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Book reflection-the best book.

Since couple of months ago, I have read some books such as Harry Potter, The Martian, A Tale of Two Cities, and War Cross. From this list, my favorite book was A Tale of Two Cities. The book included some realistic historical event and twists. The book was never boring. Character’s description was mentioned clearly along with their changes. The book also used techniques of symbolism and foreshadowing. Although inference based on these contexts were sometime confusing, the book untangled all of the confusion. The theme of the book is resurrection which fits well with the thought of revolution and people connecting to each other and the final twist of a person overcoming death.



Book reflection

The book I read was the first book from the Harry Potter series, philosopher’s stone book. I read this book because I have seen the movie before. The book was about a character named Harry Potter learning about magic in a new school.

As the title refers, the book is about Harry Potter. And how the changes over time.

One unique about the book is that is has mysterious mood. From the perspective of the reader finding these items were interesting. Such as discovering secret from teachers, and finding magic items.

A Tale of Two Cities-2

In the book, A Tale of Two cities by Charles Dickens, the book compared two cities. London and Paris. The story is mainly about the French Revolution, and how it has similar stories to London, a city who did not have any. Continuing from the previous post, most of the predictions made from the beginning was correct. Two cities were compared as the same, with same settings, and similar background given. From this moment, symbolism in the book started to reach out to the surface. Personally, giving goosebumps.

In the book, there were setting with same features. Named Tellson’s Bank, it existed both in London and Paris. Tellson’s Bank is presented as “normal” in the book. However, it has deeper meaning than just “normal.” Before the revolution, it connected characters in the book. Such as Dr. Manette and his family. During the revolution, Tellson’s Bank was the only place where the Jacques did not attack during the revolution. With this setting, transition could be made along with dualism.

The book also had a part where Madame Defarge knitted names that she was planning to kill. In this part, she had the most power, in fact, leading the revolutionary group. Her knitting symbolise Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. They controls the life of humans by using lines. Clotho would spin the “thread”, Lachesis would control the length, and Atropos would cut the “thread”.

As the book “A Tale of Two Cities include many duality, doubles, and symbolism, this book gives foreshadowing and twists. Sometimes family member or friends sacrifice for the benefit of other, including blood and the enrollment of the guillotine.




PPP (Pandemics, Plagues, People) The Black Death

If I could go back in time and stop pandemics, there will be better ways to stop the three-year lasting plague.

1. Killing rats. The plague was spread by fleas. However, the structures at that time had hollow spaces between walls. Allowing rats to populate in these conditions. Killing rats will not decrease the number of fleas but spreading will be slower.

2. Blocking houses and city boarders. The only reason why the mask with a bird-like beak worked is because the entire costume was sealed. There should not be any contact with other people. Throughout Europe, quarantine, was developed in the process. However, much later. These places need to be shut down as soon as possible.

3. Wearing masks. Even if the plague was spread by fleas, breaths of the infected people could spread the plague. People in the 21st century are facing horrible air pollution. Allowing people to have mask making process. Since 14th century people dose not have any, mask factories need to be built.

4. For almost all the pandemic to epidemics that occurred before the understanding of the vaccine, there were remedies that also claimed some lives. Proper education about nursing infected people.


Robot Petting Zoo

First design

Tinkercad model

Video for grade 1s


Arduino code

Animal Farm

George Orwell believes revolution and power works with, leadership, corruption, and control of working classis the main idea in the story. In the beginning of the story Animal Farm, power was spread to the leaders, the pigs, by the farm owner Mr. Jones. This is where the story starts to take actions. First from the animal’s perspective, they were being controlled by Mr. Jones. This was motivated the Pigs to have a revolution. Then all the other animals came together for a battle. The problem is, after the battle, the power wasn’t spread equally. The pigs seemed to be a great leader. With this, most of the power was converted from workers to leader. At this time “All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.” (Ch.1, pg. 9) Now without Mr. Jones, Animals needed to find a source of aviculture. Slowly the pigs started to move animals into the labor came. Also not knowing as Animal Farm shifts gears from its early revolutionary fervor to a phase of consolidation of power in the hands of the few.

