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Make It: Create and Improve

I created my final product.  Making my final product was hard. When the final product was made, I have use and different techniques. There were some hard part and easy.

Making a square hole was a hard job. When I was drilling the hole, the edges always braked. Plastic was to weak to hold the strong vibration of the drill. I glued the pieces of plastic that was broken with glue gun.

The first box was moving in and out. But the second box wasn’t working I could fix this problem by sanding the edges of the boxes. I need to careful with sanding the edges because they needed to form a straight line.

To reduce time, I used chizeling to cut thin pieces of plastic.

Make It: Develop and Plan

My prototype is finished!! It took longer than I thought. When I was working on my prototype, I used styrofoam and a glue gun to glue the styrofoam plates. This idea worked well. But there were things that didn’t work well.

First, the styrofoam plates were striking together. So the drawer had a hard time opening. To fix this problem, I added a layer of masking tape to make it smoother. But, this had a problem too. The glue gun’s glue won’t stick! So I worked on all the parts and then, taped them.

As for feedback, I was told that I needed to watch the end part to make sure that the boxes doesn’t gets out all the way.


Make It: Define and Inquire

FA student are working on Ignite week were we work on one topic for 5days. For me, I will work with precious plastics.

Many plastics are trashed. Plastic trash is all around the world. To save the environment like this, many peoples around the world have created machines that can break plastic in to pieces and melt them to a useful object. 

First like I said, plastics are shredded in to tiny chips and then they can be melted, pushed in to a object. There were many techniques. I liked the technique of making the plastic flat. Because it can be laser cut and it has many different patterns.

With these technic of making a useable thing, I have decided to make a desk organizer to my sister. Sometime, she forgets her things.

My desk organized will have a place for 10 pens(Maybe less or more) and also have a area of 4 books(If it is 1cm thick). It’s going to be 20 by 20.

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