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Blog Post 6 : collaborator

My strength as a collaborator is encouraging others to share and compromise to help us be a team. And this helped our group to make and improve our product. If our group stayed the same, not fixing or changing any new idea we have, we wouldn’t have improved.

The part that I need to improve is trusting my team to do their share of work. At first, our group had some conflicts at the beginning. But as we were working to gather, we slowly started to trust our team.  I was wondering if we had a good relationalship for the first time, we could have done better.

Blog Post 5:Prototype 2.0


When I was interviewing peoples about the designs, more than 70% of the peoples wanted 5RMB as the price of the bottle cap magnet. And 85% of the peoples wanted ISB related designs. However, 60% of the peoples wanted to buy the bottle cap magnet.

After the interview and making the design, I was wondering if the people wanted the exact type of bottlecaps our group was collecting bottlecaps and most of them are not the same type. Also if our group makes a custom design, I was wondering if they wanted to include any details.

I want the picture to be on top. And this was one of the feedback.


Blog Post 4: Investors

When our group was giving a pitch to the investors, our group received warm and also cold feedbacks. Our investors told us to continue making our products. We also received feedback to

Our group also receives cold feedback. We added a new product, bottle caps. Our investors told us that we needed to research and collect more data for the new product.

After the talk with the investors, we interviewed people about the bottle cap magnets that we created. That improved on us pitch

Blog Post 3: Mission and Team

The mission statement for The North Pole: Magnet man. Organizing your belongings while building shelters for people in crisis.


Our group, the north pole, is trying to solve the problem of building shelters for people in crisis. In China, there is about 2 million who is homeless. If our magnet products are bought, we will donate ¥6 for 1 magnet man.

Blog Post 2: Market Research

After some market research with the upper elementary,  we got results of  8 yeses and 6 nos. The average cost they wanted as ¥16.253

Our data shows that 57% of our interviewer wants the magnet man

When our group interviewed student, I learned that peoples wish to have an expensive product. We thought about ¥10, but there was a ¥6.25 difference. And I also learned that even though there are some who don’t want the product, the company grows. We also got feedbacks form student. and I learned that we can get some helpful  feedback

We are students and did 14 interviews. I wonder how many results would a big company have. And I also wonder will peoples have an idea of how much a magnet man cost.

I hope we could have told the student about a bit more about our product because they weren’t sure about our product.


Define market and initial idea


Our group’s idea was to make a magnet that can be stuck to the frig. But after some interview, we decided to make a man that can hold a thing.  And also the first It will have three magnets that will support the mass and one to hold the object. Our magnet man is going to make out of the recycled magnet. We will collect magnet from teachers and students.

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