The animal had rules in the beginning where everyone agreed on. “THE SEVEN COMMANDMENTS 1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. 2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend. 3. No animal shall wear clothes. 4. No animal shall sleep in a bed. 5. No animal shall drink alcohol. 6. No animal shall kill any other animal. 7. All animals are equal.” (Ch.2, p. 21) Later being broken with greater power them all of them combined. “He is dead,” said Boxer sorrowfully. “I had no intention of doing that. I forgot that I was wearing iron shoes. Who will believe that I did not do this on purpose?” (Ch.4 p.10) To the amazement of everybody, three of them [the dogs] flung themselves upon Boxer. Boxer saw them coming and put out his great hoof, caught a dog in mid-air, and pinned him to the ground. The dog shrieked for mercy and the other two fled with their tails between their legs. Boxer looked at Napoleon to know whether he should crush the dog to death or let it go. (Ch.7 p.24). With this the pigs were led to corruption.

In the story, animal farm, there were motifs hidden. These were trying to tell something. One of the examples are songs. These songs were shown as poems, and slogans. “Beasts of England,” Minimus’s ode to Napoleon, the sheep’s chants, and Minimus’s revised anthem, “Animal Farm, Animal Farm.” These were repeated being serve as propaganda. The connections and the relationship these had was that working-class animals speak the same word. He was trying to show the perspective of the working class and make connection with the real world outside.

Astronomy Reflection

I used to think the solar eclipse could happen every month. And I could not see one because I was in China and Korea. After the Unit I think eclipses dose not happen every single month. Just like Earth the moon is also tilted. Sometimes the Moon is higher than the Earth or lower. Also the penumbra also shows a partial eclips. In sixth and seventh grade, I also learned the basics of how astronomy works. Now, I learned so much!

Legation Quarter


Game With Black And White

The picture came form here.

When you were playing CHESS, have you ever wondered “why the pawns can’t move more steps?” (Tan 4). Protagonist of the short story “Rules of The Game” by AMY TAN was eager to find out why they can’t move more steps.  Her name is Waverly Place Jong, a Chinese American girl who fell in love in chess on her 7th Christmas, after her brother introduce the game to her.  Her passion in chess develop her personalities and characteristics. Waverly Place Jong has characteristic of curiosity and deep concentration.  Jong’s suspiciousness strengthened her abilities in playing chess. As she found her passion about playing chess, she wanted to do better. With that mindset, she started doing voluntary chess studying, asking others and herself why some rules are set up the way they were.  She even goes further with investigation to understand the purpose of chess. For instance, in order to fully aware of the rules, “[She] read the rules and looked up all the big words in a dictionary”, and “borrowed books from the Chinatown library” (Tan 5). Since her mother tongue is not English, she needed to do tedious work of translation on rules, which is not possible if she was not curious about chess. Then, she even wonders an external question. “why do [pawns] go crossways to take other man? Why aren’t there any woman and children?” (Tan 4), and even “studied each chess piece, trying to absorb the power each contained” (Tan 5), which is an evidence that represents her enthusiasm in chess. After being curious and doing voluntary research, she learned all the basic rules of chess. Now Waverly Place Jong needed to first figure out strategy and advanced skills.  At the end, she had to deeply focused to compete against opponent And, she had enough concentration skill to do these. When she was playing “the color ran out of the room, and [she] saw only the other side” (Tan 7). This shows that she was concentrating so hard that the chess board was the only thing she saw. Without getting distracted, she could easily win the game. After school, Jong when directly went “home to learn new chess secrets, cleverly concealed advantages, more escape routes” (Tan 8). With her deep concentration, she could work no her skills and do her work more efficient.

With the Waverly Place Jong’s characteristic of curiosity and deep concentration, she could find what she like and work on it on her best. Characteristic of curiosity could make her to start and concentration helped her learn faster. I Also have a curiosity similar to her. One example is how to learn a Rubix Cube. I was interested how a Rubix Cube worked and how to solve. That made me to do voluntary research. After concentration, I could solve the cube in two minutes. Rubix Cube was just one part how I used my personalities and characteristics.

If you want to read the story, CLICK!

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