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Russian Revolution

Boris is a foteen-year-old factory worker who had gone through the history of the Russian revolution. Such as the Bloody Sunday and the acts the Red Army took. He was a patriot until the event in the Bloody Sunday when his mama died. Boris was in the struggle witch side he should take. Helping with the revolution, or for the Tsar.

Cuban Revolution-Jun

Most of the people know about the Cold War. But not the Cuban Revolution and how it is connected to other wars. This revolution was based on two major thoughts. One from Fulgencio Batista and another from Fidel Castro. This common craft video will tell you about the this historical event. Cuban Revolution in plain English.

After the this video, you will know why wars are not with rocks and sticks.



Midsummer Night’s Dream CER

Bizarre and uncontrollable in humorously positive way.  These are the descriptions of the one of the most popular play scripts by William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The play has combinations of conflict between the characters and detailed lines that match characters’ individualities. And because of this, the play could have complicated relationships between character. One of the main relationships is with Lysander, Hermia, Demetrius, and Helena. Lysander loves Hermia, Demetrius is the suitor of Hermia, and Helena is a friend of Hermia, but Helena loves Demetrius. And within this complicated relationship, Hermia is at the center. Hermia’s rebellious and brave characteristics helped her to retain the lovable relationship with Lysander, yet her truthful personality had put herself and Lysander in danger.


Hermia’s courageous disobedience was the key to keep the forbidden relationship with Lysander.  The story takes place in Athens, where the society was strictly patriarchal which “father should be as a god” (47). Fathers had “power to leave the figure [Hermia] or disfigure” (51) that the decisions within the family were made by the father only. When it comes to marriage, woman who disobeys father’s decision will “either to die the death or to abjure forever the society of men” (65).    Her rebellious actions were shown even after Theseus, the duke, tried to persuade her by telling her “Demetrius is a worthy gentleman” (52).  She counterargues the duke’s point by saying “so is Lysander” (53) to express whatever Demetrius is applicable, “so is Lysander”.  Even with these crude circumstances, Hermia still decides to “swear to [Lysander] by Cupid’s strongest bow” (169) to love him. She also acts bravely by making choice of not just going against her father, but also running away from him with Lysander to make her choice of love.  With her choice, she believes she would truly find freedom and happiness.


Similar to other tragedies, happiness does not last for long.  Hermia’s honesty has put the perfect plan into jeopardy. After Hermia and Lysander have planned to flee, they meet Hermia’s best friend Helena who loves Demetrius and who loves Hermia.  Hermia comes Helena down by being truthful, saying “Take comfort. [Demetrius] no more shall see my face” (202), because Hermia did not want Helena to feel jealous about Demetrius liking her. But this frank action only causes more trouble and jealousy from Helena.  Helena’s forgotten crush on Demetrius was colossal, which she decides to tell this truth to Demetrius just to “have his sight thither and back again” (251) when he goes out the city to find Hermia. This was the beginning of the tragedy.


If Hermia did not have these characteristics, she would never have her true love come true. Although her truthful heart has put her in danger, her rebellious and brave identity made her to be with true love.

Am I A Humanist?

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