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River Field Study – Data Collection 6

At April 8th, FA class went to a field study. I was the 6thtime for the FA classroom to go to the WenYu river. We were going on the trip to find out how the river changes over time. The weather was a bit warmer than the last time. Last time, There were ice pieces on the side of the river. But now, there are flower and insects. They showed that spring was coming.


I picture that shows that spring has come.


In April, the turbidity was 173 FTU. And the 2en spot was 333 FTU. In average, I made 253 FTU. For the ph, I was 7.2 for the average. Both data has increased.


I notice that the data is increasing since January. For turbidity, I started to increase for November. And At April, the graph showed that turbidity had increased with 199.5 FTU.

Next time we collect data, I wonder if the pH and the turbidity would rise because since January the data started to grow. And I believe that I would be rising until there is a change to the whole place or a change happens.

A Great Barrier that Blokes Sugar Molecules

In FA-7 science class, we investigated the size of an egg. At first, we saw this video on youtube about an egg changing its volume. In that video that we saw an egg that was put into vinegar for 24 hours and put into water and corn syrup also for 24 hours. And I was amazed by it. The size of the egg changed so much that I could see that the edges changed. And after looking at this video, we draw a simple model.

After drawing the model, we saw the video several times, and our group wrote a prestige. We also thought of independent variable and dependent variable. There were time, temperature, and size of the nicer was the thing that we came up with of, the nicer was the thing that we came up with.

In our first test, we used water for A, syrup for B, liquid soap for the C


1st experiment

Our groups understand that…

1. Sugar molecules can go inside of this egg. Vinegar melted the egg’s shell. But not big enough for the sugar molecules.

2.low density moves to higher density. So the egg got bigger/lower until the density is averaged out.

After in the vinegar


River Field Study – Data Collection 3


Second location for our data collection.

On Nov 20th FA class want to field study. It was our 5th times that we went to field study but it was the 3rd time that we collected. We usually go to the river during 1st and 2nd block. WhenYu river is a river that is 10 minutes apart from ISB. (When you ride a car) We are trying to learn the difference of pH, turbidity. We also want to know if time and temperature effects the pH and turbidity.



In this trip, the I infer that higher speed makes pH lower and makes turbidity higher. So maybe next time there will be a visible difference with my observation.


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