Design Technology Catchall Project

My biggest success was the fact that it can be used 2 ways, the armrest and the storage. My biggest obstacle was for the hot glue to not ruin the entire thing. Skills that I learned or developed were using various sorts of different tools to create a product that can be used for a reason. Right now if I could change it I would change the drawings on it because they dont look so good. One concern that was shared with me was that i should add more storage space because not a lot of things fit in it. My product addresses the needs of my client because he always brings around his phone and some other stuff so i thought this would work well.

One day results

Hello, I have successfully completed the starry night by Vincent Van Gogh with oil pastels, however when I came upon the mosaic I thought HMMMMMM Why make this pattern when I can make whatever I want. So I decided to make a M Symbol and a cube, it looks really cool. Some problems I encountered were for the oil pastels they smudge a lot so that kind of ruined parts of my painting and for the mosaic I sometimes burn myself with the glue gun but otherwise its not that bad and it was a good experience after all. Yay super artist tactics.