I like this holiday almost as much as Christmas because we get to have holidays about a month and stay up late to enjoy watching bonfire. Adults always light bonfires near water so that the fire won’t spread. This year we are going to enjoy this holiday in our villa at Tampere with our grandparents. I can’t wait; I’m very excited about it! When we get there I assume that we are going to have a barbecue party.

Last year Juhannus we went to Seurasaari, an island in Helsinki. It was still fun but dad got all tried out because of eukonkanto (wife carrying festival) and couldn’t play with us as much as usual. This is because last year about Juhannus we had eukonkanto festival, where dad has to carry mom and run. It was so fun! I learned later that this sport is originated in SonkajärvIt. It was a sham that my parent couldn’t win but my best friend Juha’s parent came first! Her parents got cash and same amount of beer as Juha mom’s weight.

At evening I went golfing in the park with my dad. Mitti was too young for golf so she stayed in the house with mom. Golf is always so fun. I think my dad is the best golfer in the world, he taught me how to play golf when I was only seven. Of course at that time I couldn’t understand him fully but I can remember that we had a lot of fun together. We liked playing golf so much that we played on ice in the winter. After playing some golf Mitti came to the park with mom and we played Molkky (Finland traditional game) together.

On the way we went back home all the shops were closing. At this day every shops closed at 12 AM. Bakery Amy was going home too, we had a short talk and kept walking. After dinner we packed our cloths for tomorrow. I decided to take my tennis ball and boomerang. I am very sleepy now because I played golf for about three hours; I have to go to bed now.

Day 3- Thursday 4th September, 2010



Picnic in the forest

Today after school we went to the Tampere where my grandpa and grandma live with our neighbors Tero, Tiina, Juha and Sami. I had my lovely yellow boots on, which I got for my birthday present. In our picnic bag we had, rye bread, potatoes, casseroles, soups, and milk. We laughed and giggled all the way to Tampere in the car.

When we arrived, grandma and grandpa greeted us. All together we played card games. Even though Mitti is the youngest, she is the best at playing cards. After that everyone put on their boots and fishing tools then went to the lake next to Kaupin Kansanpuisto forest. There seem so many lakes in Tampere, we got on grandpa’s boat and went fishing. I was very happy because I got a huge salmon and Mitti also got a fish that I don’t know the name of. Next we strolled in the forest, we were carefully not to disturb any animals or step on any flowers. There were many mushrooms, we pick some of them and took them home.

On the way to our grandparents’ house we biked. Suddenly an unexpected thing happened. Tiina and Sami not paying too much attention bumped on the trees in the sidewalk. I was relieved that they weren’t massively injured but their knees were bleeding badly, so immediately they were sent to the clinic. Everywhere we went inside Finland the clinic was always nice; it was free for everyone, big, and clean. After twenty minutes Tiina and Sami were all fine. Then we went home to have dinner that were potatoes, cheese, grilled sausage, fish, and mushrooms that we picked in the forest. It was a pleasant day all about playing in the nature.



Think About It…

What do you do on weekend or holidays? How is it different from Heinni and her family?

What are some famous holidays and games in your home country? And how is it different with Finland’s?

Is your home near to nature such as forest or lake? If then, what do you do?

If you were Heinni would you help building the house?

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